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Daniel Gabriel Abrams, more commonly known as "Andrew Raymond", is one of the background Others and one of the background Flight 316 survivors. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. Born off the Island, Andrew was given to Richard Alpert by his mother and brought to the Island. When he was seventeen-years-old, he was captured by the DHARMA Initiative's "Phoenix Project" and injected with a serum that stopped him from aging and dying. He was a captive of DHARMA for twenty-two years before he was freed after the purge. After that, he was sent to different parts of the world to find "special" people. In doing so, he encountered several people that would eventually come to the Island, the most significant of which being Sophia Golding. Because of his friendship with Sophia, Alpert faked Andrew's death to get him out of her life and back on the Island. Andrew later reunited with Sophia on the Island, shortly before her death. After the Island started jumping through time, Andrew allied himself with the survivors of Flight 815 and later left the Island. About two years after leaving the Island, Andrew returned on Flight 316. He went to the main Island where he once again encountered Tyson Stanford, a leading member of the Phoenix Project. In the final fight against Tyson, Andrew was made mortal again. Andrew stayed on the Island with Hurley, Verena, Ben, and Sam after his friends left. After Mittelwerk's team arrived on the Island, Andrew reunited with some of his friends who had returned to the Island. He was last seen at the Helgus Antonius as a prisoner of Mittelwerk.

In the flash-sideways world, Andrew was once again the captive of the Phoenix Project. He was rescued by Elliot Maslow, who had already recovered his memories of the Island, and he finally regained his memories when he was reunited with Sophia in Los Angeles. Andrew and Sophia moved on with their friends that night.

Off the Island

Andrew was born as Daniel Gabriel Abrams to Gabriel and Candace Abrams, who were later known as Jonathan Jones and Emma Raymond. Two weeks after his birth, Andrew was taken on the run after his father killed a man, trying to steal some food. About a month later, his father left them and gave them new identities. About one month later, the two-month-old child was handed over to Richard Alpert who took him to the Island. (Tuck Everlasting)

On the Island

Captive at the Phoenix Project

Seventeen years later, Andrew ran from some people from the Phoenix Project, but was eventually captured by them. Some time later, he woke up in a dark room and was injected with a serum. For the next twenty-two years, he was held prisoner as a test subject for the Phoenix Project. (Tuck Everlasting)

About four years later, Andrew was blinded when Tyson and Micah came into the room to take some of his blood to heal a bullet wound that Eli had. About two years later, he was visited by Micah, who refused to let him go, saying that he was part of the greater good. (Tuck Everlasting)

A year later, Nancy came into Andrew's holding cell and tried to free him, but ran out of time. As she was about to escape, she told him to, years later, take as many of them away from the camp after Locke arrived. Moments after she left the room, Andrew heard her get shot. (Tuck Everlasting) The next day, Andrew was shown to Dieter, who was being trained to work with the project. (The Kite Runner) Reluctantly, Dieter injected Andrew with malaria, from which he healed instantly. After realizing Andrew had healed, Tyson left the room with Dieter, leaving Andrew in the dark. Later that day, Dieter and Vernon came into the room. To his surprise, Dieter injected Vernon with sedative instead of injecting Andrew with small pox. After Vernon was unconscious, Dieter freed Andrew and Jeff and let them escape. They got a short distance to the other side of the sonic fence before Vernon killed Jeff and captured Andrew again. After returning to the Phoenix Project headquarters, Andrew watched as Tyson shot Dieter. (Tuck Everlasting)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

About fifteen years later, Andrew was visited by Vernon, who cut Andrew's finger off, as part of a test, and watched it grow back within seconds. The next day, Paul visited Andrew and began talking to him before smelling gas. Some time, later that day, Andrew woke up, after being found by Alpert.

After Being Freed

About two months later, Andrew and Alpert went to the four-toed statue to visit Jacob. Alpert spoke to Jacob and asked him to reverse what the Phoenix Project did to Andrew, but Jacob refused, saying that Andrew still had work to do. (Tuck Everlasting)

Off the Island

Traveling the World

Andrew visited many places looking for people who were special. In late 1995, Andrew was in Maryland where he found Verena in a car wreck. With the help of Hunter Murphy, Andrew got Verena out of her car and saved her. In early 1996, Andrew was in Australia where he saved Sonya from drowning. Later that year, Andrew was in Los Angeles and got mugged by some thugs. He was saved by Jim. Soon after the incident with Jim, Andrew met Dawn and gave her some advice about her relationship with Ryder. (Ageless) Years later, Andrew was on the train during the Eschede train disaster and helped Dieter during the aftermath of the wreck, because he recognized him from the Phoenix Project. (Tuck Everlasting) Later that year, Andrew met Faith, who was at the bedside of her dying sister. He offered to help Gayle, but was denied the opportunity by Richard Alpert. (Ageless) About three years later, Andrew was in Louisiana where he saw a man assaulting a woman. He got someone to call the police and then helped save the woman. (Tuck Everlasting)

In Colorado

Shortly after arriving in Colorado in 2002, Andrew met Craig who had just missed his aunt's death. Andrew injected his own blood into Craig's aunt, bringing her back to life. (Ageless) In October 2002, Andrew started school in Denver where he met Sophia and became her friend. He comforted her after she rolled her ankle at cheerleading tryouts. (Tryouts) Shortly after meeting her, Andrew began tutoring Sophia in math. He was thrown out of her house by her father, who thought he was going to get Sophia pregnant. The next day, he gave Sophia a locket for her birthday. (A Friend Indeed) When time came for their graduation, Andrew gave Sophia a ride to the ceremonies. (Emotional Support) Andrew was the valedictorian of the class. (Class Newsletter) Andrew later signed Sophia's yearbook. (Regrets)

Faked Death

Because he had stayed longer than he was supposed to, Alpert berated Andrew and faked Andrew's death in order to get him out of Sophia's life. The news of Andrew's "death" was later put in his class newsletter and was seen by Sophia and Tanya. (Class Newsletter) (Regrets) The day before the crash, Andrew met the time-jumping Elliot and helped him change the future and save himself. (The Inconstant)

On the Island

Andrew met Eli right after he joined the Others and told him in which house he would be staying. (The Key)

Season 2 (Days 53-61)

Andrew was traveling through the jungle for unknown reasons when he came across Sophia and Janelle. (A Friend Indeed) About a week later, again traveling through the jungle for unknown reasons, Andrew came across Howard and Verena. (Big Scoop)

Season 3 (Day 91)

Andrew proceeded to the Temple with the rest of his people. (The Future)

Season 4 (Days 96-100)

Andrew was in the jungle when Sophia saw him from the Barracks, while she was doing laundry. Determined to catch him this time, Sophia chased him into the jungle. Steve followed Sophia into the jungle and saw Andrew. He deduced that Andrew was one of the Others. (The Kahana) Andrew admitted that he was one of the Others. Andrew explained to Sophia that they had to fake his death in order to get him out of Sophia's life. He then instructed her to return to the Barracks. She gave him a kiss before leaving. (Class Newsletter)

4x13 Omar killed by grenade

Andrew threw a grenade during the battle at the helicopter

Andrew participated in the battle at the helicopter by throwing a grenade at Keamy, which resulted in Omar's death. (Membata) Shortly after Locke arrived at the Others' camp, Andrew took Ryder, Dawn, Jim, Eli, Nancy, Ariel, Marc, Dieter, and Zander away from the camp because he suspected something was about to happen. He was with these people when the sky lit up. (Ageless)

Season 5

After the light cleared, Andrew admitted that he didn't know the sky would light up, but he knew that something was going to happen. (Ageless) After Ryder and Dawn discovered that Ariel was Dawn's mother, Andrew admitted that he had been aware of that relation. (Just Survive) After another flash of light, Andrew told Ariel that he was worried about Eli having twin-dreams again. (The Dreamer) After another flash of light, Ryder asked Andrew when they were, but Andrew was unable to answer. After another flash of light, Andrew's group encountered Howard and Verena. (Just Survive) Andrew decided that all of them could use a rest. The following morning, Andrew was looking for fruit when he heard an explosion. He enlisted Dieter's help to find the victims of the explosion. While waiting to help Lance and Jeff, who had died because of the explosion, they prevented Craig and Chris from being caught by the Hostiles. After the Hostiles were gone, Dieter left with Craig and Chris. Then Andrew injected some of his blood into Lance and Jeff, bringing them back to life. (Faulty Memory) After three more flashes of light, Andrew began rushing towards the Pearl Station with Jeff and Lance. When he arrived at Dexter's dead body, he injected his own blood into Dexter's arm, which revived him. Just before Ariel left the group, she gave Andrew a folder. (Family Matters)

The next morning, Andrew found Marc talking to Tyson. After realizing that Tyson recognized Andrew, Marc killed Tyson. Right after Tyson's death, Andrew gave Marc an injection of his blood to save him from the time sickness. Then they set off to find Ariel, but encountered the monster soon after starting. They rescued Dexter from the monster and headed towards the lagoon, where they expected to find Ariel. Soon after arriving at the lagoon, Andrew, Dexter, and Marc met Elliot, Craig, Chris, Dieter, Dawn, Verena, and Jim. After another flash of light, Andrew quickly told Ethan to give him a message in a few months with instructions that would lead him to save Dexter's life. After a couple more flashes of light, Dawn passed out and Andrew explained that it was because of her pregnancy, and not the time flashes. Getting impatient because Ariel wasn't there yet, Andrew gave a needle with his blood to Elliot, Dieter, and Chris who ran off to find Ariel. Shortly after, the group encountered a group of DHARMA gunmen. During the encounter, Andrew was shot by them.

Along with Verena, Dawn, Marc, Dexter, and Jim, Andrew left the Island on the Via Domus.

Soon after, they were saved by Ryder. After another flash of light, Andrew's body healed from the bullet wound. The group quickly got onto the Via Domus, which had just appeared again. (Conditional)

Off the Island

Season 5

After Dawn woke up on the Via Domus, Andrew explained to her that she had passed out on the Island. Dawn tried to convince him to go back to the Island for Ryder, but Andrew said that they couldn’t. However, he promised that he would get her to the Island again somehow. (Wonderwall) After finding the mainland, Andrew took the group to Wal-Mart to get a change of clothes. While paying for the clothes, Andrew noticed a newspaper which featured Hurley being arrested. At the register, Andrew met Dennis Baxter, who told him that his brother, Josh, had been on Hurley’s plane. After paying for the clothes and the newspaper, Andrew took the group to Simon’s Butcher Shop where Jill gave each of them, except Dawn and Marc, a new identity and explained the story of the Oceanic 6. After leaving the butchers shop, Marc and Andrew got a rental car and prepared to find the serum from the Phoenix Project. (Home Sweet Home) The next day, Jim visited Andrew and told him that he needed somewhere to stay until he could fly to Australia to see Eddie and his brother. Andrew suggested going to see Kristi Cullen, Eli’s sister. (Tales from the Tail)

Months later, in Copenhagen, Marc asked Andrew if the Phoenix Project was really that bad. Andrew replied confidently that it was. Soon after, they had a brief encounter with Rachel Blake who was escaping from her hotel room. (Wonderwall) A couple months later, after the controversy with the Hanso Foundation was over, Andrew expressed his opnion that getting the serum would be easier now. (The Prestige) Later that month, Andrew and Marc visited Alvar Hanso, who told them that the serum never arrived there from the Island. (Tuck Everlasting)

In early 2007, Andrew and Marc visited Jon Jones, who had recently had a stroke. Marc introduced Andrew as Jon's son and Andrew explained what the DHARMA Initiative had done to him. Jon told Andrew where to find his mother and shortly after, Jon died. Andrew left the place in tears. (What I Did) His mother, Candace Abrmas, had prayed for months to see him again before she died of canceer. She didn't believe him at first when he said he was her son, but she eventually believed him. He expressed his feelings to her that he didn't like being immortal because it wasn't living to him. She died the day after his visit. After returning to Marc, after his mother's death, Andrew decided it was time for them to bring their group back together. Almost three months later, Andrew visited Verena and told her that they needed to go back to the Island. Verena got upset and refused to go with him. After Verena told Andrew that her mom was dying, Andrew knew it was because they had left the Island, but Verena refused to believe it. She asked why she whould go with him and he said that he knew that Verena was in love in Howard. After he mentioned Howard, Verena made Andrew leave. (The Prestige)

Andrew heard Hurley arguing with the gate agent.

A few days later, Andrew returned to Marc, who who in the middle of writing a letter. Andrew told Marc that Verena was refusing to go back to the Island. Marc assured him that she would come around. (The Prestige) A few months later, Andrew found Verena at a church. She was looking at her mother's body in a coffin. Andrew told Verena that they needed to go back to the Island. (Conditional) A month later, Andrew visited Dawn and told her that they would be returning to the Island soon. He also told her that she couldn't bring her son with them because if Andrew couldn't get to him soon enough, he would be dead. Two days later, Andrew told Dexter to get ready to go to the Island.

After a few hours on the plane, everyone saw a flash of light.

A few weeks later, Andrew saw Ben enter a church and then he knew how to find out how to get back to the Island. The next day, Andrew visited the Lamp Post again and overheard Eloise's speech to Sun, Ben, and Jack. (The Prestige) That night, Andrew sent a text to Jim telling him to be on Flight 316. (Sibling Rivalry)

The next day, before heading to the airport, Andrew talked to Marc about the possibility of the serum not being on the Island and what they would do if it wasn't. Later, at the airport, Andrew and Marc talked again in the empty restroom about what they were going to do once they got to the Island. Their conversation was interrupted when Frank Lapidus came into the restroom. After finding out that Andrew and Marc would be on his plane, Frank promised to make it smooth for them. (Flash of Light) Later, they overheard Hurley arguing with the gate attendant. After Jack calmed Hurley down, Andrew and Marc boarded Flight 316. On the plane, Andrew saw Dexter and Daisy when they boarded the plane. Hours into the flight, the plane hit turbulence. Andrew looked around and saw Dexter holding onto Daisy's hands. Dawn was holding onto Derek's arm. Marc had his eyes closed. Jim was holding onto the armrests. Verena was breathing heavily. Andrew's final words to Marc, before the plane was filled with light, were "Here we go". (The Prestige)

On the Island

Season 5 (Days 1-5)

After the crash landing of Flight 316, Andrew helped Dexter and Daisy out of their seats, showing no sign of injury. Later, at the beach of the Hydra Island, Andrew guessed that if their friends were in that time period they would be on the main Island. During Caesar's speech to the survivors, Andrew noticed Sun, Ben, and Frank disappear. (The Angel) The next day, Andrew considered the possibility of their friends being on the main Island. He stayed behind on the Hydra Island when Dexter, Marc, Verena, and Jim took an outrigger to the main Island. The next day, Andrew saw Ben shoot Caesar. (Time Capsule) After seeing that, Andrew ran off suddenly to Ben's office, thinking that there might be some guns there, but there weren't any. (Flash of Light) A day after that, after Ilana took control of the group, Andrew told Daisy, Dawn, and Derek to hide in the Hydra Station. Later, he saw Ilana knock Frank unconscious. (Time Capsule)

Later that day, Jim arrived in the outrigger and took Andrew, Derek, Dawn, and Daisy to the main Island. While Jim and Daisy went to Marc's house to check for Verena, Dexter, and Marc, Andrew went to his own house with Dawn and Derek to get guns. (The Kite Runner) He gave guns to Derek and Dawn. As they were about to leave the Barracks, they heard a noise in the bushes. (Time Capsule) Just then, Jessica came out of the bushes and revealed that she was looking for Andrew. The next morning, Jessica told Andrew how she knew where to find him. (The Kite Runner) After finding a walkie, Andrew radioed Marc and agreed to meet them where Jacob was, as Marc, Verena, and Dexter were following the Others to Jacob. As they were about to leave the Barracks, Andrew thought he saw someone in the jungle, but he dismissed the idea. (Tuck Everlasting)

On the way to Jacob, Andrew told Jessica that he had once gone to ask Jacob to reverse what the Phoenix Project had done to him, but Jacob had refused to do it. Daisy asked Andrew why he wanted to reverse it and he explained that, simply put, everyone he cared about died, leaving him alone because he couldn't die. Later that night, Andrew told Jessica that he knew Dieter, Eli, Nancy, Lance, and Jeff were dead, because he saw them die in the past. Later, when they arrived at the beach, Andrew reunited with Marc, Dexter, and Verena and saw Locke's body dumped onto the beach. Just then, Andrew saw someone in the jungle again. He followed the image, with Marc right behind him, and found Tyson in the jungle, despite being shot by Marc years before. (Tuck Everlasting)

Suddenly, Tyson was shot by Jim, who had been watching from nearby. To their amazement, Tyson healed, because he'd used the second dose of the serum from the Phoenix Project. This was also how he'd avoided dying when he was shot by Marc, decades before. Just then, Sam ran into the clearing, asking Tyson what was going on, but he didn't trust Tyson anymore. Andrew watched as Jim offered to show Sam where Sonya's grave was. Angered, Tyson grabbed Sam and put a gun to his head, threatening Sam's life if Andrew, Marc, or Jim moved. (Flash of Light)

Season 6 (Days 5- )

As they stood there, tense, they heard Jessica shout for Jim. Her shout distracted Tyson, so Andrew tackled him. Before completely letting go of Sam, Tyson shot, but only got Sam in the shoulder. Andrew quickly told Marc to take Sam to the Staff Station. After they were gone, Tyson threatened to shoot Jim, but Jessica shot him instead. With Tyson healing again, Andrew told Jim and Jessica to leave and get to safety. After they were gone, Andrew asked Tyson what he wanted. Tyson repeated his goal to kill Andrew, but Andrew realized that if Tyson was going to kill him that night, he'd already be dead. Tyson started to walk off, to take care of other business, and told Andrew that he knew he wouldn't follow him because Sam was in peril and if Andrew followed Tyson, Sam would die. Knowing Tyson was right, Andrew set off for the Staff Station. Early the next morning, Andrew found Howard, Bob, Susan, Ryder, and Peter a short distance away from the station. (We're Back)

Andrew told Howard that Marc would already be there, as they got to the station. After Marc and Howard were reunited, Jessica was reunited with Susan, but she soon realized that her mom was deathly injured. Andrew took some of his blood and healed her. Then he proceeded to heal Sam. After they were healed, Andrew told the group about Tyson, how he was alive and who he was. (Score to Settle)


  • Andrew has met all of the Lost4Ever main characters except Doug, Tracy, Amon, Richard, George, and Steve.
  • Andrew speaks fluent German. (Ageless)
  • He presumably speaks Latin, like the rest of the Others. (Jughead)
  • He was the twentieth character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the eighth character to have a flashforward in Lost 4Ever.

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