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Jacob Amon Jefferson, commonly known as Amon, is one of the background middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in the story entitled Lost 4Ever, created by Lostpedia user Crash815. He is the fraternal twin brother of Eddie Jefferson, with whom he had a close relationship. He was married to Rachel Jefferson, who died due to complications with the birth of their second son. In 2004, Amon broke his leg while filming an episode of Expose. Returning home to gather his belongings, Amon crashed on the Island. After the crash, his broken leg was healed. Throughout the first sixty-seven days on the Island, Amon disappeared periodically, giving information about the survivors to the Others. Later, after the freighter arrived, Amon went on the first Zodiac raft trip, resulting in his death when the freighter exploded. After his death, he appeared to his brother, telling him to help keep the secret of the Oceanic Six.

Before the Crash

Growing Up

Amon was born almost immediately after his fraternal twin brother, Eddie. (Sibling Rivalry)

Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)

When he was eight-years-old, Amon got in a fight with Eddie, because he'd made fun of Amon in front of his friends. Their mom chastised them, urging them to get along. A few years later, Eddie and Amon were caught fighting again, this time over their different musical preferences, and were chastised by their parents again. It was also at this time that their father told them that they were going to be moving from Fresno to Encino, where they would be starting high school without any of their old friends. At this time, the boys decided to try harder to get along, to make their high school experience easier. (Sibling Rivalry)

On his first day of freshman year, Amon saw some jocks bullying Miles. Amon defended him, but was bullied as a result. Because he got bullied, the family moved away to give him a fresh start. On his first day at his new school, Amon saw some people beating up Faraday, which made Amon upset, but he didn't help him. (Choose Your Battles) Angry with himself, Amon ran off down the hall, with his brother close behind him. Eddie stopped him and tried to talk to him. Just then, they met a boy named Jim who told them that Faraday didn't even go to their school. (Sibling Rivalry)

Building a Family

Only a month after graduating, Amon married Rachel, who had been his girlfriend throughout high school. Jim, Eddie, and Adah attended the reception. (Conditional)

While at a movie, Amon's wife, Rachel, went into labor. (Complications) Sometime between leaving the theater and having the baby, Amon called Eddie to let him know about Rachel. (Sibling Rivalry) After getting her to the hospital, she gave birth to a baby boy, who they named Benjamin. However, Rachel died in childbirth. At Rachel's funeral, Amon asked Eddie if they could stay with him, but instead found out that Eddie was moving to Australia. (Complications)

After Rachel's Death

5x02 Exposé logo

Amon had a part on Exposé.

In September of 2004, Amon got a part on the season finale of Exposé, playing the part of Officer Wells. He was complimented by the director on his performance, though some of the crew didn't share the feeling. Later, while filming one of his own scenes, Amon broke his leg. (Break a Leg) Later that day, after getting a cast on his leg, Amon went to see his brother and asked him if they could move in with him. (Twin Telepathy) Amon returned to his hotel where his son, Joseph, was waiting for him. He explained to his son that they were going to go back to California to retrieve their belongings and move to Sydney. (Break a Leg)

The day arrived for their departure. He hugged Benji and Adah goodbye and then Eddie drove him and Joseph to the airport, where he gave Amon a note, telling him to call if he needed anything. (Membata) Later, Amon and Joseph got their bags checked. Soon after, Amon saw Rose, Bernard, and Locke. His son wanted to get a candy bar, so Amon gave him some money. While Joseph was gone, early boarding for Flight 815 was called and Amon was forced onto the plane without Joseph. (Gate 23)

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

During the immediate aftermath of of the crash, while he was still unconscious, Amon had a dream about Eddie picking Joseph up from the airport. (Sibling Rivalry) After he woke up, he saw a man in a suit and a large man helping a pregnant woman. He later saw a piece of flaming metal fall behind a man in a black hoodie. (Flight 815) That night, Amon met Verena, Neil, Elliot, and Lisa. Soon after, he heard the monster. (Twin Telepathy) The next day, Amon saw an Arab man fighting with a redneck before a brown-haired woman intervened. (Flight 815) That night, he heard Joanna panicking, thinking that the people who had gone to higher ground wouldn't survive, remembering the monsterous noises from the night before. (Break a Leg)

The next day, Amon talked to John Locke for a short while before seeing the transceiver party returning. Later that day, Amon had a nightmare, reliving the last scene he'd filmed on Expose. From where he was, he could hear an injured man groaning in pain. A few minutes later, he heard Sawyer shoot the man, trying to put him out of his misery. (Break a Leg) Because he felt he could hear his son calling him, after the shrapnel man was finally dead, Amon ran off into the jungle. (Sibling Rivalry) He tripped in the jungle and was found by John Locke who told him that he remembered seeing Amon with a broken leg at the airport. Amon remembered seeing Locke in a wheelchair. Locke assured Amon that he could find his answers. Trying to find his answers, Amon continued through the jungle and eventually found the Tempest Station. Two people were talking outside the station and, suddenly, Amon was captured by another man, Danny Pickett. They radioed Ben and told him that they had found one of the survivors. (Break a Leg) After being caught by Danny at the Tempest, Amon was taken to the Hydra Station cages where Ben lied and told Amon that they had his son. (I Was There) Sometime, shortly after being taken to the Hydra, Amon was given a drug that would prevent him from having any twin dreams. (The Dreamer)

The next day, Amon was taken from the cage to the aquarium, where Ben asked him a few questions. (I Was There) The next day, Amon was questioned about the survivors by Isabel. (Keep Their Secret) The next day, Adam and Aldo drugged Amon to lose his memory before sending him back to his camp. (I Was There) He was found in the jungle by Sophia, Howard, and Verena. (See the World) He was then carried back to the beach by Howard, Sophia, and Verena. Amon woke up, a day later, not remembering anything from the past few days. (Picture Perfect) The next day, Amon helped after Jack got stuck in a cave-in. On the way back to the beach, after Jack was safe, Amon talked to Steve and Scott about recent events. (Sibling Rivalry) Later that day, Amon talked to Doug and Lance about moving to the caves, which he had decided against. (Keep Their Secret) A week later, Amon pondered why his memories were missing. (Mother's Day) The next day, Hurley interviewed Amon for his census. After finding out Amon had been on Expose, Hurley requested to know who the Cobra was, but didn't believe Amon when he told him. (Who She Is) About a week later, after Larry snatched Janelle's dive bag and refused to give it back, Amon punched Larry in the face, in order to retrieve it for Janelle. (Camera Case)

The next day, Amon's implant activated forcing him to run into the jungle. He was taken from the jungle to the Hydra Station aquarium where he was questioned by Jason. (I Was There) A day later, Juliet questioned Amon about the survivors. (Who She Is) Two days after that, Alpert interrogated Amon at the Hydra Station. The next day, Diane questioned Amon about the beach camp. Later that day, Tom talked to Amon about his camp, as well. (Memory Lapse)

Two days later, Amon was found by Janelle in the jungle. She brought him back to the beach. He woke up later that day, again without any memory of his disappearance. (Tryouts) The next morning, Jerome told Amon that Ethan was going to kill one of them each day until he got Claire back. A few days later, Amon saw Sawyer cleaning up his tent after it was knocked down by a boar. (Life Support)
Two days later, Amon saw Sayid and Shannon working together at the beach camp. Later that day, Amon saw Arzt and Shannon arguing with Kate about the guns. (Language Barrier) A few days later, Amon went looking for fruit with Tracy, Chris, and Faith. (In Your Dreams) Three days after that, While exploring with Jeff, Amon saw Boone's fall in the beechcraft. Two days later, Amon heard Arzt warn Michael about a monsoon. The next day, Amon helped with the launching of the raft. (Gate 23) Later that day, he wrote a message to his brother and his sons to put in the message bottle, telling him to take care of his sons. (In Your Dreams)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

At the caves, Shannon asked Amon if he'd seen Vincent. Amon replied that he hadn't. The next day, Amon disappeared again. (Ashes to Ashley) Three days later, Mikhail told Amon to pay special attention to the tail survivors. (On His Knees) The next day, Amon was found by Richard and Larry in the jungle and taken back to the beach. (Real Estate) A day later, Amon woke up outside his tent to see Eko yelling at Charlie. Soon after, he talked to Howard about their lives before crashing on the Island, including his wife and sons. (Complications) The next day, Amon visited Howard, who was on shift at the hatch, and talked to him about the strange dreams he'd had since the crash. (Sibling Rivalry)

Two days later, Amon went after Michael, Jack, Kate, Locke, and Sawyer with Lance and Howard. Instead of finding their fellow survivors, they found the Tempest Station, which made Amon uneasy. Inside the station, they found an armory with guns and a bunch of DHARMA binders. (Complications) The next morning, Amon, Lance, and Howard left the Tempest with guns and binders, narrowly avoiding being seen by Juliet and Colleen. On their way to the beach, Amon, Lance, and Howard encountered Janelle and Sophia, who already had a gun. They arrived at the beach a day later and were met by Verena. They went to the Swan Station to talk about how they had obtained their guns. (A Friend Indeed) After Craig started ranting about the Others, after Sun's attack, Amon told Craig that they didn't need to fear the Others, but was pulled away by Verena before he could tell Craig why, because Verena suspected that Amon would let their secret about the guns slip. (Let It Go)

A few days later, Amon disappeared again. (Settlement) The next day, Pryce interrogated Amon about the tail survivors. (Memory Lapse) While in captivity of the Others, fearing for his son's life, Amon prayed for Joseph's safety. (On His Knees) The next day, Ryder gave Amon instructions for what to do when the memory flashes started, before injecting Amon with the memory loss drug. (Memory Lapse) Later that day, he was found by Sophia who carried him to the caves. (Big Scoop)

The next day, Howard tied Amon up in the jungle. After Amon woke up, Howard began torturing him until he finally agreed to take Howard to where he had first seen the Others. After agreeing to do it, Howard took Amon back to the beach to retrieve Janele and a gun. Amon took them to the Tempest Station, which enraged Howard, because he hadn't warned them that it belonged to the Others. In his anger, Howard held a gun to Amon's throat and demanded the truth. (My Brother's Keeper) Suddenly, Amon began to regain his lost memories. Upon remembering the Hydra Station, Amon, Janelle, and Howard began to look for the station. Through the following day, Amon continued to remember his captures. After relaying one memory to Howard and Janelle, one of the Others prepared to shoot him, but Howard shot the Other first. Amon, Howard, and Janelle began to run and Amon tripped. Howard wanted to leave him behind, but Ryder intervened, revealing that Amon hadn't been lying and that Ben didn't have Amon's son. (I Was There) He took them toward the Staff Station to talk. After arriving at the Staff Station, Ryder told Amon, Howard, and Janelle what had happened to him since the crash, up until seeing Amon at the Hydra for the first time. Then they parted ways. On their way back to the beach, Amon, Howard, and Janelle saw Eko climbing down into the hatch. When they arrived at the beach, Verena told them about Ana Lucia and Libby's deaths and about Desmond's arrival. Later that day, Amon heard the noise from the Swan discharge and saw Claire narrowly avoid getting hit by the hatch door. (We're the Good Guys)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)

Amon greeted Locke and Charlie when they arrived at the beach with Eko. A day later, Amon talked to Howard about how Locke was doing nothing about Sawyer, Kate, and Jack. Soon after, Janelle asked them if they knew anything about Chris, but Amon didn't. (Pinky Swear)
The next day, Amon, Lance, and Howard talked about going to rescue Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Soon after, they saw Desmond make a lightning rod on the beach shortly before it rained. (One Ambition) A day later, Amon, George, Howard, Dexter, and Lance headed into the jungle to find and rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. (One Ambition) After walking for a bit, the group took a break and Amon asked Howard why they were heading to the Barracks, wondering if it was for a bigger reason than rescuing Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. (The Future) A day later, the group found the sonic fence, but decided not to pass through it, because George figured it wasn't safe. (Moment of Distraction) Three days later, the group saw the Others and Jack arrive at the Barracks and then headed back to the beach. (Crime Scene) They arrived at the beach just in time to see Hurley play Sawyer at ping-pong. (Crime Scene)

Two days later, Amon collapsed in the sand as he started to have memory flashes again. After Janelle realized what was going on with Amon, he was taken to the Staff Station. Amon showed them the hidden room behind the lockers. The memory flashes continued until, finally, Amon remembered what Ryder had told him to do. Amon told Verena where to find the walkie and Amon contacted Ryder who told Verena to inject Verena with a chemical that would end the memory flashes, but give him a headache. He was then taken back to the beach. (Memory Lapse) Through the days following his injection, Amon stayed in his tent because of his headache. Three days after the memory flashes ended, Amon heard some commotion, surrounding Juliet's arrival, and left his tent to see what was going on. He confronted Juliet about what they'd done to him. (Vacation)

Later that day, Amon left with Howard for the Barracks, despite Howard telling him to stay behind. (Vacation) On their way to the Barracks, Amon asked Howard why they were going to the Barracks again. A day later, Amon and Howard turned off the sonic fence and proceeded to the Barracks. He stayed in one of the houses that night. Amon woke Howard up in the morning. Then he asked Howard to do a favor for him if he didn't make it off the Island. He wanted Howard to tell his brother, Eddie, to take care of his boys, because they would grow up without parents. Later that day, while searching through the Barracks, Amon asked Howard what they were looking for. Howard explained that he believed he'd been born on the Island and that he wouldn't be able to do Amon's favor, because he didn't want to leave. The next day, After more searching, Amon and Howard found the file, proving Howard had been born on the Island. Then they set off for the radio tower. They arrived just in time to see Jack making the call to the freighter. Amon was overjoyed to find out he was going home to his boys. (Family Roots)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)


Amon frantically putting on his lifejacket.

Shortly after Jack's call to the freighter, Amon talked to Verena about going home. He was really excited to see his kids. During the division of the camp that occured that night, Amon went with Jack. (Choose Your Battles) Five days later, Amon noticed Janelle was wearing his wife's old necklace, but told her to keep it. Soon after, they talked with Jeff, Dexter, and George about why they went with Jack. (In Your Dreams) The next day, Amon saw Doc Ray's body wash up on shore. (Class Newsletter) A day later, Amon watched Bernard and Jin put Jack under a tree, after he passed out. (Membata) The next morning, Amon talked with Faith about why she went with Locke. She explained that she'd knocked Oscar out after he tried to kill Arreglo. She told Amon that she went with Locke because she didn't want to leave the Island and face Oscar. (In Your Dreams) The next day, Amon heard Elliot and Lisa talking about getting on the zodiac raft. Amon ran over to the raft, determined to be on it. He left on the zodiac later that day along with Lisa, Faith, Sun, Jin, Aaron, and Faraday. They arrived at the freighter later that day. Later, after the chopper arrived, the boat pilot told him to put on a life jacket right away. The freighter exploded before he could put it on. (Membata)


Shortly after the explosion, Amon's body was found by Faith and Lisa among the wreckage. (The Future) A week after his death, Amon appeared in a dream to his brother, Eddie, telling him that they would lie, to keep their secret, and to see Dr. Shephard. (Keep Their Secret) Months later, Amon appeared in another dream to Eddie and repeated his request for him to go see Dr. Shephard. He also warned Eddie to "stop her before she ruins it". (Who She Is)

Alternate Timeline

Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)

After getting off the plane with his son, Amon met Jerome at the baggage claimed and talked to him for a bit, before Jim arrived and greeted both of his friends. Jim and Amon talked all the way to the front doors. Suddenly seeing Joanna, Amon told Jim not to look, but he did anyway. (We're Back)


  • He was the third character to have a flashback in Lost 4Ever.
    • He was the first character to have a normal flashback in Lost 4Ever.
  • He was the fourth main character to die in Lost 4Ever.

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