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George Arthur Scott
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Clara Cullen - Ex-Mother-in-Law

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George Arthur Scott is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He also appeared in two spin-off novels: Endangered Species and Secret Identity. He grew up in Indiana. As a young teenager, he bullied Eli Cullen, who later became his brother-in-law. During his last year of high school, he dated Kristi, Eli's sister, and got her pregnant. They got married soon after graduation, but their marriage eventually ended up in divorce. Eventually, George chased his daughter to Australia when she moved there with her boyfriend. After his daughter refused to go home with him, George boarded Flight 815 which crashed on the Island. George became friends with Faith and was involved with several searches during Amon's disappearances. He survived for over 100 days on the Island before being killed by a flaming arrow during one of the time flashes.

Before the Crash

Childhood and Teenage Years

When George was young, he was best friends with Eli. However, after playing with Kristi, one day, Eli started to feel like Kristi was stealing his best friend, meaning George. (The Dreamer)

One day, three years later, George, no longer friends with Eli, beat him up when he was walking home with his sister. (Burning Heart)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

In high school, George started dating Kristi, despite Eli's dislike of him. (One More Time) Sometime during their last year of high school, George got Kristi pregnant. They got married soon after. (Felt So Real) At the wedding, Eli was his best man and, at the reception, George made an insensitive comment to Eli, which offended him. George was absent for his daughter's birth, about a month later. (One More Time)

Being a Father

After years of marriage, George's marriage to Kristi deteriorated and they eventually went through a nasty divorce. (Felt So Real) After finding out that Kristi and Cynthia were moving to Los Angeles, George decided to move his business there to maintain a relationship with his daughter. (One More Time)

About a year after his marriage broke up, Blake asked George if he could date Cynthia, but George got angry with Blake, thinking he just wanted to get Cynthia knocked up. Even without George's permission, Blake began dating Cynthia. (The Reason) When George found out Cynthia was dating Blake, he came over to his ex-wife's house and got in a heated argument with her about the situation. Cynthia watched for a minute as her parents argued. (Anxiety Attack) In the argument, George decided to move back to Indiana, which he did soon after. (One More Time)

George tried to convince her to dump him, but she refused. Eventually, it got to the point where she moved with him to Australia. Angry with her decision, George flew to Australia to retrieve her, but failed to bring her home. (Real Estate)

While waiting in line to board Flight 815, George saw a woman being escorted into the plane by a man in a suit. He also saw a man with a Canadian passport. He saw one of the Oceanic employees kissing one of the flight attendants and one of his fellow passengers kissing another flight attendant. After getting on the plane, George saw a man helping a pregnant woman with her bag. (Gate 23) On the plane, George had to put up with Shannon and Boone bickering. Just prior to the turbulence, Charlie ran past him. Just then, turbulence started and a book hit George in the head, knocking him out. (Membata)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Day 2 - After being saved by Faith, George ran around the camp telling his fellow survivors what Faith did. (Flight 815)
Day 22 - After seeing Amon run into the jungle, George went to find Howard and Verena and told them about his disappearance. (Camera Case)
Day 24 - George talked to Faith and Howard about finding Amon. (Tryouts)
Day 33 - After Sun revealed that she could speak English, Howard shared his astonishment about it with George. (Language Barrier)
Day 44 - George helped gather logs for the track that would be used to move the raft into the water. He later helped with the raft launching. That night, George saw Charlie and Sayid return with Claire's baby. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

After Charlie claimed that there were no others, George expressed his astonishment about Charlie's statement, because Charlie was the one who had killed Ethan. The next day, after Amon ran off again, George went to look for him with Howard. Instead of finding Amon, they found Desmond and saw him sail away on his boat. (Ashes to Ashley) The next day, George asked Faith if she'd been able to get any information about the hatch from Hurley, but she hadn't. Soon after, Verena talked to them about finding Amon. George volunteered to look for him the next day with Dexter. That night, Hurley gave him some potato chips. Early the next day, George set out with Dexter to find Amon. Instead, they found the Tempest Station. They were scared away from the station by the sound of the monster. The next day, George overheard Eko talking to Ana Lucia about Shannon's death. (Real Estate)

About ten days later, George met with Verena, Howard, Sophia, Janelle, Faith, and Dexter at the kitchen tent to discuss their next move, since Amon had disappeared again. After Verena, Sophia, and Howard told the group everything they'd pieced together, the concensus was that they would wait for Amon to return and then they would get answers. (Settlement) Five days later, Elliot said that Chris thought his brother had been beaten by Sayid, but George told Elliot that it wasn't Chris' brother Sayid had beaten, but actually one of the Others. (My Brother's Keeper)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

George was drafted, along with Dexter, to go rescue Jack, Sawyer, and Kate from the Others with Lance, Amon, and Howard. (One Ambition) The next day, they waited outside the sonic fence, because George figured, after looking at the pylons, they weren't safe. (Moment of Distraction) Three days later, the group saw the Others and Jack arrive at the sonic fence. After the Others went to the Barracks, George, Lance, Dexter, Amon, and Howard went back to the beach. (Crime Scene) The next day, they arrived at the beach just in time to see Hurley play Sawyer at ping-pong. (Crime Scene) Almost two weeks later, while preparing to go to the radio tower, Jack asked George if he had enough water. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

At the radio tower, George told Faith that he was excited to go home and apologize to his daughter for what he'd said. That night, when the camp split into two factions, George went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) Five days later, George talked to Jeff, Amon, Janelle, and Dexter about leaving the Island. George told them that he wanted to leave because he wanted to apologize to his daughter. (In Your Dreams) The next day, George saw Doc Ray's body wash up on the beach with his neck slit. (Class Newsletter) Three days later, George saw a group of people leave on the second trip on the zodiac raft. (Membata)

Season 5

After two flashes of light, George was excited to see that their camp was back. After two more flashes of light, when flaming arrows started raining down on the camp, George started fleeing the beach, but he saw Verena slip. He went back to help her up, but as he helped her up he was hit in the back with an arrow. (Just Survive)


After getting married to Blake, Cynthia got pregnant and had a baby boy. They decided to name him George Scott Reeves, after her father. (Wonderwall) (Anxiety Attack)

After Jim left the Island, both Kristi and Cynthia asked if George was still alive. (Anxiety Attack) (One More Time)


  • He was the eighth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the eighth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.
  • His grandson, George Scott Reeves, was named after him.

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