Name Stefan
Year of birth 1992
Place of origin England
Current location California
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Fringe, Lost, Prison Break, The Simpsons, Top Gear
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English, some French

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About Me

Hello, I am Stefan, the #1 Lost Fan! I am a Moderator on Lost Wiki, and have a high status on other sites. I was born in England, and now living in California.

Favourite Characters Favourite Episodes

Charlie Pace

3x21 Greatest Hits #1

"Live Together, Die Alone"

2x24 desmond-key

Desmond Hume

Desmond-penny-phonetalk #2

"The Shape of Things to Come"


John Locke

2X17-LockeIsland #3



Sayid Jarrah

4x03 SayidFF shooting #4

"Flashes Before Your Eyes"

3X08 PhotoLive

Penelope Widmore

2X24 Penelope #5

"Deus Ex Machina"

Ep1x19-hatch light

Why Charlie is Alive

As crazy as it sounds, there is plenty of evidence to prove that Charlie Pace is indeed alive. First, the simple, but truthful theory I came up last year. It's not really a theory, more of a fact. Charlie could not have died, because the water in the room at the Looking Glass would of only rise to the window because of the pressure inside the room. This would leave an air pocket large enough for Charlie to survive. This is a fact, ask any physicist. Now, for the extended part of this, which explains everything that happened after he almost drowned. He escaped the room, but Desmond had already left, thinking he was dead. When he got back to the island, he noticed that everyone had left, and went to the Radio Tower. He continued exploring the jungle, and found the Orchid station. By accident, he found the lift to the underground section, and went inside. After watching the orientation video, and figuring out how to work the time machine, he manages to transport himself through time and space, and appeared in the future. Realizing that he must not be recognized, he changed his identity, and even got a haircut. He was at a store in Los Angeles buying Ho-Ho's when Hurley saw him. Believing he was dead, he became crazy. Charlie realized that he must pretend to still be dead, to protect Hurley. He went to visit him, but when Hurley refused to believe what he saw is true, he managed to use a device from the Orchid to travel through time and space again.

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