Name Arthur Benthos (born Artur Balestro)
Year of birth August 21, 1989
Place of origin Brazil
Current location Poa, RS
"The day I trust you is the day I sell my soul"
TV Shows
Lost, American Idol, Heroes, 24, Cold Case, Third Watch, Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars, Psych, Two and a Half Men
Languages I Speak
Portuguese, English

Bbr This user is a Brazilian.

LOST - Death Chart

Seasons: Seasons 1-3 Seasons 4-6
Episode: 1x20 2x06 2x20 2x21 3x05 3x14 3x22 4x13 5x05 5x07 5x14 5x16
Place Character Result
1 Jack Alive
2 Kate Alive
3 Sayid Alive
4 Sun Alive
5 Hurley Alive
6 Desmond Alive
7 Ben Alive
8 Sawyer Alive
9 Juliet Alive
10 Claire Alive
11 Miles Alive
12 Jin Alive
13 Daniel Dead
14 Locke Dead
15 Charlotte Dead
16 Michael Dead
17 Charlie Dead
18-19 Nikki Dead
20 Eko Dead
21 Libby Dead
22 Ana Lucia Dead
23 Shannon Dead
24 Boone Dead

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