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Mark Spinks is one of the background tail section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, who joins the Others after 12 days on the Island. His character is not featured on the show or any novel, but is depicted solely in an online journal called 815Tailie, created by Lostpedia user Celebok. Mark is the main character of this story, which is told entirely in the form of the journal written from his point of view. Mark also makes appearances toward the end of Bill's journal, 815Survivor, also created by Celebok.

Before the crash

Mark mentions very little about his past. As an adult, Mark lived in Salem, Oregon and worked as a civil engineer. At some point prior to August 2004, he became engaged to a woman named Vicki and later bought plane tickets to Australia for their honeymoon. However, in August 2004, Vicki broke off the engagement a few weeks before their wedding date.

Since Mark had already bought non-refundable airline tickets, he decided to go to Australia by himself. He spent much of his time there getting drunk. After two weeks, he decided to bump his return flight a few days, because he didn't want to go home and face life as a bachelor. He chose to return home on Wednesday, September 22, because Oceanic Airlines was offering a special deal that day, for a seat toward the back of the plane. This ended up being Flight 815.

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

Mark wakes up in the water amidst the chaos of the crash and gets helped to shore by a German man. That night, he and the rest of the survivors witness the attack on the camp by the Others in which Eko kills two of them. The next day, he hears Cindy tell the group that the plane had lost communication for two hours, and he agrees that they need to stay on the beach and keep the signal fire burning.

Mark starts getting to know some of his fellow survivors, including Jim and Eli, and he starts to become annoyed with Ana Lucia because of her dictator-like leadership style. He starts to worry about Eko and the fact that he stopped talking after the initial attack. He also wonders how his ex-fiancee Vicki is taking the news of his plane crash back home, or if she even knows that he was on Oceanic 815. Mark appreciates being able to eat chicken after Goodwin successfully catches one.

Mark and Nathan begin to really get frustrated with Ana Lucia's leadership style and decide to confront her about it. They get into an argument with her, which Goodwin and Libby have to calm down. Mark and Nathan then privately discuss the idea of rallying the whole camp to stand up to Ana Lucia. This idea is further fueled two days later when Nathan tells Mark about Ana Lucia getting on Nathan's case about wandering into the jungle by himself. Mark starts talking to a few of the other survivors on the beach about confronting Ana Lucia as a group, and he manages to get almost half the camp on board by that night.

However, the group intervention never happens, because Mark is one of nine survivors who get captured by the Others that night. Mark gets drugged and presumably taken to Room 23, then later wakes up in an infirmary, along with Jim and Eli, where they meet Juliet, who is the doctor taking care of them. After eating a good cheeseburger meal, Mark and the rest of the captured survivors meet Ben Linus, who informs them that they were "rescued" from the beach and that a submarine will be leaving for the mainland in two weeks, at which point they can choose to either leave on it or stay on the Island. Mark gets assigned temporary housing with Jim and Eli and enjoys a good night's sleep.

Mark takes a short tour of the Others' village, led by Aldo. Afterwards, they spend some time in the recreation room, and Aldo tells Mark about the benefits and expectations of living amongst the Others, which makes Mark start to consider staying on the Island. Mark tries to ask Aldo why only certain people were "chosen" amongst the survivors, but Aldo avoids answering those questions. Mark later notices the lack of children in the community, besides Zack and Emma who had joined them from the beach. He also runs into the German guy, who explains to Bill that he'd been living there for the past two weeks. Mark overhears somebody telling Ben about the golf course, but when Aldo says he knows nothing about a golf course on the Island, Mark dismisses what he heard.

The Other named Diane catches Mark's eye a few times during the first few days, and Mark eventually decides to introduce himself to her while she's sitting by herself at a picnic table bench, writing some medical reports. Mark learns that Diane is a fertility research assistant who works closely with Juliet. Their conversation is interrupted when Juliet comes and tells Diane that they need to head to the Staff because "Ethan brought the pregnant woman there." After Juliet and Diane leave, Mark figures he can ask Diane about this incident later as an interesting conversation topic.

After living amongst the Others for one week, Mark has an appointment with Harper Stanhope. He tells her about his broken engagement with Vicki and how it would be awkward to face his friends if he were to return home, and he ends up feeling more compelled to stay on the Island. Mark asks Harper what the Staff is, and Harper figures out that he's interested in Diane, and she warns him that he's not allowed to get involved with anyone until he becomes a committed member of the community.

Mark and the rest of the captured Tailies begin taking a Latin class taught by Richard Alpert, then Mark gets assigned to work for Danny Pickett to help the Others design a runway. He and Pickett begin scouting locations on the Island and find nothing suitable according to the requirements that Mark knows about, so Pickett takes Mark to Hydra Island the next day. Mark finds a flat stretch of land there that could possibly work, except for the vegetation and rocks that he determines would take months to clear out. While standing on a rock to get a better view, Mark accidentally slips and cuts his hand pretty severely on a sharp part of the rock, and Pickett takes him to a first-aid kit at the Hydra station so that Mark can wrap his hand in a bandage.

Jim tells Mark that he's been assigned to the Staff and that there's a 21-year-old pregnant girl there who volunteered herself and her baby for research. At this point, Mark learns about the more than 40 mid-section survivors living on the other side of the Island and wonders why the Others have been keeping them a secret. The next day, Mark asks Aldo about the mid-section survivors, and Aldo explains that it's a sensitive issue that needs special care, and that there's a man among them that the Others have been expecting for years and is believed to be extremely special because of his miraculous healing. Just then, Bea Klugh approaches Aldo and takes him into a side room to reprimand him for revealing too much to Mark.

Mark gets approached by Alex who is looking for Karl and had overheard Mark's conversation with Aldo and wants to know what he learned. Mark inadvertantly reveals that Claire is being held at the Staff and that Juliet is working there, which prompts Alex to go there herself to find answers. Mark realizes he may have told Alex something that he shouldn't have. Jim later tells Mark that he'll be working overtime at the Staff to prepare for the C-section delivery of Claire's baby and the fact that Claire is planning to give her baby up for adoption amongst the Others. Jim also reveals that he's seen Alex sneaking around the hallways of the Staff.

Mark notices that the wound on his hand has completely healed after three days and starts to realize that this may be one reason that Ben had called the Island "special".

Season 6

According to Bill's journal, Mark is one of seven Others that Bill, Sheri and Sean find at the Others' beach camp in 2007, who had survived Widmore's mortar attack on the Man in Black. The other six are Cindy, Zack, Emma, Nancy, Jim and Eli.

The entire group experiences the Island's massive tremors that (unknown to any of them) result from Desmond removing the stone from the Heart of the Island, and they flee inland as the beach starts to break apart. They settle on the mesa to wait out the tremors and the rain storm, terrified, not knowing what is happening to the Island. Shortly after the tremors finally stop, they see the Ajira plane fly overhead and away from the Island.

The group decides to head to the survivors' old beach camp, but before they reach it, they run into Hurley, Ben, and Desmond. They inform the group that the beach camp has been destroyed, so they all head to the Temple. That night, Ben offers everyone a choice to either stay or leave the Island, and that for those who want to leave, he and Hurley would lead them to the means to do so (which is never explained). After Bill decides to stay, Mark overhears Bill and Nancy talking about Christianity and approaches Bill to ask him about his faith.

After Desmond, Sean, Jim and Eli leave with Hurley and Ben to find their way to leave the Island, Cindy, Nancy and Mark begin their mission of searching for the rest of the surviving Others.