*See also: Tracey R from the Lost ARG, Find 815.

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Tracy was a middle-section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. She was an unseen character only mentioned by Sawyer. No one was credited with this part.

Before the crash

Tracy was from Fresno, and had a husband and two kids, who weren't on the plane.

On the Island

Day 44 (Season 1)

On the Island, Tracy lived at the beach camp. She slept near Steve Jenkins and may have had a relationship with him. Before the launching of the raft, Tracy wrote a letter to her family to put in the message bottle. Later Sawyer discovered her note in the bottle while on the raft. The note stated how much she missed her family. Sawyer then commented on how closely she tended to sleep next to Scott (meaning Steve), insinuating that there was more to her relationship with him despite the fact that she was married. ("Exodus, Part 1")

If Tracy had not died prior to the beginning of time shifts, then she died in the flaming arrow attack in 1954, ("The Lie") since Rose and Bernard Nadler are presumed to be the only survivors of it. ("The Incident, Part 1")