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Dexter Joseph Stubbs
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Vicky Stubbs - Mother
Paula Stubbs - Aunt
Hugh Granger - Father
Janelle Granger - Half-Sister
Christine Arthur - Half-Sister
Jay Brandon - Cousin
Mitch Arthur - Half-Brother-in-Law
John Arthur - Half-Nephew
Janelle Arthur - Half-Niece

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Dexter Joseph Stubbs is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background Ajira Flight 316 survivors. His character is not featured on the show, but is depicted in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He also is the main character of the spin-off novel, Secret Identity. He was born to Hugh Granger and Victoria Stubbs, out of wedlock. When he was young, his dad left them to return to live with his other family. Throughout high school, Dexter was unpopular. When he got into college, he invented a fake life to try to get off better with his classmates, including Daisy Ward, who became his girlfriend. During one school break, Dexter went on a vacation with Daisy and her family, but, on the flight back, he crashed on the Island. He survived for a hundred days on the Island before the time flashes started. During the time flashes, he discovered that Janelle Granger, one of his fellow survivors, was actually his half-sister. Later, during the flashes, Dexter left the Island on the Via Domus, but later returned to the Island on Flight 316 with Daisy, to find and rescue Janelle. Later, after reuniting with Janelle, Dexter left the Island again, only to return, a couple years later, on Frank's plane. He was last seen arriving on the main Island on the Zodiac raft.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Childhood and High School

When he was four-years-old, Dexter's dad left him and his mom for his other family. Years later, while on his uncle's yacht with his cousin, Jay, Dexter got dehydrated and was jokingly promised a thousand dollars by his cousin if he didn't die. (Family Matters) Not long after that, Jay collapsed. They went to the shore and Jay continued passing out, as they got in the car. On the way back to Jay's house, Dexter heard Jay's parents arguing the whole time. (Acting Crazy)

A month later, Jay talked with Dexter about his parents' divorce, because he felt like it was his fault. However, Dexter assured him that it was his mother's fault, not his. (Buying Happiness)

Between High School and College

After graduating from high school, Dexter worked at a supermarket for a number of years to save some money, so that he wouldn't just be relying on his Aunt for everything. One day, whlie working at the supermarket, Dexter ran into Jenna. She asked him if she should dump Daryl and he that she should, unless Daryl had changed since high school. (Coming to Terms)

Attending College

Dexter went on vacation to Australia with Daisy and her family. The night before Flight 815, Dexter, Daisy, and Jason got mugged and their money was stolen. This forced Dexter to reveal to Daisy that he wasn't rich. (Secret Identity)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Day 1 - After the crash, Dexter began shouting for Daisy. (Secret Identity)
Day 2 - After Kate, Jack, and Charlie had returned from the cockpit, Dexter stared at the wreckage and told Sophia that he was contemplating looking for Daisy. (Flight 815)
Day 3 - Dexter followed his doppelganger into the jungle and found him and Daisy deep in the jungle. He spoke to his doppelganger, only to find out that it was really Boone. Dexter passed out in the jungle and was brought back to the beach. Later, he woke up and was given his suitcase by George. Upon seeing his real name on the tag, Dexter regained his memories. (Secret Identity)
Day 4 - Dexter talked to Janelle about recent events at the camp and about their families. (Family Matters)
Day 27 - After Janelle brought Amon back to the beach, Dexter saw her with him and asked what happened. (Tryouts)
Day 29 - Verena asked Dexter to talk to Claire, because he had studied psychology. Shortly after, he ran to take cover because it had started to rain. Then he heard the gunshots from Charlie shooting Ethan. (Life Support)
Day 30 - Dexter talked to Claire, recalling that she was one of the first people he'd met on the Island. (Life Support)
Day 44 - Dexter helped to prepare the raft for launching. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 47-64)


While looking for Amon, Dexter and George found the Tempest Station.

After another diappearance of Amon, George and Dexter went into the jungle to look for Amon. They came across the Tempest Station, but ran away at the sound of the monster. (Real Estate) A few days later, after Michael ran off to find Walt, Dexter told Verena, Sophia, and Howard about this development. (Complications) A couple days later, Dexter asked Libby if Daisy had been in the tail section. Libby told him that no one fitting Daisy's description had been in the tail. (In Your Dreams) Afew days later, after another disappearance by Amon, Dexter and some others met at the kitchen tent to discuss their next move. They eventually decided to stop searching and wait for Amon to come back and then find out what he'd told the Others. (Settlement) Almost a week later, Dexter assumed Chris was crazy when he heard that Chris believed his brother was locked in the hatch. (My Brother's Keeper)

Season 3 (Days 71-91)

Dexter was drafted to go with George, Amon, Lance, and Howard to try to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. (One Ambition)
3x12 ParAvion SonicBarrier

Dexter and his friends stopped at the sonic fence when they tried to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.

Three days later, at the sonic fence, Dexter questioned what the pillars were designed to do. George replied that he didn't know, but they didn't look safe. (Moment of Distraction) After three days of waiting and thinking at the sonic fence, Dexter saw Jack, Juliet, and the rest of the Others arrive at the Barracks. Shortly after, Dexter and his group went back toward the beach. The next day, Dexter, Amon, Lance, George, and Howard returned to the beach just in time to witness Hurley's ping-pong match against Sawyer. (Crime Scene) A day later, Dexter told Faith where he had been for the last few days and about seeing Jack with the Others. After that, she told him about her past, including the death of her parents and Oscar using her to get to Arreglo. (Family Matters) After hearing about Naomi from Larry, Dexter ran over, excitedly, to Jeff and told him of her arrival. (The Angel)

Season 4 (Days 91-96)

4x01 Survivorschoice

Dexter decided to join Team Jack.

Shortly after Jack made the call to the freighter, Dexter told Janelle that he was excited to see Daisy again. During the split, at the front section of the plane, Dexter chose to go with Jack, in order to see Daisy again.(Choose Your Battles) The next day, while taking a walk down the beach, Dexter found his cousin's body washed up on the beach in a body bag. (Family Matters) A few days later, Dexter talked with Jeff, Amon, Janelle, and George about why he decided to go with Jack. He told them that he had to get back to Daisy. (In Your Dreams)

Season 5

After three flashes of light, Verena gave Dexter a gun, to help him stay safe during the time flashes. After another flash of light, Dexter began to panic, because of the time flashes and their lack of supplies. That night, Dexter ran past Daniel and Charlotte while escaping the beach during the flaming arrow attack. (Just Survive)
5x02 Beach camp attack

Along with many other survivors, Dexter fled the beach during a flaming arrow attack.

The next morning, Dexter trekked with Elliot through the jungle. They ran into Janelle and Larry. After that, Elliot told them about how he had been unstuck in time. After Elliot's story was over, the group chanced upon Oscar, who Dexter knew was a criminal and a murderer. (The Inconstant) Oscar admitted to being a murderer and told Elliot, Dexter, Janelle, and Larry about the Hostiles who were looking for them at the creek. The group decided to head towards the caves instead. Just then, the sky lit up. After it cleared, Larry advised against going to the caves, in case they ran into themselves. As an argument began to break out, Dexter asked Oscar how he got to the Island, to change the subject.

Dexter saw Boone in the beechcraft.

Oscar explained that he had been on the freighter and had swam from there to the Island. Shortly after, their group found Locke and Boone by the beechcraft plane. Soon after Locke left with Boone, the sky lit up again. (A Second Chance) Soon after the light cleared, Dexter and Janelle found Nancy, who deduced that Janelle and Dexter had been on Flight 815. Shortly after, they were found by Susan and Peter, who thought Dexter and Janelle had done something to Ariel and Marc. In panic, Susan shot Dexter. Then the sky lit up again and Dexter's breathing got rough and his wound got worse, despite Peter trying to help him. (Reading Lips) Dexter died from his gunshot wound. He was revived by Andrew's blood. Soon after, Dexter learned that Janelle was his half-sister. Janelle told Dexter that their sister always wanted to meet him. (Family Matters) Later, the group heard the monster and they scattered in panic. Dexter was pulled out of the monster's path by Andrew and Marc. After that, they proceeded to the lagoon to hopefully meet up with Ariel. Some time after another flash of light, Dexter, Andrew, and Marc arrived at the lagoon, but found no one else there. Shortly after, they were found by Elliot, Dawn, Jim, Verena, Craig, Chris, and Dieter, who were also looking for Ariel. Then the sky lit up. After the light cleared, Dexter watched as Andrew had a rushed conversation with Ethan at the dock.

Dexter left the Island on the Via Domus.

It wasn't long before the sky lit up again. Dexter stayed behind when Elliot, Dieter, and Chris went to give Ariel a dose of Andrew's blood. Soon after, he watched in terror as Craig was shot by some DHARMA gunmen. Shortly after, the sky lit up again. Dexter helped carry Dawn's body onto the Via Domus and was on the boat when it left the Island soon after. (Conditional)

After the Island

Season 5

After a day in the water, Dexter told Verena that Janelle was his half-sister. He then told Verena that he was going to go back to the Island one day to save Janelle, even if it killed him. Six days later, Dexter began to get irritable because they didn't have any food and hadn't found land yet. However, they found land soon after. The group went to Wal-Mart and got a new set of clothes. After paying, Andrew revealed that a group of survivors had been rescued. Following the discovery, Andrew took the group to Simon's Butcher Shop where Jill made each of them a new identity. After finishing up with Jill, Dexter told the group that he wanted to find Daisy, since she was the reason he wanted to leave the Island. (Home Sweet Home)

After leaving the rest of the group, Dexter booked a plane ticket that would take him to New York to see Daisy. (Home Sweet Home) His plane arrived in New York that night and he called Daisy the next day. She didn't believe it was him, so he suggested they meet at Central Park so that he could prove it was him. After she questioned him about the crash and what the Oceanic 6 had said, Dexter explained that he didn't know why they lied, but he knew they would have a good reason to lie. (Tales from the Tail) After that, they returned to Daisy's home and explained the lie to her parents. A month and a half later, Dexter asked Daisy to find Lance's family, in order to fulfill a promise to him. (Central Park)

Months later, Daisy asked Dexter if he'd ever told his family he was back. Dexter replied that he hadn't because his aunt gossiped to much. Then Dexter mentioned his sister and Daisy said she could find Dexter's sister for him. After a couple months of searching, Daisy found out where Christine lived. (The Prestige) In July of 2007, Dexter tracked down his half-sister, Christine, and introduced himself to her as her brother. (Reading Lips) Then they went to Dexter and Daisy's hotel room where he explained what had happened to them since the crash. (The Prestige) About a month later, Dexter was asked by Mitch if his cousins, Chris and Steve, survived the crash. Dexter told him that Chris had survived, but Steve hadn't. (The Answer) A couple months later, Dexter got a call from his sister inviting them to the birthday party of her two kids. (Central Park) He attended the birthday party with Daisy about two months later. At the party, they met Michael and Emily Dobson, the parents of Chris Dobson. (Good News)

5x06 BenIsLate

Dexter boarded Flight 316 along with several other people who had left the Island.

About a month before returning to the Island, Dexter visited his former classmate, Jenna O'Malley, and told her what had happened after the crash and about Craig and Larry surviving the crash. Then he gave her four letters to deliver after he was gone. (The Prestige) They contained letters to his parents, Daisy's parents, and Christine. (You've Got Mail) (The Answer)

When the time came to leave, Daisy offered to go with Dexter. (The Prestige) They went to Los Angeles shortly after. (Central Park) Two days before leaving, Dexter got a call from Andrew, saying that he almost knew how to get to the Island. When she told her parents that they were going to be on Flight 316, Daisy told them she and Dexter were going on vacation. (The Prestige) The next morning, Dexter and Daisy prepared to head to the airport. As Daisy got ready to leave, Dexter complimented her on her appearance. Later, at the airport, Dexter comforted Daisy, who was worrying about the flight and how exactly it would get them to the Island. (Flash of Light) Shortly after that, Dexter and Daisy boarded Flight 316 together, seeing Andrew, Marc, Derek, Dawn, Jim, and Verena as they found their seats. When the plane hit turbulence, Dexter began holding onto Daisy's hand tight. (The Prestige)

On the Island Again

Season 5 (Days 1-5)


Dexter saw Frank argue with Caesar on the Hydra Island.

After the crash landing of Flight 316, Dexter was helped from his seat by Andrew. Later that day, he heard Caesar arguing with Frank at the beach about what to do next. (The Angel) The next morning, Dexter expressed a worry that their friends were still jumping around in time. Soon after, he volunteered to go with Jim, Verena, and Marc in an outrigger to the main Island, but refused to let Daisy go with them, because of dangers, like the monster. The group of four took the outrigger to the lagoon and made camp for the night. The next morning, they found Howard's camera with a video message recorded on it for them. While watching the video, Dexter smiled at seeing Janelle. The next morning, Dexter went with Marc and Verena toward the Barracks to get some guns. (Time Capsule)

Later that day, Dexter, Marc, and Verena arrived at the barracks and went to get guns out of Marc's gun vault, but found it empty. Instead, they decided to go to the beach camp and get guns from Howard's tent. (The Kite Runner) On their way to the beach, they ran into Jessica, who had been looking for Marc, after seeing him during a flash. After sending Jessica toward the Barracks, the group continued toward the beach. (Tuck Everlasting) At the beach, Dexter, Marc, and Verena retrieved Howard's gun stash and saw the Others arrive at the survivors' camp. (Flash of Light) The group of three followed the Others to a statue of a foot with four toes, where they reunited with Andrew, Daisy, Dawn, Jessica, Derek, and Jim. Soon after, they saw Ilana reveal Locke's body to the Others. (Tuck Everlasting) After seeing Locke's body, Dexter and Verena distributed the guns amongst their friends, just before Jim ran off into the jungle, looking for Marc and Andrew. (Flash of Light)


  • He was the twenty-sixth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the second character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.
  • Dexter has met all the television main characters.
    • He most likely met all the fuselage survivors, Ana Lucia, Libby, Eko, Desmond, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte while living at the beach camp.
    • He has not directly spoken to Ben, but he has seen Ben at least a couple times, after crash landing on Flight 316.
  • His nephew, John Miller Arthur, shared his fake name, as Dexter went by John Black after leaving the Island

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