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Doug is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character has been shown from Seasons 1 through 4. His name was discovered in the credits of The Shape of Things to Come. He appears more prominently in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815.

Before the Crash

Growing Up

Doug was raised in Miami, Florida. When he was young, his Aunt Theresa was killed and, as a result, his parents raised his cousin. (Who I Am)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Two years later, Doug was with his family at the wedding of his Aunt Eve. (Who I Am) About a month after the wedding, Eve died in a plane crash. (Home Sweet Home)

As a teenager, Doug was bullied, alongside his cousin, Oscar. During one incident in particular, Doug was bullied because he stood up for Oscar. (Who I Am)

Working in Florida

One night, Doug was called by the police chief to a crime scene. He took pictures of the crime scene and talked to a federal marshall who had been chasing the culprit. (Crime Scene)

Working in California

After the incident at the Callis home, Doug moved to Los Angeles and started living with his brother, Lewis. Soon after starting work at the newspaper in Los Angeles, Doug met Nancy. (Burning Heart)

In early September of 2004, Doug was assigned to work as Lance's photographer at a speech that Luis Arreglo was giving in Sydney. (Membata) The day before leaving for leaving for Sydney, Lance and Doug played each other in pool and Doug won. Lance challenged Doug to a rematch, but in ping-pong. However, the game had to be postponed until after their trip. (Brothers in Arms) After arriving in Australia, Doug and Lance went to see Dr. Arreglo's speech, but ran into some protestors. After protests started getting too crazy, Lance and Doug had to leave the speech. (Big Scoop) The day before their departure from Australia, Doug got some shampoo from Eli and told him that they were having dinner with Lance and Nancy that night. (The Dreamer) At the airport, on the day they were going back to Los Angeles, Doug and his friends were confused when they found out that their seats on the plane were all separated. (Membata)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Shortly after the crash, Doug reunited with Lance and asked him where Nancy and Eli were. (Brothers in Arms) A week after the crash, Doug told Lance to calm down when Lance talked to Amon about moving to the caves. (Keep Their Secret) Nine days later, Doug was looking for fruit in the jungle with Lance and they got separated. He found Lance again not long after and saw that Lance had tears in his eyes. (Brothers in Arms) Weeks later, Doug helped with the raft launching. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

After it started raining, one day, Doug took cover in the kitchen tent with Chris and Verena. Not long after the rain started, they heard someone screaming in the jungle. Soon after that, they saw Sawyer carrying Sun out of the jungle. (Let It Go) About a week later, during the insanity at the pallet drop, Doug gave some camera film to Howard. (Big Scoop) A few days later, after Sun spotted a boat during Ana Lucia and Libby's funeral, Doug asked Kate if there was anyone on the boat. (I Was There)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

Doug saw Desmond staring at Claire. Soon after, he went to the kitchen tent to get something to help his upset stomach and Rose gave him some soda crackers. (One Ambition) About a week later, Doug saw Kate heading into the jungle with Sayid and Locke. The next day, Doug was cutting a fish he'd caught while his fellow survivors set up a ping-pong table. A few minutes later, Doug saw Sawyer yelling at Paulo for taking a magazine from his stash. After that, Sawyer went to the kitchen tent and began eating some cereal. Doug asked Sawyer if he was allowed to eat it and Sawyer told Doug that he didn't need to ask permission. Later that day, Doug watched Hurley beat Sawyer at ping-pong in front of the group. The next day, Doug played Jeff at ping-pong. After playing Jeff, Doug played Lance and asked him where they had been the past few days. Lance explained that they had gone to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, but had found Jack to be living with the Others. (Crime Scene) Two days later, Doug helped carry Amon to the Staff Station after a series of memory flashes began. The next day, Doug waited anxiously to see if Amon would be okay. After calling Ryder for help, Doug questioned whether they could trust him. He later helped Amon back to the beach. (Memory Lapse) Two days later, Doug watched over Amon, who was still suffering from a severe headache. (Vacation) A few days later, Doug saw Sawyer approaching Jack and wondered if he was going to make trouble. (Careful What You Wish For) A couple days later, Jack checked to make sure that Doug had enough water before heading out toward the radio tower. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-97)

During the split of the survivors' camp, Doug decided to go with Locke because he trusted Charlie more than Jack. Along with the rest of Locke's group, Doug trekked towards the Barracks. (Choose Your Battles) A few days after arriving at the Barracks, Doug was preparing a dish for Christmas dinner when Richard came into the house and told him that Locke had let Ben out, which upset them both. (The Kahana) Two days later, Howard sent Doug to get some firewood for a hot dog roast they were going to have that night. After getting the firewood, Doug encountered Sawyer who was armed with a handgun. Sawyer asked him if he'd seen Claire. Distracted by Sawyer's gun, Doug asked what was going on, but was shot soon after. (Class Newsletter)


After Faith and Howard returned to the beach camp, Lance got upset with Faith because they had brought Sophia's body back to the beach, but not Doug's body. (Membata) After the time flashes started, Chris got after Lance, who was upset, claiming that he was only upset because he was still mad at Howard. (Just Survive)

Three years later, his body was found by Daisy, Dawn, Jim, and Derek. (The Kite Runner) They buried it later that day. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • He was the fifteenth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • Doug was the first Lost 4Ever main character to die.

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