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Dawn Goldman (née Williams) is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background Ajira Flight 316 survivors. Her character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. Dawn was raised by her father after her mother crashed on the Island. She fell in love with Ryder during high school but because he was always moving, they couldn't get married. However, while he was working Sydney, Dawn flew out to visit him, only to find out that she had just missed him. Upon finding out from Robbie (Ryder's step-brother) that he was on Flight 815, Dawn got a ticket on the doomed plane. After the crash, Dawn was taken by the Others, where she was reunited with Ryder and able to finally get married to him. Shortly after, however, she learned she was pregnant. During the flashes, Ryder learned that she was pregnant and finally got her off the Island, where she gave birth to their son. Later, she returned to the Island on Ajira Flight 316, where she was reunited with Ryder, shortly before leaving the Island again. A couple years later, she was kidnapped by Mittelwerk's men and taken back to the Island. She was last seen heading to the beach camp with her son.

In the flash-sideways world, she reunited with Ryder shortly after Flight 815 landed in Los Angeles. While going to pick her mother up from the airport a few days later, Ryder was shot and Dawn rushed to the hospital to be with him. After he had recovered enough to leave the hospital, he proposed to her and they regained their memories of the Island. They later moved on with their friends.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Growing Up

When Dawn was only four-years-old, Dawn saw her mother for the last time before she left for a vacation to Singapore. On the return flight, her mother's plane crashed. (Second Crash) Dawn met Ryder on their first day of first grade. (Wonderwall) A couple years later, Dawn attended the funeral of Robbie's father, Jordan Andrews. (Together) When she was in elementary school, Dawn knew that her only desire was to be a mother and not to worry about a career. (One Ambition)

In December of 1990, Dawn went to a New Year's party with Ryder and Robbie. (Wonderwall) During the party, Dawn saw Murphy sitting by himself and gave him some advice, concerning his brother. Before parting, they shared a quick hug (which was seen by Ryder) as the new year came in. (Jealousy)

Dating Ryder

Ryder and Dawn took a picture together at their graduation. (Oh Brother) Years later, Dawn's dad requested that she move to New York City with him, but Dawn was unsure. She talked to Ryder about the opportunity, hoping he would tell her to stay, but he told her that his mom wanted him to go work with her. She got upset and ran off. She sat down to rest at a park and cry. She was found by a boy calling himself Graydon Cooper. Dawn explained her situation to him. He supposed that maybe Ryder needed to make this mistake to make sure that he wasn't making an even bigger mistake. (Ageless)

Away From Ryder

Dawn worked at a coffee shop in Fresno, California, after returning from New York. She developed a friendship with Tracy, who was a frequent customer at the coffee shop. One day, Tracy was upset about her husband going overseas. Dawn told her to calmly talk to her husband about the situation. (Reading Lips) One day about two years after returning to California, Dawn received a call from Ryder who promised that he would come back to her and never leave her again. They expressed their love for each other before hanging up. (Wonderwall) Almost three years after helping Tracy, Dawn was told by Tracy that her husband had changed his mind about going overseas and that he had chosen her and her kids instead. (Reading Lips)


Dawn was mugged in an alley and was saved by Robbie.

In early September 2004, Dawn wrote a letter to Ryder explaining that she would come visit him soon. (Wonderwall)

Dawn talked to her dad earlier the day she left for Sydney. After arriving in Sydney, Dawn found a hotel and planned to see Ryder the next morning. (Second Crash) The next morning, Dawn went to see him. When she arrived at Ryder's apartment complex, she was attacked by an unknown mugger. However, she was saved by a childhood friend, Robbie Andrews. After saving her, Robbie gave her his credit card so that she could get a spot on Ryder's plane. (Half-Truth) Dawn made it to Gate 23 at the Sydney Airport just in time to get on Flight 815. She waited on the plane, thinking of how to find Ryder. Eight hours into the flight, the plane hit turbulence and the tail was ripped from the rest of the plane. Dawn fell into the water. (One Ambition)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-28)

After landing in the water, Dawn swam to the shore and sat on the beach in a daze. (Membata) Almost two weeks later, Dawn was captured by the Others and taken to the Hydra Station. (Dream a Little Dream) A week later, Dawn arrived at the Barracks and reunited with Ryder, who proposed to her immediately. Dawn got married to Ryder the next day. Two days later, Dawn woke up before Ryder and later came back to the bedroom and asked him what he was doing that day. (We're the Good Guys) The next day, Dawn woke up after Ryder and went into the kitchen, only to find out that he was going to give her breakfast in bed. Dawn began talking to Ryder about starting a family, but he started making excuses for why they couldn't. Eventually, Ryder told Dawn that pregnant women on the Island die. Dawn began to cry and Ryder promised that he'd figure something out for her. The next day, Ryder came home from working at the Staff Station. He told Dawn that Ethan had a surprise for her. That night, Ethan visited the house and told Dawn that he wanted her to raise Claire's baby. A few days later, while talking to Amelia, Ryder approached Dawn and told her that Claire had escaped, but Ethan was going to do whatever he could to get her back. (One Ambition)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

Dawn woke up as Ryder was preparing to leave for the quarry, one day. She was asleep when Ryder came to bed that night. The next day, Dawn woke up before Ryder and cooked eggs for him. Later that day, Ryder took her to a nearby beach for a picnic and to swim in the ocean. A few days later, Dawn and Ryder moved to the decoy camp. (We're the Good Guys) Two days later, after feeling weak for part of the day, Dawn got a pregnancy test from Juliet and found out that she was pregnant. She told Nancy, who was with her, not to tell Ryder. (Wonderwall) The next day, Dawn was waiting for Ryder when he returned from a trek in the jungle. (Tales from the Tail) About a week later, Dawn told Ryder that Ben had been captured by the survivors. Shortly after, Ryder left to work at the quarry. A few days later, Dawn noticed Ryder preparing to leave the camp. He left with barely an explanation. Before he left, Dawn reminded him to be at the Pala Ferry the next day. The next day, Dawn met up with Ryder at the Pala Ferry. She watched as Bea Klugh let Hurley go and as Ben gave Michael the boat to leave. She witnessed the purple light from the Swan discharge. (We're the Good Guys)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

Dawn was cooking pasta when Ryder returned from the Hydra, one day. As she asked him how his day was, she realized he was upset. He explained that he had had to put Karl in the room. (Pinky Swear) The next day, Dawn was cooking dinner when Ryder returned from the Hydra, bloody from a scuffle with one of the survivors. The next day, Dawn and Ryder were relaxing in a hammock when Cindy told them that Colleen had died. A day later, Dawn and Ryder attended Colleen's funeral. (One Ambition) The next day, Dawn asked Ryder why he was working at the Hydra so much. He told her that he would tell her in nine days, on her birthday. The next morning, while in bed with Dawn, Ryder told her that Ben was going into surgery that day. Not long after that, Ryder and Dawn heard Kate and Jack's conversation on Ryder's walkie. (Moment of Distraction) The next day, Dawn and Ryder attended Juliet's trial. (By the Book)

A few days later, Juliet asked Dawn if there was any way she had gotten pregnant before coming to the Island, but Dawn knew that she couldn't have been. Juliet's only advice for her was to get off the Island somehow. (Tales from the Tail) The next day, Dawn began to get anxious about her surprise that Ryder had planned for her birthday. He promised to tell her that night. That evening, Ryder told Dawn about what happened with Amon earlier that day and that he would be okay. After that, Ryder told Dawn that he had arranged to take her off the Island to adopt a child and then return to the Island. In the early morning, the next day, Dawn and Ryder prepared to board the submarine, only to find Locke at the dock. They were horrified when the submarine exploded. Ryder promised Dawn that he would think of something to fix things. (Memory Lapse) Later that day, Dawn and Ryder packed up their belongings and left the Barracks, because they had been found by the survivors. (Vacation) A few days later, while trekking through the jungle, Dawn asked Ryder if he was okay, because he looked warn out, but he said he was fine. The next day, Dawn and Ryder set up their tent at the ruins. That night, they saw Ben embarrass Locke. The next day, While talking to Amelia, Dawn saw Ryder sitting by himself. She went over to talk to him, because he hadn't seemed the same since the submarine blew up. Later that day, Dawn was talking to Diane when Ryder approached her. He opened up to her about how things wouldn't work out for him. While leaving their camp, the next morning, Dawn told Ryder that she would think of something to fix their situation. She put particular emphasis on the fact that she was promising this time, not him. Then they shared a kiss before leaving the camp. (Careful What You Wish For) The next day, Dawn and Ryder saw Mikhail arrive at their camp, who questioned why Locke was there. The next day, Dawn and Ryder saw Ben return from his trip to see Jacob without Locke. After Ben told Pryce to take a team to the survivors' camp that night, Dawn told Ryder to go warn them, but he knew it wouldn't matter anyway and that they had to hope for the best. (Family Roots) The next day, after the failed raid on the beach camp, Ryder and Dawn left the camp for the Temple with the rest of the Others. (The Future, Part 3)

Season 4 (Day 100)

4x13 Redfern dies

Dawn killed Redfern.

When Alpert needed help rescuing Ben, Dawn volunteered to help. After the mercenaries brought Ben to the helicopter, Dawn helped free him by killing one of the mercenaries. Later that day, Dawn was at the Others' makeshift camp when Locke arrived to join them. (Membata) Soon after, she was taken away from the camp, along with Ryder, by Dieter. Soon after, the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

After the light cleared, Dawn exchanged a look of confusion with Ryder after Andrew said there was no telling "when" they were. Later, they stopped to rest in the jungle. While resting, Dawn talked to Ariel who she quickly found out was actually her mother. (Ageless) Some time later, Andrew confirmed to Dawn and Ryder that Ariel was her mother. After two more flashes of light, Eli and Zander returned to the group, having found something. They took the group to show them what they’d found, which was the Flame Station, confirming that they were in the past. Soon after, they decided to go to the beach to help the survivors there. (Just Survive) At night, after another flash of light, Dawn and her group encountered Verena and Howard, who recognized Marc as his father. (Just Survive) The next morning, Dawn saw Marc screaming in agony as he recovered lost memories. Soon after, Dawn's mom heard some Hostiles nearby, prompting the group to dissipate. However, after running away from the Hostiles, Dawn lost track of her mother, who was captured soon after. Upon seeing that Dawn was upset, Ryder volunteered to go rescue her mother. Dawn shared a kiss with Ryder before he left. (Faulty Memory)

While walking through the jungle, after another flash of light, Verena discovered that Dawn was pregnant and asked if she'd told Ryder about it. Dawn told her that she hadn't because it meant she was going to die. After another flash of light, Dawn, Verena, Eli, and Jim arrived at the survivors' beach camp. When they arrived, they saw two outiggers in the water. Verena went to Howard's tent to retrieve some guns, but found them missing. Soon after, Verena asked Dawn why she was worried about dying in childbirth. Dawn explained to Verena that it wasn't childbirth she was worried about, but dying because she had gotten pregnant on the Island. (Reading Lips) After another flash of light, Dawn, Eli, Verena, and Jim tried to hide from the rain. As they waited out the storm, Jim asked Verena about his friends that had been on the plane. Later, Dawn was present when Chris, Dieter, and Craig arrived at the beach. (Family Matters) The next morning, Dawn's mother, Ryder, Oscar, and Elliot arrived at the beach. Then Dawn's mother collapsed in the sand. (Twenty-Six Years)

Dawn begged her mother to get up, but she couldn't. Ryder told her that they had to get her off the Island, because of her pregnancy. Later, a group of DHARMA gunmen found them at the beach, prompting them to flee into the jungle. However, while fleeing, Dawn was separated from Ryder and her mother. Soon after, Dawn narrowly avoided a dangerous encounter with the monster. Soon after, the sky lit up. Some time after the light cleared, Dawn arrived at the lagoon and the sky lit up again shortly after. After the light cleared, Dawn watched as Andrew had a rushed conversation with Ethan, who was leaving the Via Domus at the lagoon. Soon after, the sky lit up again. After two more consecutive flashes of light, Dawn passed out because her pregnancy was jumping through different stages. (Conditional) While unconscious, Dawn was nearly shot by a DHARMA gunman, but was saved by Oscar. (The Dreamer) After another flash of light, Dawn was carried onto the Via Domus by Jim and Dexter and was then taken away from the Island. (Conditional)

After the Island

Season 5

After waking up on the Via Domus, Dawn begged Andrew to turn the boat around to retrieve Ryder, but Andrew wouldn't do it. (Wonderwall) A week after leaving the Island, Dawn and the rest of the people on the Via Domus found land. They went to Wal-Mart to get a change of clothes and then visited Simon's Butcher Shop to get new identities from Jill, as well as an explanation about the Oceanic 6. Dawn refused to use a fake name, but settled with using her married name. After leaving the butchers shop, Dawn invited Verena to come with her to stay with her in-laws. After arriving at their home, Dawn and Verena explained what hd really happened after the crash. Later that night, Dawn reunited with Robbie, who was the reason she had been on Flight 815. (Home Sweet Home) The next day, Dawn and Verena left for the airport and flew to Washington, D.C. After arriving in Washington, Dawn and Verena went to see Verena's mother, who already knew that Verena was alive. Days later, Dawn and Verena drove to New York City where Dawn reunited with her father, who already knew she was alive. (Tales from the Tail)

A few months later, Dawn returned to Los Angeles. (Wonderwall) When she was six months pregnant, Dawn visited Jack in Los Angeles and requested that he deliver her baby in case there was complications, related to getting pregnant on the Island. (Twenty-Six Years) Three months later, Dawn was watching television, when she went into labor. Later that day, with Jack's help, she gave birth to Robert Goldman. (Wonderwall) That night, she called her dad and told him about giving birth. (Never Gets Easier) The next day, Ryder's family came to see her and the baby. Dawn told Robbie that she named her son after him because he'd brought her and Ryder together. Then she told him that her mom had been on the Island. (Together)

A few days later, her father visited them. It was then that Dawn told her father that her mom was alive on the Island. Her dad asked her if she was going to go back to the Island. She told him she was. He decided that he would go with her. A couple weeks later, when her dad was heading home, she suggested that he move to Los Angeles in order to leave for the Island at any moment. He moved to Los Angeles on Christmas Day, that year, and had Christmas Dinner with Dawn and the Goldman Family. Months later, Dawn was asked by her dad if she'd heard from her friends. She replied that she hadn't. He expressed his hope that it would be soon. Months later, Andrew visited Dawn and told her that he was close to getting them back to the Island. However, he told her that she couldn't bring her son, because if Andrew didn't get to him in time he would be dead. However, Andrew promised to get Ryder and Dawn back to their son after reuniting them. (The Prestige) Later that day, when her dad came back, she told him what Andrew had said. (Never Gets Easier)

Robbie came to visit Dawn at her apartment. She was packing a suitcase for herself. Robbie deduced that she was going back to the Island. Dawn asked him to keep it a secret from her parents until she was gone. (The Prestige) The next day, Dawn left her son at the home of Ryder's parents. She said a few words to her son before leaving. (Together) As she returned to the car, where her dad was waiting, she cried, uncontrollably. (Never Gets Easier)

Later that day, still in the car, outside the airport, Dawn's dad comforted her about the decision she'd made to leave Robert behind. Later, while in line to get their tickets, Derek pointed Kate out in front of them in line. (Flash of Light) Dawn was standing in line with her dad. As they waited in line, her dad spotted Sayid being escorted onto the plane by Ilana. On the plane, she saw Daisy and Dexter as they boarded the plane. Hours into the flight, the plane hit turbulence. At this point, Dawn began holding onto her dad's arm, before the plane was engulfed with light. (The Prestige)

On the Island Again

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

After Flight 316 crashed on the Hydra Island, Dawn was helped to her feet by her father. Later that day, she watched as Caesar and Frank argued about what to do next. (The Angel) The next morning, Dawn stayed behind at the Hydra Island, with Daisy, Derek, and Andrew, while their friends went to the main Island. (Time Capsule) Some time, later that day, Dawn helped Jed with the signal fire and found out that his brother, Jake, had been on Flight 815. (Flash of Light) Later that day, they saw Ben shoot Caesar before leaving for the main Island with Locke. (Time Capsule) Two days later, she was sent to the Hydra Station depository to stay safe from Ilana, who had taken control of the camp. (The Kite Runner) While in the depository, Dawn told Daisy and her dad about some of the DHARMA stations that she'd visited and others that she'd heard about. (Flash of Light)

Later that day, after Jim arrived, Dawn went to the main Island with Andrew, Daisy, Jim, and her dad. They arrived at the Barracks that night. (The Kite Runner) She went with her dad and Andrew to Andrew's house, where Dawn was given a gun by Andrew. As they headed toward the jungle, they heard a noise in the bushes. (Time Capsule) Then Jessica came out of the bushes, claiming to be looking for Andrew. The next morning, while still at the Barracks, Dawn found Tracy's decaying body. (The Kite Runner) Soon after, she buried Tracy's body along with Doug and Jerome's bodies. Shortly after that, Dawn gave Andrew a walkie that she'd found on Tracy's body. After Andrew called Marc, Dawn left with Andrew, Derek, Jim, Daisy, and Jessica toward where Jacob lived. During their trek there, they found a crashed DHARMA van and Dawn recovered Ryder's wedding ring, which he'd dropped thirty years before. Later that night, she arrived at the statue and reunited with Marc, Verena, and Dexter shortly before seeing Ilana reveal Locke's corpse. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • She was the thirteenth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • She was the fourth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.
  • While in jail, Oscar had a dream about Faith, who helped Dawn up, as she tripped, getting onto the plane. It is unclear whether this even actually took place while boarding Flight 815. (Breakout)

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