About Me

Hey. I've been a LOST fan for 6 years now! I became addicted to the show back on September 22 2004 during the Pilot Part 1 episode. Since then LOST has changed me in many ways, including making me realise the difference between fate and coincidence and most important to me, Destiny. I never gave a second thought towards Destiny before LOST, it was something I never really believed in. Now though, I believe we all have a Destiny and fate is always with us.

I have openly admitted my obsession for LOST, as I class myself as a hardcore LOST fan, even with the few people saying I'm "sad" etc. Well I know that LOST isn't just a show, it is more than that and has become part of me. Alright it's not real but six years of it has made me realise the differences between LOST and any other show. I'm not going to bore you readers with the details anymore because I really dont want to be writing much on here....

Favourite Episodes

Okay, I'll tell the truth. I don't have a favourite episode or top 10 episodes because I simply can't decide which I enjoy the most! I do have some episodes that stant out more than others to me. So here they are in SEASON ORDER ONLY...

1) Pilot: Part 1 2) The Moth 3) All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

4) The Other 48 Days 5) One of Them 6) ? 7) Live Together, Die Alone

8) Flashes Before Your Eyes

9) The Constant 10) There's No Place Like Home: Part 1+2

11) The Little Prince 12) This Place is Death 13) 316 14) LaFleur 15) Namaste 16) Whatever Happened, Happened 17) Dead is Dead 18) The Incident: Part 1+2

19) LA X 20) What Kate Does 21) The Substitute 22) Recon 23) Ab Aeterno 24) Across The Sea 25) The End

Ok so I like a lot of episodes but they are not my favourites, like I don't have a "bestfriend" because I like them all the same for different reasons. The same is with these episodes, I like them all for different reasons because they stand out for whatever reason they happen to.

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