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Chris is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and one of the background DHARMA Initiative members. His character is not featured on the show but is depicted in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He also wrote the Season 2 Diary and appeared under the name "Bill Piper" in "He's Our You".

Before the Crash


Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

Chris was best friends with his brother. (A Late Shift) On his first day of fourth grade, Chris got in a fight with an older boy and was saved by Steve. He was then taken to the principal's office where he briefly met Dr. Alpert. (Pinky Swear) When they returned home, their mother got upset with them for getting in a fight at school. Steve spoke up, lying, and told his mother that it was his own fault and Chris wasn't to blame. (Good News)

Adult Life

Chris attended the wedding reception of his cousin, Mitch, who offered to set him up on a date with his wife's sister. Chris thought she was cute. Two years later, his brother started dating a girl called Elaine Bell, who he later married. At the wedding reception, Elaine told Chris that he reminded her of her hero from when she was a little girl, who rescued her from a scary man. Only a few months later, Elaine got in a car accident and died soon after. (Heroes)

After Elaine's Death

After Elaine died, Chris' dad asked him to take Steve on a vacation to get his mind off it. They went to Australia. One night, they got drunk and Steve hugged Chris in the middle of the street. (My Brother's Keeper) On the day of their departure, at the airport, Chris checked to make sure Steve had the tickets. Later on, while waiting in line, they saw a man try to cut ahead of them. (Membata) While boarding Flight 815, Chris realized he had the middle seat. Steve offered to take Chris' seat. During the crash, a piece of the plane's ceiling broke and crushed Steve. Chris later remarked that Steve had saved him. (My Brother's Keeper)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

During the aftermath of the crash, Chris yelled for his brother. While yelling for Steve, Chris saw a man get sucked into an engine and he saw a pregnant woman. Just then, he found his brother's body and cried over it for hours. Eventually, another survivor found him and offered to help him bury Steve. Just before filling in the hole, Chris said goodbye to his brother. (Heroes)

About two weeks after the crash, Chris talked to fellow survivors about Hurley's golf course. (Pre-Med) About two weeks later, Chris visited his brother's grave. (Life Support) Ten days later, Chris went looking for fruit with Faith, Tracy, and Amon. (In Your Dreams) A week after that, Chris helped launch the raft. (Gate 23)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

The night after opening the hatch, Chris showed Howard a book he'd found. He later showed the book to Craig. (Ashes to Ashley) A few days later, Chris saw Shannon sitting by the graves. (Real Estate) About ten days later, Chris heard Sun's screaming from the beach. The next day, Chris wrote in the diary he'd found. (Let It Go) A few days later, after hearing that an Other was being held in the hatch, Chris suppressed the memory of his brother’s death and convinced himself that it was really his brother being held captive in the hatch. After he had convinced himself of it, Chris started ranting, thinking his brother was being locked in the hatch armory. (Big Scoop) The next day, Chris asked Sayid where his brother was, noting the blood on Sayid's hands. The next day, Chris was eating some beans at the camp kitchen when he heard people talking about him, calling him crazy. He later came across Charlie and Eko building the church. They assured him that it was one of the Others in the Hatch. Eko offered to let Chris help them with the church. The next morning, Chris found his brother's shirt hanging on his tent. He took the shirt to Jack as proof that Steve existed. Jack took Chris to Boone Hill where Steve was buried. Jack reminded Chris that he had helped Chris bury his brother after the crash. (My Brother's Keeper)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

The day after the Swan discharge, Chris wrote his last entry in the diary. When he was done writing, he put the diary in his pocket but it fell out when he stood up. He later saw Hurley and Desmond return to the camp. (Pinky Swear) Almost a week later, Chris visited Steve's grave to commemorate his brother's birthday. (Moment of Distraction) A few days later, Chris was confronted by Janelle about why he had had her diary and not returned it. Two days later, Chris apologized to Janelle for not returning her diary and asked her what the credit card bill had been for. (By the Book) About two weeks later, Chris prepared to leave the beach for the radio tower. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

After Jack made his call to the freighter, Chris told Tracy that he was excited to leave the Island and give his brother a proper memorial. That night, during the split, Chris went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) A few days later, Larry told him about his plan to give Janelle a necklace for Christmas. Chris commented on the idea, saying that the gesture might be a little pushy. (The Kahana) Three days later, Chris listened to his fellow survivors argue with Daniel and Charlotte about when, if ever, they were going to get off the Island. (Healing)

Later, Chris watched Juliet give a list of items to Sun, which she would need. Soon after, Chris helped sterilize a place for Juliet to perform surgery on Jack. While helping, he saw Faith arrive at the camp. He talked to her and found out what had happened at the Barracks. After she was done, Lance came over and Chris listened to Lance berate Faith for not bringing Doug's body back as well, which made her upset. (Membata) Two days later, Chris berated Lance after he commented on getting on the raft as soon as it came back, despite getting upset with Faith for not bringing Doug's body back. (Membata) Later that day, Larry asked Chris where Janelle was and Chris told him she was on the zodiac. Just then, the sky lit up. (That's a Maybe)

Season 5

After a few time flashes, Chris got in an argument with Lance because Lance was beginning to panic about their circumstances and had snapped at Chris. Later that night, Chris and Lance narrowly avoided being hit by a flaming arrow during the attack by the Hostiles. (Just Survive) The next day, Chris and Craig were found by Andrew and Dieter who were trying to help Lance and Jeff. While Andrew stayed to help them, Dieter left with Chris and Craig to head back towards their people. (Faulty Memory) A few time flashes later, ahile walking through the jungle, Craig suggested that they stop to rest, but Dieter advised against it because they didn't know when they were. Upon hearing Dieter's choice of words, Chris asked him what he meant. Dieter explained that they were traveling through time. Soon after that, Dieter, Chris, and Craig arrived at the beach where they reunited with Verena, Jim, Eli, and Dawn. (Family Matters)

Later, Chris and the group he was with were scared into the jungle by a group of DHARMA gunmen. After walking through the jungle for a bit, Chris narrowly avoided a confrontation with the monster, which almost hit Dawn. Some time after another flash of light, Chris and his group arrived at the lagoon just before another time flash. After the light cleared, Chris watched as Andrew had a rushed conversation with Ethan. The sky lit up again before too long. After two more consecutive flashes, Chris offered to go with Dieter and Elliot to give Ariel a dose of Andrew's blood. (Conditional) They found Ariel, Eli, Ryder, and Oscar soon after and told them where Dawn and the others were. After two more flashes, while Elliot fussed over Ariel, Dieter told Chris to inject her with Andrew's blood, but he didn't see the purpose. Annoyed with him, Dieter took the needle from Chris and injected Ariel with it. The sky lit up soon after. (The Dreamer)

After the final flash of light, Ariel, Chris, Dieter, and Elliot found Eli, Oscar, and Ryder by the lagoon. After Ariel told the group that she was feeling fine, the group agreed that the flashes were over. That night, Chris was able to rest while Elliot and Oscar kept watch. (The Dreamer) A week later, while talking with Dieter, Ariel, Oscar, Ryder, and Eli, Chris heard a noise and was scared. Fortunately, it was just Howard. Chris ran off with Ryder, Ariel, and Howard shortly after when an unseen gunman shot Eli. (Tales from the Tail) After another week, Chris finally remembered to give Howard his camera. Soon after, the group was found by a group of DHARMA employees, who they killed in self defense. Following the four deaths, Chris, Ryder, Howard, and Ariel took on the identities of the DHARMA employees. (Wonderwall) With DHARMA, Chris worked as a mathematician. (Photograph)

Three days after joining DHARMA, Chris was seen at the Barracks by Jeff. Chris pretended not to know Jeff, but told him to come to his house that night. When Jeff arrived at Chris' house, they explained their situations to each other. (The Angel) Five days later, Chris talked to his fellow time travelers about finding the rest of their people before one of the hot-headed DHARMA personnel did. (That's a Maybe)

About a year after joining DHARMA, Chris overheard one of the DHARMA employees talking to his daughter, who Chris realized would eventually grow up to be his sister-in-law, Elaine. (Heroes) One day about a year later, Chris talked to Ryder and and Oscar about recording a video for their friends in the future. (...In Time) The next day, while recording the video to leave for their friends in the future, Chris said that they might, one day, be able to return to their own time. (Time Capsule)

Two years later, Chris talked to Elaine's father, Terry, about if Elaine living on the Island was safe. Just then, Elaine's mother, Cassidy, found them and told them that Elaine was missing. Chris promised he would find her. He ran off and found out from Eli and Howard that Larry was leaving the Barracks soon. Chris found Larry and went into the jungle with him to find Elaine. In the jungle, they found a Hostile holding Elaine. After the Hostile wouldn't let Elaine go, Larry shot him and Chris ran over to Elaine. Just then, Larry was shot and another Hostile stepped into view. Chris recognized him immediately from his past. (Heroes) Chris mentioned that he recognized the man from his school and referred to him as Dr. Alpert, who had visited him on his first day of fourth grade. Alpert realized that Chris was a time traveler, like Locke, and asked Chris to prove it. Chris told Alpert to come to Las Vegas, Nevada in two years. Before leaving, Alpert told Chris that he wanted "him" back, referring to one of his people that DHARMA was holding captive. The next morning, Chris returned to the Barracks with Elaine and, after leaving her at her house, Chris went back into the jungle to bury Larry's body. While burying Larry, Chris apologized for getting Larry involved. The next day, Chris returned to the Barracks just as Elliot was heading out to look for him and Larry. Then Chris told Elliot and Janelle that Larry was dead. Later that day, Chris tried to comfort Janelle about Larry's death, but unable to do so, he returned to his house. Some time after getting to his house, he decided to go back to Janelle's house and when he arrived he ended up kissing her and ran away as soon as he realized what he was doing. (Brothers in Arms) That night, Chris and Ryder ran over to the burning house after a fuel tank exploded. Chris was instructed by Sawyer to help Craig put out the fire. The next day, Chris went to Micah's house and told him about what Alpert had said about the Hostile DHARMA was holding prisoner. Their conversation was interrupted by Clive, who arrived to tell Micah that there was a crisis at the Phoenix Project. (Burning Heart) Later that day, Janelle found Chris and asked why he was avoiding her. Chris abruptly apologized for kissing her, but she said she wasn't sorry. (Brothers in Arms) Just then, Tyson and Clive showed up and asked Chris if he'd seen Zander. Chris suggested checking his house and asked why they were looking for him, but they didn't give him an answer. (Some Starless Night)

The next morning, Chris was woken up by Ariel, who told him to round up the rest of their people and get out of the Barracks. Chris quickly got dressed and went out to find his friends. Later, after finishing packing, Chris was met by Cassidy Bell who thanked him for saving Elaine. Just then, Janelle showed up and started rushing him away from the Barracks. Then Tyson and Craig showed up and shot Cassidy, trying to capture Janelle. In retaliation, Chris shot both of them and left the Barracks with Janelle. (The Day After Tomorrow) Later, in the jungle, they were found by some DHARMA shooters, but were saved by Simon and Morris, who recognized them from Flight 815. (The Kite Runner)

The group walked through the jungle until they saw five people being held at gunpoint by members of the Phoenix Project. Carefully, Janelle, Morris, Simon, and Chris shot the gunmen and saved the five people, who turned out to be five of their fellow survivors: Steve, Sally, Robert, Jake, and Bob. Later that day, the group of nine found Zander, Ryder, and several others. Just then, Micah and some gunmen found them and a gunfight ensued. During the fight, Chris killed one of the gunmen and left the scene with Bob, Ryder, Zander, Oscar, and Peter. Shortly after leaving the scene, the group found the Swan construction site and saw Dr. Chang's arm get crushed, and then saved, by Miles. They also saw Phil get stabbed by a bar as he tried to shoot Sawyer. Soon after, they saw a white light emenate from the shaft in the construction site. (Tuck Everlasting)


  • He was the eleventh character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the thirteenth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.
  • Chris' parents held a memorial service for him and his brother on Day 54. (Dive Bag)

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