You're mine

"and I give you my word", Linus to Locke. ("The Other Woman")

Trust is a recurring and tenuous issue for many of the people involved with the Island.


Season 1[]

1x13 JackCharlie

Charlie and Jack discussing trust in Locke. ("Hearts and Minds")

JACK: So you trust him?

CHARLIE: Trust him? No offense, mate, but if there's one person on this island I would put my absolute faith in to save us all it would be John Locke.

Season 2[]


Locke and Sawyer debating trust. ("The Long Con")

SAWYER: Help you what?

LOCKE: Move the guns.

SAWYER: Move them where? [Locke doesn't respond.] Fine, you don't want to trust me -- lots of luck.

Season 3[]


"Get you to trust us". ("The Cost of Living")

BEN: We had such a wonderful plan to break you, Jack.

JACK: Break me?

BEN: Wear you down till you were convinced we weren't your enemies. Get you to trust us.

Season 4[]

4x03-Miles trust

Jack and Miles share no trust. ("The Economist")

MILES: Locke’s the guy who killed Naomi. Give me back my gun, Shepherd.

JACK: You want your gun back, I want answers.

JACK: You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you.

  • Locke keeps Ben locked in a basement room, because he can't trust Ben. The judge at Kate's hearing refuses her bail, because she doesn't trust Kate not to run. Sawyer asks for Locke's word not to hurt Kate, he knows it is the only way to trust Locke. ("Eggtown")
  • When Frank and Sayid are together on the freighter, Frank tells Sayid to trust him as he wants to help Sayid. Desmond implores Penny to trust him and to answer his phone call to her eight years in the future on 12/24/2004. ("The Constant")
  • When Jack comments on Juliet having read his file, she asks him to trust her in that he would not want to read hers. Ben gives Locke his word to divulge information about the freighter in exchange for a release from the basement. Locke tells Ben he doesn't trust his word. ("The Other Woman")
  • Sayid reads a note that was slipped under his cabin door, telling him not to trust the captain of the freighter. Sun tells Juliet that her and Jin are leaving the camp to join Locke, because they don't trust the freighter people. ("Ji Yeon")
  • Rose states to Juliet that Daniel and Charlotte cannot be trusted to assist with Jack's appendectomy. Kate returning from an errand unknown to Jack, begs him to trust her and not ask her any questions. ("Something Nice Back Home")
  • Michael replies to Frank that he didn't think that he could trust Lapidus, because Widmore hired him. ("Cabin Fever")

Season 5[]

  • Daniel asks Sawyer to trust him rather than attempt to give an explanation of the events occurring on the Island. ("Because You Left")
  • In a vision Ana Lucia appears to Hurley and tells him to take the injured Sayid to someone Hugo can trust for aid. Ben asks Hurley to trust him and go back to the Island, but Hugo refuses and turns himself over to the police. ("The Lie")
  • Jones from the Others camp, warns Richard not to trust Daniel. Daniel asks Ellie to trust him that Jughead won't explode if she has the bomb buried. Jones again advises Richard not to trust someone, Locke, when John strolls into Others camp in 1954. ("Jughead")
  • Charles Widmore chuckles and comments to Locke that John is still not trusting him, even after Widmore has begun helping John. Hugo warns Locke not to trust Abaddon, whom Hurley feels is evil. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • Sawyer starts to make a sarcastic comment about trusting Amy just before she betrays them with the sonic fence. Richard demands an explanation from Horace about the breaking of the truce (trust). Later Sawyer will assure Richard that the truce hasn't been broken.("LaFleur")

    Sawyer trying to gain Richard's trust. ("LaFleur")

RICHARD: Your people know that you're telling me this?

SAWYER: They ain't my people, Hoss. So if you got some kind of a truce with them, it ain't been broken.

RICHARD: If you're not a member of the DHARMA Initiative, then what are you?

  • Sawyer asks Kate, Jack and Hugo to trust him with their intake in the DHARMA camp. Regardless of Frank's hesition, Sun tells him that she has to trust Ben to get them to the Island. Later, after knocking Ben out with an oar, Sun admits she lied.("Namaste")
  • Cassidy asks Kate why she trusted Cassidy with the information about Sawyer and his daughter, Clementine. Sawyer violates the truce (trust) when he takes young Ben to Richard, to save Ben from dying. ("He's Our You")
  • Ben states to Sun to trust him in knowing that Locke didn't fake his own death. Widmore tells Ben to trust the fact that the Island will not let you return once you leave it. ("Dead Is Dead")
  • Horace decides to include Miles into the circle of trust involving the construction of the Swan station. Later, to the dismay of Radzinsky, Miles informs him of Horace's decision. Hurley tells Miles that he can trust Hurley with his ability to communicate with the dead. ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • Ben asks Locke if John trusts him alone with his former people, when Locke invites Ben to join him and Richard. Jack reveals to Sayid that he trusts Eloise, with the hydrogen bomb, because of her future relationship with the group. ("Follow the Leader")

Season 6[]

  • Dogen and Sayid both say that Sayid will trust the pill Dogen created only if Jack asks him to do so; Jack doesn't ask Sayid to do so because he doesn't trust Dogen without knowing exactly what's in the pill. ("What Kate Does")
  • Jack wonders why he should trust Dogen, while he doesn't trust himself. ("What Kate Does")

I don't trust myself. How am I supposed to trust you?