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Hello. I enjoy Lost, but I'm probably not one of its most obsessive fans. ;) I always look forward to new episodes, but I'm not particularly interested in the "Lost experience". I actually created this account to correct an error I found, and any edits I make are likely to be fixing small mistakes I come across (notably grammar) while browsing.

I used to be writing a Lost story. I got about 200 pages done (covering the first two seasons and the beginning of Season 3), but haven't written anything since August 2007, due to lack of time.

I'm French and British, and live in France.

You're more likely to find me in Wikipedia than in Lostpedia, although I'm currently on a wikibreak, due to Wikipedia taking up too much of my time. I started the articles on Daniel, Charlotte and Miles from Lost in the French Wikipedia.

Oh, and Nikki and Paulo are two of my favourite characters. Which makes me quite unusual, I suppose.

That's about it, really...

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