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Craig is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character has been shown from Seasons 1 through 5. His name was discovered in dialogue from S.O.S.. He appears prominently in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. Craig, before the crash of Flight 815, was raised by his aunt and uncle, after his parents' death. He attended college where he met his best friend, Larry, and started dating Jenna. After Jenna broke up with him, he followed her to Sydney, where she turned him away and he ended up on Flight 815. After the crash, Craig's obsessive nature came out again after a supposed attack by the Others. He survived until the flashes and later died during the eleventh flash.

Before the Crash

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)


In 1990, Craig's parents died and, from that point on, he was raised by his aunt and uncle. (Only Too Well)

In University

Craig went to university in Boulder, Colorado. While moving into his dormitory, he met his roommate, Larry Joseph, who would become his good friend. (Only Too Well) About six months later, Larry suggested that the two of them go on a road trip in the truck Larry's foster-parents had given him. (That's a Maybe)

In the summer of 2001, Craig went on a road trip with Larry. At one gas station they stopped at, Craig and Larry foolishly bought necklaces from a man who looked like he'd been in a fight. Some time later during their trip, Larry took his focus off the road, causing them to crash. (Moment of Distraction) While in the hospital after the crash, Craig's aunt and uncle and Larry's foster-parents visited them. Larry's foster-dad got after him for being irresponsible, but Craig took the blame, not wanting Larry to get in trouble. (That's a Maybe)

About a year later, while working out at the gym, Craig got a call from his uncle, saying that his aunt was in a critical condition. He rushed home to see her, only to find out that she had just died before he arrived. While mourning his aunt's death, a teenage boy talked to him and offered to help his aunt. Mere minutes later, after the teenage boy did something to his aunt, Craig saw that she was alive again. (Ageless)

After almost four years of going to school with her, Craig saw Jenna O'Malley break up with her boyfriend. That night, he called her and asked her out on a date. (You've Got Mail) They dated for about four months before she broke up with him. Upset with the break up, Craig followed her to Australia where she was moving. Larry accompanied him to Australia. When Craig went to Jenna's new home, in Sydney, he met her new boyfriend and she told him to leave because he was too obsessive. (Let It Go)

At the airport, on the day of their departure, Larry tried to cheer Craig up. Craig watched him try to hit on a woman and laughed at him when he found out that she was married. While waiting in line later, they saw a man try to cut ahead of them and Larry got upset with him, but Craig told Larry to calm down. (That's a Maybe) On the plane, Larry tried to comfort Craig, but was unable to do so. The turbulence that caused the crash started soon after. (Membata)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Craig woke up on the beach, laying in the sand, after the crash. After realizing that the plane had crashed, Craig began yelling for Larry. (Membata) Five days later, Howard asked Craig where Jack was, but Craig didn't know. (Picture Perfect) A few weeks later, Craig told Verena that Claire was back, after being missing for some time. (Life Support) About a week later, Richard talked to Craig about how good it felt to go for a run. (Volume) About a week after that, Craig helped prepare the raft for launching. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 45-64)

The morning after the hatch was opened, Chris showed Craig a book he'd found on the beach, but they couldn't figure out who it belonged to. (Ashes to Ashley) Two days later, Craig had hatch duty with Jeff. Craig used the time in the hatch to exercise. (Real Estate) About a week after that, Craig had hatch duty while Jack and Locke put the marshall's guns in the hatch armory. Later that day, Craig talked to Richard and Janelle about Sun's attack, which had occured earlier that day. Soon after, Craig told Amon that they needed to be able to fight back against the Others, but Verena pulled Amon away before he could continue talking to Craig. The next day, Craig continued to rant about the Others, refusing to believe that Sun's attack had been Sawyer's fault. Later that day, Craig had a nap and was awoken by a tree frog. Soon after he woke up, Larry talked to Craig about his rantings concerning the Others and compared that situation to the situation with Jenna, before the crash. (Let It Go) A few days later, Bernard recruited Craig, Richard, and Jerome to help him with his S.O.S. sign. (Big Scoop) The next day, Craig told Dexter that Chris thought his brother had been locked in the hatch. (My Brother's Keeper)

Season 3 (Days 72-90)

A few days after the discharge, Craig talked to Richard about going after Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, so went to find them, along with Larry. The next day, while walking through the jungle, Craig heard Richard suggesting to not be so cocky. Instead of finding their people, they found the Flame Station instead. Inside the station, Richard found a trap door in the living space. (Moment of Distraction) The next morning, inside the station, Craig, Richard, and Larry found DHARMA books and guns, which they took with them. They left the Flame Station just before Mikhail and Bea arrived. (By the Book)

Two days later, Craig, Larry, and Richard returned to the beach and put their guns and DHARMA books in Howard's tent. The next day, Craig helped carry the ping-pong table out of the jungle. (Crime Scene) About two weeks later, Before leaving the beach, Jack made sure that Craig had enough water. (Family Roots) Soon after, Larry offered to help Janelle with her bag, but she got mad at him. After Larry left, Craig told her that Larry really liked her, he was just too impulsive for his own good. (Just Survive)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

At the radio tower, Craig told Larry he was excited to leave because then he could finally apologize to Jenna. That night, when the camp split into two factions, Craig went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) Two days later, Verena recruited Craig and Lance to go with her to take some guns to Richard and Steve. When Craig asked Verena why she went with Jack is she thought they were in danger. Verena replied that she was willing to risk her own safety to get home, but not others' safety. The next morning, Craig, Verena, and Lance arrived at the Staff Station and gave four guns to Richard and Steve. On their way back to the beach, Craig, Lance, and Verena saw Juliet talking to a woman. (Hardest Decision)

A few days later, Craig watched as Jack talked to Bernard about Faraday and Charlotte lying to them. Soon after, he saw Jack collapse. (Healing) Later that day, Craig helped create a sterile environment for Jack's surgery. The next morning, Craig woke Richard up, welcoming him back to the beach. After Richard accidentally took a picture with Howard's camera, Richard showed it to Craig, because it had a man in the photo that shouldn't have been there. The next day, Craig went on the second trip to the freighter, along with Faraday, Neil, Janelle, Elliot, and Steve. (Membata) Later, on the zodiac, Craig exchanged a worried look with Janelle after seeing that the freighter had been destroyed. (Ageless)

Season 5

After the light cleared, Craig returned to the beach with Neil, Faraday, Steve, Janelle, and Elliot. (Just Survive) After three more flashes of light, Craig ran from the beach with George until Verena slipped and George went back to help her, resulting in his death. (Just Survive) The next morning, Craig and Chris found Andrew and Dieter, who prevented them from making a noise and revealing themselves to the Hostiles who were nearby. Soon after, Craig and Chris left with Dieter. (Faulty Memory) Three flashes later, during the night, after the rain stopped, while walking through the jungle with Chris and Dieter, Craig suggested taking a rest, but Dieter said it would be too dangerous. Soon after, they arrived at the beach where they reunited with Dawn, Eli, Jim, and Verena. (Family Matters) The next morning, Craig saw Ryder, Elliot, Ariel, and Oscar arrive. Then he saw Ariel collapse. (Twenty-Six Years)

Some time later, that morning, a group of DHARMA gunmen arrived at the beach, scaring the survivors into the jungle. Craig ran into the jungle with Dieter and Elliot. While walking through the jungle, Craig saw the monster barely miss Dawn. After that, Craig, Dawn, Dieter, Elliot, Verena, Chris, and Jim headed through the jungle towards the lagoon. A few flashes later, While waiting at the lagoon for a time flash that would bring them to a time period with the Via Domus, Craig was shot by a DHARMA gunman. (Conditional)


Shortly after Craig's death, another time flash occurred and, after the light cleared, Jim noticed Craig's body was gone. (Conditional) Two years after the time flashes ended, Lance found Craig's body at the lagoon and buried it about a mile from the Staff Station. (Heroes)

After leaving the Island, Dexter visited Jenna and told her that Craig had survived the crash, but deliberately avoided telling her about Craig's death. (The Prestige)


  • He was the ninth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the ninth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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