• Earth Science, Geology and Palaeontology student in the last semester from Munich, Germany.
  • Watches "LOST" only as downloads, since translations to German are not really good (and they need at least 6 Months to translate)
  • Also Part time jobbing in Computers and Graphics as well as Snowboard Instructing.

The Numbers

(at the time I saw my first episode of LOST)

  • My Birthday is October 23
  • My Street Adress Number is 15
  • I have been snowboarding for 15 years, starting at age 16.
  • This makes me 31 (=15+16) years old.
  • I have been a snowboard instructor for 4 years, which is also the age of my dog.
  • Also, I was in the 8th semester when I saw my first episode of LOST.

Now for the 42 - maybe I should be scared to die at that age?

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