This article is about fan-made podcasts; for the official ABC Lost podcast, see: Official Lost Podcast

There are a number of unofficial podcasts covering Lost. These podcasts are produced by the viewing public as opposed to the Official Lost Podcast and the Official UK Lost Podcast, and range from episode discussions, theory speculations, or just general discussion of the series itself. Although they are unofficial, some of these podcasts have had episodes with cast, crew, and/or creators as guests. They are sometimes collectively referred to as Lost Casts.


Active Podcasts

Lost On Lost

Lost On Lost

If you thought Lost wasn't confusing enough the first time, this is the show for you! Adam (Lost fan) and JP (saw 3 episodes before starting this podcast) are watching the 2004-2010 ABC television show, Lost, but for no good (or easily explainable) reason, they're watching it out of order. Come along as JP, Adam, and elite team of weekly guests, crack jokes, talk trivia, analyze storytelling, and dunk on the 1st Assistant Camera. Was Lost good? Some say yes, some say no. Were individual episodes of Lost good? Let's find out.

Join JP and Adam as they revisit The Island, with complete and utter disregard for the convention of serialized storytelling.

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Pushing the Button: a Chronologically LOST Podcast

Pushing The Button: a Chronologically LOST Podcast

When the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic called for a quarantine, Kenn Edwards and Emily Agliano knew that they had work to do. One an obsessed fan and one formerly uninitiated, they both agree to tackle Chronologically LOST for a fresh experience together. On a mission to see if the fan re-edit works as a show for a viewer who has never experienced the original, the takes are fresh, the format is varied, and the dynamic is addictive. The show averages an episode every three days and currently plans to end when the couple discusses the finale and attends the LOST tour in Oahu, Hawaii in January 2021.

The Storm: A LOST Rewatch Podcast

The Storm began as a Game of Thrones Podcast (called “A Storm of Spoilers”). Hitting the “Top 10” lists of Vulture, Thrillist and Buzzfeed, and having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, SyFy, The Guardian, and MetroUK, The Storm Pod has evolved to help you cheer, jeer and dry your tears over the most influential TV and Movie zeitgeists of our time.

In 2019, Joanna Robinson (Vanity Fair), Dave Gonzales (Fighting in the War Room) and Neil Miller (Film School Rejects) combined forces once again for a massive rewatch of ABC's hit show LOST.

Join us every Wednesday in your favorite podcast app, and we'll give you our non-spoiler (Calm) and spoiler-heavy (Storm) takes on one of the most significant shows of the modern era.

Featuring recent interviews with Stephen Williams, Henry Ian Cusick, Jo Garfein, Damon Lindelof, Jorge Garcia and many more!!!

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Inactive podcasts


After LOST

After LOST

After LOST

After LOST began in the middle of the final season. This podcast is hosted by Andrew with two separate pairs of co-hosts, initially Jeff and Ashley, later Rich and Amy (Nancy Drew) for the re-watch. The original trio watched the show in real time and theorized. The show's most popular segment, LOST Detox, debuted then. Once LOST ended, the podcast episodes were reformatted into two distinct portions for a re-watch of the entire series. The first half is spoiler free and the second half is not. There are several specials including interviews (Michael Emerson, Harold Perrineau, etc) and holiday skits with many cameos. Most episodes have a blooper reel. They are a part of the Lost Podcasting Network.

All About Lost

TLE and Jeremy

All About Lost is hosted by "The Lost Expert," who often goes by the acronym TLE, and his co-host Jeremy. Podcasts are generally only released during the seasons of Lost, with "awards shows" appearing during the hiatus. Features episode recaps, and theories since LOST S2. To conclude the podcast, Jeremy puts TLE on the clock to "definitively" answer a question about LOST.

TLE's LOST blog site


Behind the Cutting Edge: Lost Edition


Behind the Cutting Edge started the Lost Edition at the end of season three. This podcast is hosted by Bill and co-hosted by James, Billy, Daniel and sometimes other guests. Behind the Cutting Edge generally do not take themselves too seriously and enjoy making fun of themselves and their lack of technical knowledge. They discuss theories and frequently have a blooper reel of sorts at the end of the show. They are a part of the Lost Podcasting Network.

Black Rock LOST Podcast

The Black Rock Podcast official logo

Hosted by Curt and Dan, the Black Rock LOST Podcast is a no-nonsense podcast that focuses heavily on the mythology of the show. They usually discuss the episode and related happenings in a casual, laid back manner, foregoing episode recaps in favor of formulating theories. Curt and Dan also typically isolate a central theme that runs through all the storylines of each episode. Starting with Season 4, they also began recording a live "initial reactions" show immediately following the American East Coast airing of the show. This additional weekly episode is recoded on TalkShoe with several members of various fansites calling in to weigh in with their opinions on the episode.


Cranky Fanatic's Lost Podcast

Cranky Fanatic

Cranky Fanatic is a live podcast hosted by "Big-O" every Wednesday evening, immediately following the American East Coast airing of Lost. The podcast is recorded on TalkShoe and listeners have the option to call in, or just chat with the podcaster and other callers in the chatroom, which is opened up while the episode is airing. "Big-O" has an interview with Jorge Garcia to his credit as well. In addition to the live podcasts with his many regular listeners, "Big-O" also used to release smaller pre-recorded segments in between the weekly live shows which were sometimes comical and light-hearted.


Delta Park Gets Lost


A popular podcasting website, Delta Park Gets Lost produces a detailed podcast weekly, after each episode of Lost. Usually up-to-date, the site itself is not actually specialized to its Lost podcast. However, it is a main feature of the site and is usually accompanied by a brief recap of the latest episode on the website. The web page has a basic subscription option, and the podcast can be downloaded via iPod, or, alternatively, it is possible to order for it to be delivered to your email inbox.

The Dharmalars


After the Make Your Own Kind of Music with Scott and Steve podcast had stopped producing episodes in April 2006, Ralph Apel recruited Ben Johnson and Producer Ryan in the hopes to get it back on the air, and in doing so created The Dharmalars. Each week, they talk about what's happening on Lost, mixed in with humorous anecdotes and observations on pop culture, geek culture, and life in general. Jimmy from Seattle hosts "The Lost Score", a popular segment in which he analyzes the musical score on Lost, and breaks down the musical themes and styles of Michael Giacchino. The show concludes with the Dharmaline, a segment in which listener calls are played back, and an often amusing fan karaoke section. Jorge Garcia has joined the podcast twice: May 19, 2007, and December 16, 2007, for commentary on "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead". The language is often explicit.

DocArzt & Friends Lost Podcast

DocArzt Lost Podcast

Hosted by DocArzt and Koobie of DocArzt & Friends' Lost Blog, "The Lost Podcast" is a conversation that takes you deep into the mysteries of Lost. Each episode includes news, observations, easter eggs, and predictions. For more information visit DocArzt.com(Expired) or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Donald is Lost


A podcast that incorporates Lost related skits and parodies with Episode discussions and reviews. Updated weekly and fueled by fan feedback. There is a segment called the communication station where a mock voice of the Russian character Mikhail is used to answer voice mails and emails. Often other Lost podcasters guest star in quick skits and Lost discussion. The segment entitled The finer things club features the character Charlotte Staples Lewis who mock interviews other Lost characters. This podcast is an original take on Lost podcasting.

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Dharmacast was short-lived podcast hosted by two teenage boys from Hawaii: Cody Kobashigawa and Trevor Wright. It lasted approximately 5 episodes. By the very last episode, the podcast was dressed up with added theme music. It was discontinued after the boys had prior commitments to deal with.

DJ Lena

DJ Lena logo

DJ Lena, hosted by Dj Lena and RX Hector, is a mock podcast. The podcast is influenced by DJ Dan, a popular figure from The Lost Experience. The site itself is decorated in vibrant colors, and the podcasts are very light-hearted. The site is purposefully littered with spelling errors and mock commercials, and the site has seen few updates recently.



A website that incorporates Star Wars, modern pop culture, and other topics into its podcast, effectively giving Lost a very different spin. It is not frequently commented on, however it is still updated time to time. Almost every podcast contains a reference to Star Wars, either as a comparison to a character or as a reference to two characters relationship. The website offers different subscription methods, and is plainly decorated in black and white.

Everything Lost


This podcast, run by two Lost fans (Chad and Brendan), has been active since midway through Season 2. They offer downloads through their main website, and have a modest amount of fans. The site has had technical issues occasionally. Their website is decorated with a black background, and their logo consists of a mock DHARMA logo. The site has an RSS feed reader to make fans aware of new podcasts. Some mild profanity may be featured.


FateCast: The Jater's Voice


This is the one and only Lost podcast solely devoted to the Jack/Kate relationship. The podcast is released weekly and includes discussions on the most recent Lost episode, a Jate Debate, news and theories, fanfiction, commentaries and more. A general Lost podcast tweaked for all the Jaters out there. The podcast can be downloaded from the main site or via iTunes.


Get Lost Podcast

Get Lost Podcast Logo.JPG

The Get Lost Podcast is a blog and podcast dedicated to the TV show Lost. They cover all things Lost including episode discussions, theories, Lost news, and more. Soon after each episode airs, a screencap recap is posted in a blog entry, complete with audio clips and high resolution screencaps. Once a week, a podcast is released with an in depth look at the previous episode, along with Lost news, the Get Lost Clip of the Week, and a short preview of next week's episode.

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Geronimo Jack's Beard

Jorge Garcia and Bethany James Leigh Shady discuss their reactions to the scripts of Season 6 episodes shortly after Jorge receives them.

Get Your Beer On, Get Your LOST On

Hosts John and Wes debate LOST topics every week over a couple beers (Well, probably more than just a couple.)

The hosts of the show

gspn.tv - Weekly Lost Podcast

This weekly podcast is part of the Generally Speaking (GSPN) network of podcasts, which are produced by Cliff Ravenscraft. The hosts discuss Lost immediately after the episodes airs, and then again, live, on TalkShoe every Saturday night. The hosts tend to include their personal opinions the night the show airs, but attempt to be more objective for their Saturday night live show on TalkShoe. The gspn.tv Weekly Lost Podcast is one of the oldest podcasts about Lost.



In The Hatch

In The Hatch, a Lost podcast site hosted at blogspot, is run by a 13 year old boy named Rusty. Active since November 2005, the podcasts discuss previous episodes and theories. The podcast has not been active since the summer of 2006, and it is unknown if it will return in the future.


Jacob's Cabin LOST Podcast

Anna and Denise teamed up to cover seasons 5 and 6 of Lost as each episode aired.

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The JoshMeister's LOST Podcast

The JoshMeister's LOST Podcast

Main Article: the JoshMeister's LOST Blog and Podcast

"Contains spoilers, theories, insights, and exclusive commentaries that will keep you updated on Lost."

The JoshMeister originally started publishing his Lost insights privately for coworkers, family, and friends, but due to the popularity of these articles, he now makes them available to the public in blog and podcast form. Many of the recent episodes consist of live shows recorded on TalkShoe, immediately after Lost airs in the Pacific time zone (although Lost fans from the Eastern time zone frequently stay up late to join the discussion). Extensive notes from each podcast are available on the JoshMeister's LOST Blog.

In addition to his podcasts, Josh posts theories and other things he's noticed, as well as selling his own t-shirt designs. The site offers a blog and podcast subscription option.


Keys To Lost Podcast


Hosted by Saint Louis MO based keyboard players, Matt Murdick and Leslie Sanazaro Santi, this weekly podcast takes an episode of LOST and gives an analysis of story, mythology, and characters. The weekly 'Giacchino Moment' explores the episode's musical thematic material as well.

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Let's Get Lost with Sam and Anita


What IS their primary objective, exactly? To help you get lost in the madness that is LOST. Sam and Anita are two friends who just love talking LOST, and they want to share their conversation with you. They'll be podcasting every week after the newest episode debuts (plus some bonus podcasts while we're in hiatus), updating you on all the latest LOST news, recaps, theories, and important notes. PLUS, a rumors and spoilers section at the end for those who MUST be in the know.

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LOST 4 8 15 16 23 42

Home of the podcast for LOST4815162342.com with Robert and Steve, this website has an interactive blast door map for interested fans. The podcast itself is released regularly, varying in its length. They occasionally release a video podcast, which is usually addressed in a humorous manner. The podcasts are available for download on the site, and have an RSS feed to alert fans of new releases. However, the podcast download links now relocate to a page marker, and the site has not been updated since October 2006.

Lost Audiobookcast

A free online audio book of the Lost official novel Signs of Life is available. Read by Ben King from Nottingham, England.



LOSTcasts is a Lost podcast that focuses on exploring the theories and mythology of the Island. According to their webpage, "LOSTCasts is hosted by John Keehler, Robert Stone, and Matt Jones;" in the past, regular hosting duties were also shared by Brian Linder. Though all three hosts share duties during the podcast, reference is periodically made to Keehler being the "technical brains" (updating the webpage, posting audio files, reading/answering email) behind the podcast.

LOSTCasts incorporates in-depth analysis of themes, often through literature referenced on the show. Their site uses a black background with large green text, and they are usually up to date, releasing a podcast after every episode. They usually build-up to each podcast with a blog post, giving the telephone number to call, then release the podcast in a second post afterwards. The site podcasts can be subscribed to, and the logo consists of the hatch timer with 'LOSTcasts' written on it. Jorge Garcia has been a caller on the podcast.

After a long hiatus following Season 3 despite promises of returning over the summer, the LOSTCasts crew resumed their podcasts on January 6, 2008. They also debuted the "LostcastsFanForum," a listener-created posting site which serves as the formal forum for the podcast.

LostCast Brazil


LostCast Brazil is a Portuguese Lost podcast hosted by Bia Kunze and Gui Leite, covering the second and third seasons. Released a few days after ABC's airing, the site, written totally in Brazilian, consists of a black background and orange text. They have a large number of listeners, and usually release a podcast per episode.



LOSTChatter is a weekly podcast focused upon the mysteries, mythology, and characters of LOST. Unlike "recap" shows, it takes the new reveals presented each week and looks at how they fit into what is already known about the island and its inhabitants. During the off-season, it focuses upon a new topic, event, or character each week and looks at how earlier episodes are being redefined by new information.

LOSTChatter is produced by the RandomChatter.com podcast network, which features other entertainment and movie-based podcasts. It's also part of the Dead Workers Party podcast network, the 2GuysTalking podcast network, and the Lost Podcasting Network.

RSS, or email. Follow us on Twitter at @LOSTChatter.


Lostchicks was a podcast devoted to all that is Love and Lost. The hosts: Kim, Chris, Steph and Rach, provided a female perspective on the show. Active since July 2006, the podcast ended in April 2007 due to scheduling constraints (the presenters were in PA and Germany) and family commitments.

The Lost Community Podcast

The Lost Community Podcast is hosted by David A. Dein and Steve "The Goog" Guglich. This site, created after the conclusion of The Lost Experience by the same people who ran The Lost Experience Clues, has a particularly large fanbase and is decorated with a green and white background. The site is frequently updated, and the podcasts go into detail on each episode, analyzing it and including their own comments. The podcast can be listened to via iTunes or downloaded directly from www.thelostcommunity.com(Expired)


The Lost Exploration Podcast

The Lost Exploration Podcast is presented by Luke (known from Your Theories About Lost) & Jordan. Every two weeks, when Lost is on air, a new show is released exploring the mythology and plot of the show. Theories, spoilers, and some speculation play a major role in the podcast. Their website has recently been re-designed, and a new message board has been set up. The podcast can be listened to via iTunes, or through the listen page at the website. Last updated February 2008.

The Lost Flashbacks Podcast

The Lost Flashbacks Podcast logo

Josh and Amanda started out their weekly podcast looking back at two episodes of Lost each week. They have now covered every "Lost" episode that aired before they started, and are currently covering new episodes. The podcast provides an in-depth look at the chronology of each episode along with critical insight into the world of Lost. On their Wednesday show (which records just after Lost airs on the East Coast) they discuss their initial reactions about an episode. The podcast is always recorded live on "TalkShoe" every Wednesday evening at 10:00pm EST.

The LostGang Podcast

The first and only French weekly podcast, Domino, Faye, and Yavanna talk about the latest episode of Lost with a recap, theories, news, and fun. Their blog is hosted on blogspot, where you can find the latest news and other stuff about the show, and the links to the forum and myspace.

LOST in Order

Lost in order 02st.jpg

A few years after LOST went off air, Wendy (formerly of The LOST Revisited Now) and Anna (formerly of Jacob's Cabin) got bit by the podcasting bug, and decided to take a different path: watching and discussing Chronologically LOST (link to episodes on Facebook/Google drive), in which every scene and mobisode from LOST have been edited into chronological order. Podcast segments include the Frozen Donkey Wheel, Vh1 Has Beens, the Jungle of Mystery, Never Let It Fade Away, and the Coconut Internet. (WARNING: If you have never watched the television program LOST in its entirety, we highly recommend that you finish watching the show first before listening to the LOST in Order podcast. This podcast will be full of spoilers for the show.)

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The Lost Initiative (with Kimberley and Aimee)


After the retirement of Make Your Own Kind of Music with Scott and Steve, Kimberley and Aimee, inheriting the feed and fanbase with brother-podcast The Dharmalars, began The Lost Initiative (“TLI”), a weekly podcast that discusses each episode of Lost. Following the format of their predecessors, hosts Kimberley and Aimee discuss their “Points of Revelation”, rehashing the important points from the show and offer their opinions and theories about each episode, with an often humorously opposing and adult-themed female perspective. Aimee, who reads all the books that appear on the show, hosts "The Book Club" segment, in which she discusses the major themes which relate to the show. Also on the feed is a separate spoiler show hosted by MB and his computer "Mac", as well as a shared-custody segment with The Dharmalars' Seattle Jimmy, discussing Lost's musical score. The show concludes with “The Others”, a segment in which listener calls, emails, and non-Lost related material is discussed. Along with the The Dharmalars, TLI also updates their feed and has discussions on the Scott and Steve blogspot. TLI releases an annual awards show called “The Losties”, featuring a variety of unique categories from each season's highlights, and tallied votes from listeners. TLI features several popular contributors, including the infamously epic rants by “Kyle from Kentucky” and surprise “phone calls” from Ben Linus (produced by Felix). Actor Jorge Garcia also appears in several episodes of TLI, providing both humorous and sentimental voicemails and emails. After the series finale, TLI recorded a special reunion episode with MYOKOM w/SAS podfathers Craig and Dylan, and released the final TLI episode in November 2010; the Season 6 Losties Awards.

The Lost Lowdown

Claude and Justin, the hosts, go scene by scene and dissect everything from character motivations to the shows mythology, all usually done with a humorous twist. Their no-frills podcast has a moderately large fan base, and their site is updated for every episode aired. Discussions usually include recaps, speculations on next week's episode, and the their opinions, split up with jokes and wit. The site is hosted on Google's BlogSpot service, and simply decorated with a black background. The podcast can be listened to via the embedded Flash player, downloaded as an MP3 file, or via the iTunes feed. The podcasts usually last 5 hours or more. Their series finale podcast was 34.5 hours (34 hours 40 minutes and 37 seconds) long, making it the longest Lost podcast ever, and most likely the longest podcast in history.[1]


A weekly podcast that is episode-centric, discussing happenings in the latest episode. Not updated since March 2006.

LOST Mythos Podcast


LOST Mythos Podcast with Axel & Aaron is a podcast about the mythos of ABC's hit TV Show LOST. From the muddy banks of Jersey City and the tip of Manhattan in Inwood, we talk about the 15 things we noticed in each episode, review other LOST Podcasts and websites and we always find time to talk about the show’s mythology.

The Lost Lockdown

Produced and presented by Tom Eames and Mog McIntyre for Bournemouth University in 2010, The Lost Lockdown was a weekly dedicated podcast during Lost's sixth season.

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack

Jay Glatfelter of the Jay and Jack Podcast

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack is a twice weekly look at the world of Lost, hosted by Jay and Jack. They recap the week's episode, discuss Lost news, and especially Lost theories. Their AAC feed allows the listener to view their picture-enabled podcasts on their iPods and iTunes and check out screen caps, along with any other relevant pictures to the show. Each week, the podcast features a Listener Theory of the Week and Jack's self-proclaimed Crackpot Theory of the Week. The podcast is operated by the father and son team of Jay Glatfelter and Jack Glatfelter from Raleigh, North Carolina. The Jay and Jack podcast also awards an annual prize, called the Hugo Cup, to the best Lost fan resource for the year. The podcast also won the 2007 People's Choice Podcast Award for "Best Entertainment Podcast", an award open to podcasts on any topic. It was also nominated for "Best Produced Podcast". [2] Jay Glatfelter of the podcast recently participated in an interview with Lostpedia, which can be found here.

  • External links:
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    • AP - January 25, 2006 - Slow upload speeds frustrate Web sharers
    • YouTube - Jay at Comic Con 2006
    • Ramblecast - September 24, 2007 - Jorge Garcia hosts this edition of Jay and Jack's other podcast
    • NuDia - Jay and Jack's online media network
    • YuBlog - A Community blogging site started by Jay and Colleen

Lost Radio


Lost Radio is a college radio show about Lost, ran by DJ Kaidy. The website is decorated in blue, and each podcast usually has a 'theme'. Songs can be suggested to the site, and the podcast is usually released on time.

The LOST Revisited Now Podcast


The LOST Revisited Now podcast first appeared on the Lost Podcasting Network in the summer of 2008. Hollywood alum Heath Solo was the lone host of the show until January of 2009 when he added Ms. Wendy, from the "It's About Bunnies" LOST blog, as a co-host. During the regular season, the show's main focus is discussing the most recent episode and its connections to past shows and other information. Heath and Ms. Wendy wrap up each episode with a "LOST Alums" segment, where they look at other acting roles held by the cast of LOST. The show is a live podcast, recorded on Talkshoe, and often includes other LOST podcasters as special guests.

The Lost Rewatch Podcast

Each episode of this weekly podcast covers one episode of Lost.

Lost Unlocked

Lost Unlocked is a spoiler-free podcast hosted by "average joes" Chris and Brian. The podcast is often racked with "goofball" humor and their popular organ soundboard, operated by Chris. The hosts jokingly say that the podcast "blows." The podcast is aired every week. Lostpedia has been referenced by the podcast.

LOST With Friends

LOST With Friends is a current podcast dedicated to re-watching the series and providing listeners with commentary, insight, opinions, theories, and just general fun conversation. Host Paul Casey has a rotating cast of co-hosts each bringing a unique take to the series.

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Luke's Lost Podcast


This podcast is no longer in production; Luke began a new podcast called The Lost Exploration Podcast.

The podcast, hosted by Luke Brown, delivered spoilers, news, ideas, etc. People could submit theories, feedback, or their thoughts. Luke usually started with his thoughts on the episode, moved to some key points, a listener theory and feedback section, and then ended with Lost news and upcoming episode spoilers and previews. Luke also provided a video podcast.


Make Your Own Kind of Music with Scott and Steve

"MYOKOM w/SAS" was a podcast centered around discussing theories about the show. They discussed the pros and cons of theories that they had read, heard, or believed themselves. The hosts are not actually named Scott and Steve, but they adopted the monikers as a reference to the characters of humorous infamy in Lost. Kimberley from T-Dot became a regular contributor to the show with a segment called Kimberley's Lost Diary.

In April 2006, after co-host Dylan joined the Navy and they stopped producing episodes, Ralph Apel and Benjamin Johnson stepped in to keep the show going, and in doing so created The Dharmalars. In September 2006, Seaman Dylan returned for a special MYOKOM w/SAS episode titled Pre-Season All-Star Edition, featuring Craig the podfather, his new co-host Ryan, and an in-studio appearance from Aimee; one of their "agents-in-the-field". MYOKOM w/SAS released their final episode (Further Instructions) in October 2006. Kimberley and Aimee later joined forces and started The Lost Initiative podcast; keeping the Scott and Steve blog site alive with The Dharmalars.



OtherTalk/The Others Are Coming


The OtherTalk podcast features listener discussions on happenings and theory's of Lost. Each podcast includes commentary between the host and listeners, along with numerous running segments.


Polar Bears with Daddy Issues

Polar Bears with Daddy issues is "your Lost audio commentary." The podcast is a commentary track meant to be played in sync with the current episode of Lost. The podcast mixes commentary, speculation, and sarcastic riffing in the style of MST3k or RiffTrax. One of the running jokes on the show is adding new "rules" to the "Lost Drinking Game."

The Preston and Steve Show

A generalized Lost podcast that has become a staple segment on radio station WMMR's morning show.



ReThinking LOST

ReThinking LOST

ReThinking LOST made its debut during the hiatus between Seasons 5 and 6. The show's hosts, Scott Copperman and Elton McManus, take what they have learned from the first five seasons of the show and use it to revisit questions, predictions, news, rumors, and theories from years gone by as well as make spoiler-free speculation and analysis of what the future of LOST might bring.


Sledgeweb's Lost Podcast


This podcast is hosted by an individual named Sledge. Sledge discusses the episode, listens to viewer thoughts and comments, and investigates any episode easter eggs or oddities.


The Transmission

Ryan (left) and Jen (right), producers of the Transmission with Henry Ian Cusick (center)

Main article: Ryan Ozawa

This podcast is hosted by Ryan and Jen Ozawa, who are residents of Hawaii, where Lost is filmed. They occasionally have direct access to spoilers from the set, as well as cast members. The podcast has been in the Apple iTunes Music Store "Top 10," had cast member Jorge Garcia call in for an early episode, and interviewed Garcia and co-star Daniel Dae Kim in 2006 [3].

Due to scheduling conflicts, Ryan and Jen announced the end of The Transmission podcast on January 31, 2006, but continued to blog about the show. With the beginning of Season 4, they resumed podcasting on February 4, 2008 [4]. The couple also maintain a Lost filming locations list compiled with the help of fellow resident locations sleuths, which features an interactive Google map and tags that allow locations to be viewed by episode, area, character, and type.
They have since gone back during the season 5 hiatus to revisit and podcast about season 3.

Transmissions From the Flame

The podcast was initiated at Lostpedia forum's request, and is hosted by KittyLili114 and The Smiley-Faced Balloon from the forum, and is edited by a guest-host, scocub. It generally follows a theme and has been popular amongst many Lostpedia forum members, partly due to in jokes alongside the discussion. Further information can be found here, on the forums, and fan questions are always welcome by being posted in the link or PMed to the hosts.

TV Squad

This podcast is done in an 'as-viewed' style, which means it's meant to be listened to while watching the show, much like a director's or cast commentary.


The Unofficial LOST Podcast

The Unofficial Lost Podcast

Not your regular Lost podcast. Hosted by a psychologist and a wacky computer scientist, they talk about issues that other casters dare not to. This is a video podcast, and the videos are embedded on the website for viewing.






Your Theories About Lost

The Your Theories About Lost Podcast has a unique format, in that the fans provide all major content. They send in their theories on the show, via email, voicemail, fax, or on the message board, and they are read out or played in the show. Theories are always credited to their authors.

In April 2006, Chris, the main host of the show, handed it over to Luke and Eamon, who had both been hosting the show with Chris beforehand. The podcast then took on some changes. New segments for the show where added, however the main focus is still on the fans theories.