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Hi. I'm one of Lostpedias sad devoted fanatics. If you need to talk to me, bitch at me or whinge at me for messing up yet another page, leave a talk page message and I'll frantically panic and revert it to it's former glory :)

I've completely rewritten my user page, really as an excuse to finally teaching myself wiki 'coding'.

Funnily enough, most of my spare time is spent surfing the internet, updating my blog, watching Lost and South Park and updating my knowledge of anything techy or geeky.

I live near Bromsgrove in the UK...But I'm nowhere near as evil as Charlotte :)

Favourite Character

Friends ask my why Ben Linus my favourite character in Lost. My personal reason for my love of lost isn't the characters, it's the mystery of the island. Ben holds all the answers. Black smoke? Of course he knows what it is. Ben always holds more than one ace up his sleeve and as we know.

Lost: Via Domus

Ugh. I wrote a large article on my blog what was wrong with this game and a segment of my hopes of what it would turn out to be. I was so wrong.

I was so looking forward to gathering items, fighting with Sawyer for tarpaulin, building my own little hut for my stash, finding and rifling through luggage thrown into the jungle. I was hoping the camera feature would have me photographing a lot more of the shows mythology, the Black Rock, collecting photos of DHARMA stations, etc. But this was not to be, it started off good with photos of Losties possessions, but didn't seem to have any consistency. One of the skeletons in the Black Rock was an identified photo, but the ships name was not. It would have been nice to pop back to the main menu and take a look at my snaps as well.

It would have been good if they'd released the game as Season One, featuring all the characters and locations from that season. Season 2, 3, 4 and later ones would be expansion packs adding locations, and expanding the mythology of the show.

Lostpedia Wish List

  • Userbox reference page. To assist in my whoreish userbox needs.

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