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Elijah Zachary Cullen is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. However, he was mentioned in "The Other 48 Days" after being captured by the Others. He was the fraternal twin brother of Kristi Cullen. He was, as a child, friend with George Scott, who would later become Kristi's boyfriend and, later, her husband. After George and Kristi had a messy divorce, Eli moved to California where he worked at a newspaper. During one assignment from the newspaper, Eli was sent to Australia. The return flight from Sydney crashed on the Island. Eli survived for 100 days on the Island before the time flashes started. After the time flashes, Eli wandered the jungle with his friends until he was shot by a DHARMA gunmen. Soon after, he lied his way into DHARMA with Janelle, Jeff, and Larry. During the three years that followed, Eli had many twin dreams, which he found deprived him of his sleep. After getting angry with Tyson for what they were doing in the Phoenix Project, Eli got in a fight with Dieter and was shot by him.

Before the Crash

Living in Indianna

One day, as a child, Eli offered to let Kristi play with him and George, but soon regreted it because he felt like she had stolen his best friend. He told her that he hated her, but months later, he apologized for it. (The Dreamer)

When he was twelve-years-old, one day, while walking home from school with Kristi, Eli got beat up by George, who was no longer friends with Kristi. (Burning Heart) Later that day, Kristi cleaned up Eli's cuts from the fight. As she did so, their mother returned home and said that George was nothing but trouble. (Some Starless Night)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

In high school, Eli got upset when he found out that Kristi had been asked on a date by George, because he knew nothing good could come from dating him. (One More Time) On their last day of high school, Kristi told Eli that she was pregnant with George's child. (Felt So Real) Reluctantly, Eli was George's best man at the wedding. He got offended at the wedding reception when George made an insensitive comment to him. A month later, Kristi went into labor and Eli went to the hospital with her because George was busy at work. (One More Time)

In November of 1988, Eli woke up to the phone ringing. His sister was on the other end. She had just had a dream through Eli's eyes and had heard a man ask a woman about his friends. (The Dreamer)

Living in California

In February of 2001, Eli was put on a story with Nancy where they were sent to France, where Alvar Hanso was making a public appearance. On the plane ride to Paris, Eli got to know Nancy a little bit. (Burning Heart) In September of 2002, Eli was put to work with Lance and Nancy on a story in Florida. On the plane ride to Miami, Eli learned about Lance's family life. (The Dreamer)

In September of 2004, Eli was assigned to work on a story about the Widmore Corporation with Nancy that would send him to Australia. (Big Scoop) The night before they left for Australia, Eli was hanging out with Lance, Nancy, and Doug. (Brothers in Arms) On their last night in Australia, Lance, Eli, Nancy, and Doug went out for dinner together. Shortly before leaving the hotel the next day, Eli called Kristi to pick them up, but found she was busy. (The Dreamer) While waiting to board their plane at the airport, Eli, Nancy, Doug, and Lance talked about how their seats had gotten split up. (Memabata) As the plane was hitting turbulence, Eli saw Ana Lucia get hit in the head. After the plane broke apart, Eli fell in the water. (Felt So Real)

On the Island

After falling in the water, Eli swam to the shore with a gash in his arm. (Felt So Real) Soon after the crash, Eli reunited with Nancy. (Burning Heart) That night, Eli heard Eko's struggles with one of the Others. (Felt So Real) The next day, Eli had a dream about Kristi calling Cynthia about the crash. (The Dreamer) Soon after, Eli and Zander were told by Sonya to give Verena a message and then she died. (Some Starless Night) Ten days later, at night, Eli was captured by the Others. The next day, Richard Alpert talked to Eli and Nancy and told them that Lance, Doug, and George were alive. (Dream a Little Dream) After returning to their cages, Eli told his fellow survivors that they had told him and Nancy about their friends. (Some Starless Night) A few days later, Diane gave Eli an injection of a chemical that prevented him from having twin-dreams. (The Dreamer)

The next day, Eli and the rest of the tail survivors joined the Others. It wasn't long after arriving at the Barracks that Eli met Andrew and Dieter. (The Key) Two days later, Eli and Dieter visited the Pearl Station, but found Howard inside. (The Dreamer) About ten days later, Eli, along with Marc, Ariel, and Dieter, helped Juliet clean the Staff Station. (Tales from the Tail) A couple weeks later, Eli helped kidnap Walt off the raft. (The Key) A week later, Eli heard Austin complain about moving to the decoy camp. He also heard Ariel consoling Austin. (The Key) A few days later, Eli traveled to the survivors' camp with Zander to find out who Verena was. (One More Time)

Season 3 (Days 71-91)

Eli helped during Colleen's funeral by pushing her burning body out into the water. (One Ambition) More than two weeks later, Eli, Zander, Morris, and Josh marvelled at the ruins. (In Danger) A few days after that, Eli left for the Temple with the rest of the Othres. (The Future)

Season 4 (Days 100)

When Ben was captured by the mercenaries, Eli helped save him by killing Lacour. (Memabata) Later, after Locke joined the Others' camp, Dieter took Eli away from the camp, shortly before the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

After walking in the jungle for a bit, after the sky cleared, the group stopped to rest. Eli and Zander volunteered to go look for fruit, while they rested. (Ageless) After another flash of light, Eli overheard Andrew telling Ariel that Eli might start having twin-dreams. He was worried about how it would affect Eli if he saw himself. (The Dreamer) After another flash of light, Eli and Zander found the Flame Station and showed it to the group, proving they were in the past. Then the group decided to head toward the beach to see if the survivors needed help. At night, after another flash, Eli and his group encountered Howard and Verena. (Just Survive) The next morning, Eli and Zander told Verena that a woman named Sonya asked them to give her a message. The message was that Hunter would keep his promises to her despite being dead. Later that day, Eli saw Marc in agony as he regained his lost memories. Later, after Marc, Ariel, and Nancy were captured by the Hostiles, Eli, Dawn, Jim, and Verena headed towards the beach as Ryder, Zander, and Howard went after Marc, Ariel, and Nancy. The sky lit up shortly after. (Faulty Memory) After another flash of light, on their way to the beach, Eli asked Dawn if she was okay. She replied that she was fine. As they arrived at the beach, after another flash of light, Eli, Dawn, Verena, and Jim saw a group of people taking an outrigger into the water, following another outrigger. After they were gone, Verena went to check Howard's tent for the guns, but they were gone. (Reading Lips)

During the night, after another flash of light, Eli reunited with Dieter, who was with Craig and Chris. (Family Matters) The following morning, Ariel, Ryder, Oscar, and Elliot arrived at the beach. Ariel passed out right after they arrived. (Twenty-Six Years) Later, after having a short encounter with some DHARMA gunmen, Eli helped Ryder carry Ariel through the jungle. (Conditional) After another few flashes of light, while carrying Ariel to the lagoon, Eli and Ryder encountered Elliot, Chris, and Dieter who had a needle full of Andrew's blood for Ariel. They told Eli and Ryder where Dawn and the others were. Eli and Ryder saw a group of DHARMA gunmen kill Craig and attempt to kill Andrew, shortly before the sky lit up. (The Dreamer) After another flash of light, Eli watched as Andrew, Dexter, Marc, Dawn, Jim, and Verena left the Island shortly before another flash of light. (The Dreamer) After the light cleared, Eli got excited when he saw that the group on the Via Domus had successfully escaped the Island. (The Dreamer)

After the final flash was over, Eli and Ryder noted the different in that flash of light. Shortly after, Ariel, Oscar, Elliot, Chris, and Dieter found them. That night, Eli was able to rest while Oscar and Elliot kept watch. The next day, while it was still dark, Eli had a dream about offering to let Kristi play with him and George. When Eli woke up, Elliot asked him if he was okay and he lied and said he was. About a week later, Eli had a dream about him getting upset with Kristi for "stealing his best friend". (The Dreamer) Later that day, Howard found Eli, Dieter, Elliot, Ariel, Chris, and Oscar. Eli noticed that Howard wasn't with Susan and Peter, as he had been before. Soon after, Eli was hit by an unseen DHARMA shooter. Before falling over, Eli told his friends to run before they were hit too. (Tales from the Tail) Soon after, he was taken to the Phoenix Project where Andrew's blood was used to heal his bullet wound. (Tuck Everlasting)

About a week later, Eli woke up in a dark room where Micah Dudley, of the DHARMA Initiative's Phoenix Project, asked him how he got to the Island. Eli faked amnesia to avoid mentioning Flight 815. The next day, Eli found himself in the same room with three other people, who he quickly discovered were Flight 815 survivors. They put together a story to explain how they got to the Island. After giving their story to Micah, they were allowed to live with DHARMA. (The Angel) A week later, Eli met with his fellow time travelers to discuss finding the rest of their people, including Elliot, Zander, Dieter, Susan, and Peter. (That's a Maybe) Twelve days later, Eli had another twin dream. He woke up from the dream and went to work for the day. (A Second Chance)

One day, about a year later, Eli had breakfast with Oscar and Larry and he told them the truth about the Phoenix Project. (...In Time) A year later, while recording a video for their friends in the future, Eli noted that they were going to bury the camera later that day. (Time Capsule)

One day, about a year later, Eli had another twin dream. Later, he had breakfast with Howard and told him about the dreams he'd had. He felt like his past was haunting him through his dreams. Just then, Chris showed up and asked them if any of their people were leaving soon. Howard told Chris that Larry was leaving soon and Chris ran off again. (Heroes) The next day, he tried taking a mid-day nap, because he was feeling exhausted, because of his dreams. As he left his house, after the nap, Eli saw the new recruits getting their picture taken. (Brothers in Arms) The next morning, Eli woke up, after having another twin dream and saw the wreckage of the DHARMA van. (Burning Heart) Later that day, Eli had a nap and had another twin dream. After waking up, Eli saw Ariel walking over to the motor pool. Later that day, Eli saw Howard and Zander leaving the Barracks. Soon after, Eli left his house and was spotted by Tyson, who asked him if he'd seen Howard or Zander. Eli proceeded to take Tyson toward the sonic fence, where they found Howard, Dieter, and Zander. After Tyson told Eli the brief version of what happened at the Phoenix Project, Eli lost control of his temper and started yelling at Tyson. Then Tyson told Dieter to shoot Howard. Before Dieter could do it, Eli tackled him and, after Dieter got away, he shot Eli. (Some Starless Night)


After Ryder arrived and found Eli, Dieter, and Tyson, he helped Tyson load Dieter into a van. Eli's body was left behind by the sonic fence. (The Day After Tomorrow) A day later, Jeff and Andrew passed it when they were on the run from the Phoenix Project. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • He was the twenty-eighth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the thirteenth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.
  • He is the only person known to have had a twin-dream from the Island.

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