Tony was a construction foreman who worked for the DHARMA Initiative.

He called for Dr. Pierre Chang to come to the under-construction Orchid station where workers were having trouble drilling through the rock that protected the frozen wheel chamber. Once Chang arrived, Tony explained that while drilling through some of the rocks, one of the workers began grabbing his head, and suffered a nosebleed. Tony was instructed by Pierre not to drill or blast any further, as it may release an abundant source of energy, which if harnessed, would give the ability to manipulate time. ("Because You Left")

He may have been killed along with other members of the DHARMA Initiative in the Purge, or he may have left the island sometime between 1977 and The Purge.


  • He was credited as "Foreman" and his name was never mentioned. However, his nametag showed his name was Tony.
  • In the casting call Tony is only referred to as "Foreman" as well. He is described as "40s to 50s, any ethnicity. A blue-collar construction worker. He's worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. He cares deeply for his crew, hates it when management is condescending and arrogant but ultimately knows his place in the pecking order...."