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Please observe the Spoiler Policy here. I am through with the users that post spoilers. I am going to report any and all users that post spoilers. They have done enough damage already. If you wish, you may enlist in this army in the fight against Spoilers! We want YOU! To protect against SPOILERS! Join Spoiler Foilers today! It's what Jacob wants.

Furthermore, those that post spoilers are going to get a big, shiny banner, seen below, pasted onto their blog and/or user page. Copy just below here...

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Previously Posted Blogs

For one reason or another, my past blogs have vanished from Lostpedia. I guess they only keep track of four or five pages of blogs per user. That sucks, those first ones were a lot of work. Anyways, here is a list of most of my previously posted blogs on the topic of Lost and its' many mysteries. These blogs are also found on my Blogs section of my user page, but I am posting them here as well so that I don't lose the archived ones in the future.

I Heart Internet Randomness

Please click here for a healthy dose of general randomness.

My Favorite Fan-Made Video for Lost

thumb|500px|left|While we wait until late January. Enjoy.

Lost-Related Randomness


Protectors of the Island

Blast Door Map

I have been spending an unusual amount of time trying to figure out the Blast Door Map that Locke has seen during the episode "Lockdown." I find it interesting that John Locke and Desmond Hume are the only living people who know of the Blast Door Map (we were not shown that Desmond has actually seen it, but with PRD every 6 - 8 months, it seems likely that he would have seen it at least once, unless Kelvin prevented him from doing so). Radzinsky is dead, his previous Swan residents and partners are likely dead from the Purge attack, and Kelvin Inman was accidently killed by Desmond on 22 Sept, 2004.

Please see my blogs on the Blast Door Map below.

I have a few more blogs on the Blast Door Map, currently in production. I will post them soon.

XBOX 360

I have been playing a lot of Borderlands for the 360. Never has gunplay been so damn fun. If you like, you can find me online. My Xbox gamertag is the same as my user: BMetcalf82. Hope to see you on xbox live. Also, a link to my user-page on the Borderlands wikia can be found here.

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