Tranquilizer dart


First introduced
Last seen
Owned by
Charles Widmore

Tranquilizer darts were used twice off Island to attack Sayid, and once on the Island to attack the survivors.


After Hurley's break out, he and Sayid visited a safe house. There they were attacked. Sayid killed two men in a lengthy fight, but not before he was shot with an anesthetizing dart, which rendered him unconscious a moment later. ("Because You Left") He was unconscious for 42 hours and it was said he had the equivalent of three doses of horse tranquilizer in his system. ("The Little Prince")

Sayid was attacked with a dart gun again in St. Sebastian Hospital by a man named Tony masquarading as a nurse. Sayid turned the tables and shot Tony instead. ("The Little Prince")

Tony out cold

The Island

In the absence of The Man in Black, Widmore's team attacked his recruits with tranquilizer darts. Jin, Sawyer, Kate , Claire, Sayid, and the rest of the group were struck by the darts and all passed out. Widmore's team stepped amongst the bodies until they found Jin, and Zoe said to take him. ("The Package")

Flash-sideways timeline

In the flash-sideways timeline Hurley used a tranquilizer gun to sedate Charlie. Sayid didn't recognize the weapon. ("The End")


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