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Name "see gee em vee one two three"
Year of birth MYOB
Place of origin Wisconsin
Current location Wisconsin
"They come. They destroy. They corrupt. They fight. They get banned. It always ends the same."

- Me/MiB on our recent personal attack issues.

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Black on white lost title

En-us USA - on Abc-logo2

The series finale, "The End", aired Sunday May 23rd, 2010.

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Random Musings on Season 6...

...can be found here.

If you care about what I'm I'm going to do if I get to adopt LP,...

...then you should read this.

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My Contributions

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Policy Updates

  • A 2-part spoiler policy that fixes all the issues. One policy for unofficial spoilers. Another for officially released material. Examples on how certain pages would look. Spoiler policy is retired


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