Proof that Him is really Alvar Hanso in a Bear suit!

Name Walters
Year of birth 1978
Place of origin Seattle, Wa
Current location Hollywood
"Peepl of ze wurl, relax!"
Tom Robbins, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice, Chuck Pahlaniuk, Gregory McGuire
TV Shows
Lost, Buffy, 24, Alias, Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Studio 60, Westwing, Sports Night, Weeds, Dead Like Me, and just about anything else Netflix has to offer- God bless tv on DVD's!
Languages I Speak
¡Solomente hablo Ingles, que mal!

Ahoy hoy

I live in the fakest place on earth! Hollywood has a mayor, but isn't even a city. Our major tourist attraction is a sidewalk. We have Starbucks on every corner, but nobody drinks coffee (they drink frappacinos here- Yech!). We're famous for movies, but none of the big studios are in Hollywood. The list goes on, and on. I love it here. This place has the weirdest, cockiest, shallowest, most melodramatic people in the world. Sure it sounds lame, but the constant entertainment value alone makes it worth the stupid high rent.

Top 3 Lost Episodes

The Long Con- This is the best Sawyer episode yet. Aside from getting to watch him run his game during the flashbacks, he makes a great play that changes the power structure of the island.

...In Translation- Really makes Jin a deeper character, giving him some motivations for the harsh ways he sometimes treats Sun. While it certainly doesn't excuse all of his behavior, you understand him much better by the end of the episode.

Everybody Hates Hugo- Anything that starts with an angry looking man in a chicken suit is only going someplace good.

Stuff to Ponder

  • Nobody should ever let Locke go after the Others again. He never finds them, but he does seem to find another hatch. Locke goes after Ethan, he finds The Swan. Locke goes after fake Henry Gale, he finds The Pearl. I understand he's the best tracker they have, but since the others mysteriously don't leave tracks, just stop sending him. Really, it's more trouble than it's worth.
  • Was DHARMA really all that smart? Entering the numbers every 108 minutes is the type of simple, repetitive task best suited for the computer sitting on the table. If it was important enough to cause a dangerous explosion, why put such a task in the hands of two sleep deprived people for years at a time? Let the computer handle it, and keep one or two people around to maintain the station. Playing psychological games with people who are actually doing something important seems reckless. The swan made more sense when it was just a miligram experiment- having it actually do something suggests that the DHARMA initiative might have been stupid from the beginning.
  • Thank goodness Sawyer took all the guns out of the Swan, right?
  • With the Swan pantry gone, are the Losties back to eating Hurley's stash again?
  • What is it about computers that turns Locke into a raving moron? The guy's smart enough to hunt wild boar with a knife, but as soon as he sees a computer moniter he immediately loses all common sense. "Push the Button John". In the flame he actually stopped guarding an extremely dangerous prisoner, because the computer beeped at him that it wanted to play chess! Dude, get a gameboy. I think Locke Entered 77 to blow up the Flame intentionally, because even he knows what a useless putz he turned into in the Swan.

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