Tomie Kataoka (片岡 富枝) is the seiyuu, or voice actor, who dubbed the voice of Rose Nadler in the Japanese language broadcasts of Lost.


Kataoka is known for dubbing a variety of anime, games, and foreign language programs. She has dubbed television programs such as Desperate Housewives (Juanita Solis) and Animaniacs (Kitty), as well as feature films such as Ice Age 2 (Ellie), Ghost (Oda May Brown), and The Lion King (Shenzi). She has been cast in anime feature films, such as Millenium Actress (Mino), as well as series such as Mobile Suit Gundam I (Old Lady), Cyborg 009, Cowboy Bebop (VT), Obatarian: Little Boogie Man, and Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai (Hana). She also dubbed the part of Kanga in the game Kingdom Hearts II.

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