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Name Connor
Age 15
Place of origin South Carolina

-Mayhew, being chased by The Monster

TV Shows
Lost, 24, The Amazing Race, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, Air Emergency, Man vs. Wild, MythBusters, Ice Road Truckers, Star Trek: Voyager
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About Me

My name is Connor. I joined Lospedia around November 4, 2006. I live in South Carolina. I am a huge computer geek. I am more of a passive user than an active one. I do contribute to fixing things like spelling. I run my Google Toolbar Spellcheck every time I edit a page just to make sure. I always get email alerts about everything. I love Lost. I have been watching it from the very beginning. I can't believe that was almost 4 years ago. I am easily amused. I like going through the list of banned users and laughing at their stupidity. I am now starting to experiment with some of the more advanced Wiki functions such as formatting and such.

My Pages

  • Templates- These are various templates I made that are free to use.
  • Sandbox- My personal sandbox which I often use for templates and codes that are still "a work in progress."

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