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"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
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The Prestige, Batman Begins, Borat, United 93,
The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Crash, Braveheart,
Animal House, Pirates of the Caribbean,
Road to Perdition, World Trade Center, Casino Royal, 300
The Bible, Lord of the Rings, The Harry Potters,
We Were Soldiers Once... And Young, The Iliad,
The Odyssey, Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons,
Deception Point, In the Company of Heroes,
Black Hawk Down, Band of Brothers, Flyboys,
The Biggest Brother, Hawke Series
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University of North Carolina Tar Heels,
Green Bay Packers, DEI, Boston Red Sox
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Favorites and Least Favorites

Season 1 vs. Season 2

Season 1: Was basically the foundation. It made me say "What the Hell is this Island". The Pilots I'll give a B. The middle of the season I will give a C. The last four episodes get an A, it jumped up a lot during the Exodus, Parts 1 & 2. It went out with a giant bang.

Season 2: This season started to answer the question. It was the chocolate syrup on the ice cream. While answering questions, others developed. The Beginning (first three episodes) I gave an A. The middle had it's highs and lows put was pulled up by Lockdown and One of Them, it gets an B. The final four made me crap myself. All of those four episodes were must-see. The Deaths, The Others, Desmond, The Expolsion, The Cause of the Crash, The Plan, The Sailboat, and The Sex. The End recieves a perfect A+.


In My Mind the Winner is: Season 2

Top Ten Favorite Episodes (1 being the Best)


10) ?

9) Every Man For Himself

8) Three Minutes

7) Solitary

6) Lockdown

5) Exodus: Part 1

4) Man of Science, Man of Faith

3) Exodus, Part 2

2) Two for the Road

1) Live Together, Die Alone

Top Ten Least Favorite Episodes (1 being the Worst)

Normal sos-promo27

10) Adrift

9) ...And Found

8) House of the Rising Sun

7) Everybody Hates Hugo

6) White Rabbit

5) Fire + Water

4) Whatever the Case May Be

3) Collision

2) Hearts and Minds

1) S.O.S.

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