Before The Crash

  • Had a lot more free time on Wednesday evenings, that's for sure.
  • Got a lot more work done on Thursday mornings, too, for that matter.
  • Fridays are still okay.

On The Island

  • Is lucky enough to only have to be there on Wednesday evenings, if he doesn't have deja-vu about the whole thing, and even when he has to be there it's only for 45 minutes thanks to the unique electromagnetic properties of his TiVo.
  • Sees all of the characters on the island but they don't see him!


  • Due to his ability to observe all the characters as they go about their business, it's possible that Atiaxi is/was stationed in The Pearl at some point.
    • This was later shown not to be the case. As revealed in the episode Oh Crap, The Others Have Challenged Us To A Breakdancing Competition And Hurley's The Only One Who Can Dance, Atiaxi works in The Calendar. Fans had apparently mistaken his remote control for Remote Viewing.
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