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Tom Friendly developed several relationships over the course of the series.



Jack and Tom
First Episode: "The Hunting Party"
Origin: When the Others kidnapped Walt and Michael went missing, Jack confronted Tom, but Tom threatened Jack in return.
Since Then: Tom was one of several Others who hooded Jack and his friends on the docks during their kidnapping. The two got to know each other over the next days. Tom assisted in Ben's surgery, and Jack teased him by pointing out particularly bloody bits. Jack never revealed all he did during his next days in captivity, but he and Tom appear to have developed friendship, happily playing football together.
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Michael and Tom
First Episode: "Exodus, Part 3"
Origin: Tom's boat spotted Michael's raft. Michael explained his position, but rather than offering help, Tom said he was "going to have to take the boy."
Since Then: When Michael approached the Others, Tom saw him, fired a few shots at him and eventually overpowered him. Tom hooded Michael, and when he removed the hood, Michael spat in his face. The man spent the next several days with the Others, and Tom was on the dock when Michael piloted a boat off the island. Tom then left the island and kept tabs on Michael, eventually approaching him just as he was about to shoot himself. The two briefly fought and Tom left him his address. Michael soon discovered that he couldn't kill himself, and he visited Tom's hotel. he found Tom enjoying food and company, and he looked on in disgust. Tom presented him with a new identity - Kevin Johnson - and sent him on the freighter. Soon after he boarded the boat, Michael received a last call from Tom, reminding him that his friends' safety depended on his obedience.
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