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Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide is a book by Lynnette Porter and David Lavery that primarily provides a series of essays and analyses of Lost, as well as appendices that cover the main characters, character connections, characters names, an episode summary (with airdates, director, and writer), and a list of nominations and awards. The first edition covered Seasons 1-2, and was 288 pages long. An updated edition also covering Season 3 was published in 2007 and was 344 pages long. The author Lynnette Porter is a contributor at The LOST Wikia.(p. 249, 2nd ed.)

Publisher's summary

  • First edition:
    "Unlocking the Meaning of Lost" is the first book to explore the philosophies and themes behind the hit television show. It serves as both a guide to the mysteries as well as an analysis of the issues that the characters face, and how these issues reflect today's life and society.
  • Second edition:
    "From the moment the eye opened, we have been captivated by the mysterious world of Lost. And as the series continues, the story and themes are becoming deeper and more complicated.
"Now completed updated and revised, Unlocking the Meaning of Lost takes an in-depth look at the secrets behind the island and its castaways. Going deep into the heart of Lost, this essential guide for true fans explores such questions as:
  • What does it mean to be lost? What does it take to be found?
  • Who holds the spiritual key to the island?
  • How does one determine faith in the face of fate?
  • Does technology save or doom the Lost generation?"

Chapters (first edition)

  • "Creating Lost"
  • "Lost without Technology"
  • "Lost in Their Lives"
  • "Lost Spirituality"
  • "Larger Spiritual Concepts"
  • "Lost Ancestors"
  • "Cult(ivating) a Lost Audience"
  • Glossary/appendix section

Chapters (second edition)

  • "The Making of Lost"
  • "Lost within and Without"
  • "Finding Lost Meanings"
  • "Spiritual Practices on the Island"
  • "Formal REligion as a Way to Unlock Meaning"
  • "Larger Spiritual Concepts"
  • "Cult(ivating) a Lost Audience: The Participatory Fan Culture of Lost"
  • "Epilogue: Lost in the Future"

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