Lost fan. Considers season four the best season and two the worst. I nearly gave up on season two, actually. The long stretch of boredom and the character derailment of Locke, Charlie, and Sawyer, plus the growing jerkishness of Jack nearly made me stop watching. But it got back on track with the introduction of Henry Gale...then ruined it with the awful part one of season three. But, still, I was convinced to keep watching both times, as is evident now. Anyway:

Top 5



    1. Locke: Really, it's like anyone praising Lost has to say how awesome Locke is, so I can't really add much.
    2. Ben: Ditto above. It's hard to imagine the show without Ben.
    3. Eko: He stared down Cerebus and it ran-er, flew-away.
    4. Juliet: Like Eko and Ben, another fantastic addition to the cast. Pity she didn't do much in season four.
    5. Desmond: Again, it's hard to imagine the show without Desmond. Mostly on the list because two of the show's greatest episodes, Flashes Before Your Eyes and The Constant, revolve around him.

Least Favorite

    1. Jack: A egotistical control freak. I liked him until The Hunting Party and he's gotten worse ever since.
    2. Ana Lucia: A female Jack, only now violent and paranoid? Who thought that was a good idea!?
    3. Niki: Paulo was better, and even then not by much.
    4. Claire: Doesn't really stand out or do anything. Yes, I know, Aaron. But she does not really make a impression at all. Hopefully when she comes back from, er, whatever the hell happened to her she'll be more interesting.
    5. Charlie: Now, he did get better in season 3, enough that his death was sad, but he never recovered from being amazingly annoying in the first two seasons.



    1. The Constant
    2. Through the Looking Glass
    3. The 23rd Psalm
    4. Walkabout
    5. The Shape of Things to Come


    1. Stranger in a Strange Land
    2. The Other Woman
    3. The Other 48 Days
    4. Fire + Water
    5. Collision
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