Original Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)
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The timeline before this happened is here for the Oceanic Six and here for the on-Island survivors.

July 1977[]

Day 1[]



  • Jin calls Sawyer, who is sleeping with Juliet. Sawyer quickly gets up and takes a DHARMA jeep to meet Jin who has driven Jack, Hurley, and Kate to meet him.


  • Sawyer, who has the alias LaFleur, prepares the three to become DHARMA Initiative recruits, while Jin drives to ask Radzinsky at the Flame if he has any information about the plane, hoping to find Sun.
  • When a motion sensor is activated near the Flame, Jin finds Sayid walking in the jungle with handcuffs. Jin treats Sayid as a Hostile because Radzinsky follows him.
  • Jack is assigned as a Workman, Hurley a Chef, and Kate to the Motor Pool as they take their Orientation.
  • Sawyer and Phil lock Sayid in a cell until they decide what to do with him.
  • Jack asks Sawyer what he plans to do while a young Ben Linus brings Sayid a sandwich.

Day 2[]

"He's Our You"

  • Sayid is separately visited in his jail cell by young Ben, Horace Goodspeed, Sawyer, and Roger Linus.
  • During breakfast, Kate asks Jack what is going on with Sayid, but he says he doesn't know. Kate says she'll talk to Juliet about him. Then she finds out that Juliet is living with Sawyer from Hurley.
  • After refusing to say anything of his origin or purpose among the DHARMA Initiative, Horace brings him to Oldham who gives Sayid a truth serum and interrogates him revealing his future origin and knowledge of some of the DHARMA stations and the Purge.
  • Juliet talks to Kate about her relationship with Sawyer at the motor pool while Sawyer brings the captive Sayid to the Barracks.
  • After several DHARMA folk vote to execute Sayid, Sawyer tries to let him escape, but he refuses.
  • While Sawyer asks Kate why they came back to the Island, Ben sends a burning DHARMA van into a house as a distraction to break Sayid out in hopes he will take him with him to the Hostiles. Instead, after leaving the Barracks, Sayid jumps Jin, takes his gun, and shoots Ben.

"Whatever Happened, Happened"

  • Jin puts Ben in his van and drives him back to the Barracks to be put under Juliet's care.

Day 3[]

"Whatever Happened, Happened"

  • Despite Juliet's best efforts, young Ben is losing too much blood. She requests Jack's help since he is a surgeon. When he refuses, Kate offers to give blood to help. Meanwhile, Miles tries to explain time travel to Hurley.
  • As a last resort, Juliet tells Kate to take him to the Others. Sawyer catches up to her just inside the Sonar fence to help her save young Ben.
  • They bring him to Richard Alpert who takes him to The Temple, but first warns them that this will make Ben become one of them.

"Dead Is Dead"

"Some Like It Hoth"

  • Sawyer tells Miles to erase the security footage that shows he and Kate taking Ben across the border. Before Miles is able to do so, Horace asks him to deliver something to Radzinsky at Grid 334 in Hostile territory.
  • Miles delivers the body bag in which Radzinsky puts Alvarez's body. Miles discovers he died from a filling being dislodged from a tooth and blown through his brain which Pierre Chang believes to have been caused by the electromagnetism.
  • Horace then tells Miles to take the body to Chang at the Orchid. Hurley insists they carpool since he was going to deliver sandwiches. Hurley sees the body and when Miles explains, Hurley realizes he can talk to the dead and confesses he can too.
  • Meanwhile, Kate returns and so does Roger. Juliet tells him he left when she stepped out. When Kate tries to talk to him, he gets suspicious of her. He asks Jack about her.
  • Chang threatens Hurley to keep quiet, and Miles tells Hurley that Chang is his father, but doesn't want to say any more. Chang gets Miles to drive him back to Radzinsky which Hurley recognizes to be the Swan.
  • Upon returning that evening, Hurley tries to convince Miles to get to know his father and Miles discovers Hurley is writing The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Jack tells Sawyer that Roger is suspicious and Phil tells Sawyer he knows he took young Ben.
  • After watching Pierre, Lara, and his 3-month-old self through the window, Chang asks Miles to drive him to the dock where scientists from Ann Arbor are arriving, including Daniel Faraday who has been gone for a long time.

Day 4[]

"The Variable"

  • Early in the morning, Daniel discovers from Jack that he, Kate, and Hurley have returned by plane according to Eloise Hawking's instructions, and tells Jack that they were not meant to be there.
  • When Jack tells Sawyer that Daniel has returned, Sawyer tells him he is busy with Phil tied up in his closet.
  • Meanwhile, Daniel has Miles drive him to the Orchid where he awaits and follows Pierre Chang down the elevator.

"Because You Left"

  • During construction of The Orchid, workers discover an underground chamber containing the frozen wheel that Pierre Chang warns them not to open because of the energy inside. Daniel Faraday clandestinely observes.

"The Variable"

  • Daniel tells Chang to evacuate the Island because of a greater amount of energy about to release under the Swan station in six hours. When asked how he knows this, Daniel tells he is from the future.
  • Everyone meets at Sawyer's house to discuss whether to hide in the jungle or take the submarine. Jin and Hurley vote to remain on the Island. Daniel enlists Jack and Kate's help to find his mother while Juliet prepares to move the party to the beach.
  • Radzinsky sees Daniel holding a gun and a fire fight breaks out resulting in Daniel being grazed by the neck and Radzinsky being shot in the arm. As the three get away in a DHARMA jeep, Radzinsky reports to Sawyer and finds Phil in the closet.
  • Four hours before the Incident, Daniel reaches the Hostiles' camp seeking out Eloise and holds Richard Alpert at gunpoint. Eloise shoots Daniel from behind.

"Follow the Leader"

  • Younger Widmore and another Hostile find Jack and Kate watching in the bushes and put them in a tent where Eloise asks why Daniel needed the bomb. Jack explains he can change things by detonating it.
  • Radzinsky, Phil, and Horace hold Sawyer and Juliet in the security station demanding to know where Kate is. Radzinsky beats Sawyer but he refuses to talk.
  • Mitch discovers Jack, Kate, and Hurley were last minute entries to the sub's manifest. Meanwhile Hurley gathers food for he, Miles, and Jin to escape to the beach. Dr. Chang follows him and when he discovers they really are from the future, he evacuates the Island.
  • Eloise, Erik, and Richard take Jack and Kate to Jughead. Sayid shoots Erik and joins the rest to the tunnels below the waterfall to Jughead. Kate refuses to join them, and returns to DHARMA.
  • When Chang gives the order to evacuate, Sawyer demands to be put on the sub, then he will tell them what they want to know. Radzinsky gets Sawyer to draw a map of the Hostile's camp.
  • The evacuees board the sub including young Charlotte with her mother, Lara Chang with baby Miles, and Saywer and Juliet. Kate boards the sub after getting caught coming back in. The sub prepares to depart for Ann Arbor.

"The Incident, Part 1"

  • Kate convinces Juliet and Sawyer that they need to stop Jack from detonating a hydrogen bomb on the Island.
  • Two hours before the Incident, Jack and Sayid dismantle the hydrogen bomb in the tunnels under the DHARMA Initiative's Barracks, in order to remove its core. Richard breaks a hole in the basement of one of the houses, then knocks Eloise out to prevent her traveling with them to detonate the bomb because she is pregnant.
  • Roger Linus recognizes Jack and Sayid sneaking across the compound and begin shooting at them before they escape in a van driven by Hurley, along with Jin and Miles.
  • Kate, Juliet and Sawyer take a raft back to the Island and reunite with Rose and Bernard who have been caring for Vincent and living near the beach in their own cabin for the past 3 years.
  • Hurley drives to the construction site of the Swan station, while Jack treats Sayid's wounds, however they are stopped by Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate.

"The Incident, Part 2"

  • Jack and Sawyer get into a fist fight, which is broken up by Juliet, who now agrees with Jack that they must detonate the bomb. Juliet then breaks up with Sawyer, claiming that although they love each other, they are not meant to be together, and that if they never meet then she will never have to lose him.
  • Before the survivors arrive, Phil radios Radzinsky warning of their arrival. A massive gunfight ensues, wherein the survivors gain the upper hand, allowing Jack to drop the bomb into the pit at the same time that the drill hits the energy source. The strong magnetism draws all metallic objects towards the drilled hole. Phil is stabbed by a rebar, Dr. Chang's arm is crushed and Juliet is dragged into the chasm by a metal chain.Sawyer grabs her hand, but is unable to save her.
  • In the bottom of the pit severely injured Juliet hits the Jughead's core with a rock eight times until it detonates. This causes a time flash, sending the time-travelers near the site to Day 5, 2007.


Possibly December based on Locke's passport or November based on the Storyboard

Day 1[]

"Namaste", "Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6"

  • Ajira Airways Flight 316 experiences a flash of light in the middle of the night in on a Friday in late 2007 10 hours after take off, during which Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid vanish and the remainder of the passengers and the plane time shift to daytime sometime in 2007 likely also in December 2007 (this is the similar to the time shift phenomena in "The Constant" that Sayid noted after flying from the Island through severe turbulance to the Kahana with Frank Lapidus and Desmond. He noted they arrived in the middle of the day after taking off at dusk but traveling only a mere 40 nautical miles). The pilot, Frank Lapidus, maneuvers the plane around the suddenly looming Island to emergency land on Hydra Island's runway. "Namaste".
  • Frank and Sun follow Ben into the jungle. When Ben gives directions to the larger Island, Sun knocks him out and she and Frank leave in the late afternoon on one of the outrigger canoes carrying the 316 passenger list.
  • Frank and Sun arrive at the dock at night, where they moor their outrigger. At the Processing Center, they find the place disheveled and apparently deserted. They meet Christian, and he shows them a picture from 1977 on the wall inside the center. When he shows it to Frank and Sun, they see their friends in a recruiting photo from the DHARMA Initiative. Christian tells them they have a journey ahead of them.

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

  • At night, Caesar searches Ben's office at the Hydra station and finds some of Faraday's maps and charts as well as a gun. Ilana tells him about a mysterious man no one recognizes, who introduces himself as John Locke.

Day 2[]

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

  • Ilana and Locke talk for the first time, about one of the three canoes being taken by the pilot and a woman.
  • Locke tells Caesar what he remembers since leaving the Island and about the DHARMA Initiative.
  • Locke asks about the survivors of the crash, but Caesar says the pilot took the passenger list. He explains seeing certain passengers, including Hurley, vanish from the plane.
  • Caesar shows Locke Ben's very injured body among the victims.

Day 3[]

"Whatever Happened, Happened", "Dead Is Dead"

  • Ben wakes up to Locke watching over him, giving him great worry.

"Dead Is Dead"

  • In Ben's office at The Hydra, he tells Locke he needs to be judged by the Monster.
  • Ben and Locke try to take one of the two remaining canoes to go to the main island. When Caesar forbids them to do so, Ben shoots him.
  • Ben and Locke use the canoe and arrive at the main island at night, mooring it next to the one used by Sun & Lapidus. They return to Ben's abandoned house, where Sun and Lapidus have been waiting for Locke.
  • Sun shows Ben the photo of the 1977 DHARMA recruits, but Ben claims not to know that their friends were there.
  • Frank decides to use one of the two canoes moored at the dock to go back to the plane to fix the radio to get off the Island. Sun prefers to stay and find her husband.
  • Ben attempts to summon the Monster from a hidden room in his house, but the Monster never shows.

Day 4[]

"Dead Is Dead"

  • The next morning, Locke leads Ben and Sun to the Monster's hole at the Temple walls. Ben enters and falls through the floor to an underground hall with hieroglyphs and an Egyptian picture of the Monster before Anubis.
  • The Monster surrounds Ben, showing him memories of Alex and Widmore, including Alex's death at the hands of Martin Keamy. The Monster appears in the form of Alex. Ben attempts to apologize to her, but she informs Ben that she is aware of his plan to kill Locke again. She makes Ben promise to follow Locke's leadership or she will "destroy" him, then disappears.
  • Meanwhile at the Hydra Island beach, Ilana and Bram have acquired guns and a large metal box, and asks Lapidus what lies in the shadow of the statue, before knocking him out.

"Follow the Leader"

  • Locke, Ben, and Sun go to the Others' beach camp. Locke tells Richard Alpert they have an errand to run. Ben tells Sun that Richard has been their advisor for a very, very long time. Sun asks if Richard knew Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Jin in 1977. Richard says he watched them all die. Locke says they didn't go through this for nothing.
  • Locke, Richard, and Ben travel to the drug smugglers' plane to meet the past Locke during the second time shift.
  • Upon returning to the camp, Locke gives a speech to the Others. He tells them he's going to find Jacob and wants everyone to join him.

Day 5[]

"Follow the Leader"

  • First thing in the morning, Locke and Richard lead the Others to Jacob. Locke reveals to Ben that he is planning to kill Jacob.

"The Incident, Part 1"

  • Locke, Ben, Sun and the Others travel to find Jacob. When Locke hears Ben will do anything he says, Locke assigns him the task of killing Jacob.
  • Ilana, Bram, and three others take Frank to the main Island in one of the two Outrigger canoes, leaving the other one on Hydra Island. They take the crate to Jacob's cabin but find the surrounding ash has been disturbed, the cabin destroyed, and no one is there. Ilana takes a piece of tapestry with a picture of the Statue of Taweret on it. They burn the cabin and head toward the statue.

"The Incident, Part 2"

  • The Others take a rest stop at the Oceanic survivor's camp. Locke convinces Ben to murder Jacob. Sun sees the crib that Locke made for Aaron and Claire and goes over to it. When she turns it over, she finds Charlie's old ring with "DS" engraved in it.
  • At the statue, Locke and Ben enter to find Jacob. Meanwhile, Ilana, Bram, and Frank show Richard what was in the crate: Locke's body.
  • Inside the chamber, Jacob correctly deduces that Locke is really his brother and that he has tricked Ben into coming there. When Jacob doesn't answer Ben, Ben kills him. Jacob's dying words to his brother are "They're coming."

"LA X, Part 1"

  • Inside the foot of the Statue of Taweret, the man who has taken the appearance of Locke sends Ben out of the statue to retrieve Richard, but when Ben exits the statue, he is taken by Richard to Locke's body.
  • Tired of waiting, Bram, escorted by three other members of Ilana's group as well as Ben, enters the statue to confront what waits inside. After they enter, the man who appears to be Locke takes the form of the Smoke Monster, killing Bram as well as his three companions, but leaves Ben untouched.
  • The group of survivors from the Swan site are flashed to this night nearby the crater caused by the failsafe, where it becomes apparent to them that Jack's attempt to detonate the hydrogen bomb failed. Sawyer physically attacks Jack, blaming him for Juliet's death, but stops when he hears Juliet's cries for help under the rubble in the crater. Sawyer tells Kate that if Juliet dies, he will kill Jack.
  • Jin goes to the crater to help the others, leaving Hurley with a dying Sayid. Hurley is approached by an apparition of Jacob, who informs him that he died one hour ago, and that the only way to save Sayid is to go to the Temple.
  • Hurley tells Jack, who has exhausted all medical possibilities of helping Sayid, that the only way to help him is to go the Temple.
  • With the help of Jack, Kate, Jin, and Miles, Sawyer is able to move away enough rubble to find Juliet, however she has been wounded badly by her fall as well as being crushed under rubble. She tells Sawyer that she has something very important to tell him, but after a final kiss, she dies. Sawyer exits with Juliet's body, blaming Jack for her death.

Day 6[]

"LA X, Part 2"

  • As the sun rises, Sawyer begins burying Juliet. He has Miles stay with him, while the others use a stretcher from the Dharma van and carry Sayid to the Temple to save him.
  • When they reach the temple they are kidnapped by members of the Others and brought to their leader, Dogen, an asian man accompanied by his translator, Lennon. They are about to be killed when Hurley reveals that Jacob has sent them, and when pressed for proof, he offers the guitar case he brought with him on the plane. It is opened to reveal a wooden ankh, containing a message indicating that if Sayid dies, they will be in "a lot of trouble."
  • After Sawyer and Miles finished burying Juliet, Sawyer forces Miles to use his abilities to communicate with Juliet's body, and find out the "important thing" she was going to tell him. Miles reveals that she was going to say, "It worked." Shortly after this they are attacked by the Others and brought to the temple.
  • Dogen leads a group of others, along with Jack, Kate, Jin, Hurley, and an unconscious Sayid, through the temple and to a small, bubbling pool under a pavilion. Sayid is taken into the pool and held underwater for a short time, and although he appears to be healed of his gunshot wound, he drowns in the process.
  • Sawyer and Miles are brought to the pool where the rest of their group is, and Hurley is taken aside to speak with Dogen and Lennon, where he reveals to them that Jacob is dead. The others are alarmed and immediately begin taking several security measures, including enclosing a circle of ash around the temple, and setting off a flare that can be seen across the island.
  • Inside the foot of the statue, Ben reveals to the dark entity, that he has realized he is not John Locke, but is the "monster." Ben asks the entity what he wants, and he replies that he wants to "go home." They then exit the statue, where those outside have just seen the flare shot from the temple, and the entity proclaims that he is "very disappointed" in the Others, and attacks Richard, knocking him out. He then picks up Richard's unconscious body, and walks into the jungle.
  • Lennon asks to speak with Jack in private, and when he refuses, an altercation begins between Jack and two of the others, which is stopped when Hurley yells Jack's name in alarm. They look over to Sayid, who after being dead for some time, is now alive, asking in shock, "What happened?"

"What Kate Does"

  • Shortly after Sayid's apparent resurrection, Sawyer steals a gun and exits the temple, demanding that no one follow him. Despite this, a search party consisting of Kate, Jin, Aldo, and Justin leaves shortly after in pursuit.
  • Upon conferring with Dogen, Lennon brings Sayid inside the Temple, where Dogen tortures him, with Lennon saying it was a test, which he passed. However immediately after Sayid exits the room, Dogen confirms he did not.
  • Kate takes advantage of a previously set trap in the jungle to escape from Aldo and Justin. Kate decides to follow Sawyer's trail to the barracks, while Jin searches the jungle in hope of finding Sun.
  • At the Temple, Dogen gives Jack a pill, telling him to give it to Sayid, but he refuses, and when Dogen will not tell him what is in the pill, he swallows it. Dogen immediately performs the Heimlich maneuver, and admits that the pill is poisoned. He tells Jack that the reason they meant to kill Sayid was because they believe he has been "claimed" and that the same happened to Jack's sister.
  • As his ankle is caught in a bear trap, Jin is found by Aldo and Justin. Furious, Aldo is seriously considering killing him when he and Justin are both shot and presumably killed by an unseen attacker. Jin turns around to find the attacker is none other than Claire.
  • Kate finds Sawyer at the barracks, where he has entered the house he and Juliet once shared, finding an engagement ring he had hidden, intending to give to her. Sawyer goes to the docks and throws the ring into the ocean, telling Kate that he is "meant to be alone."

"The Substitute"

  • Ilana collects Jacob's ashes inside the statue, after Ben tells her Locke killed him. When they exit, the Others have left, leaving only Sun and Frank. Ilana wants to go to the Temple, but Sun insists that they first bury Locke's body.
  • The group led by Ilana reaches the beach camp graveyard, where they bury Locke after Ben delivers a short eulogy, apologizing for murdering him.
  • The Man in Black, as Locke, sets Richard free, but first asks for him to come with him. Richard refuses, but while they are speaking, Locke sees a vision of a young boy with bloody arms. Alarmed, he moves on to the Barracks.
  • Locke walks to Sawyer’s house, and convinces him to come with him under the pretense of learning why he was brought to the island. Shortly after they leave, Locke sees the young boy once again. As he chases after it, leaving Sawyer alone, Richard emerges from the jungle, urging Sawyer to follow him to the temple. Sawyer refuses, and Richard leaves just as Locke returns, having been told by the boy that he couldn't kill "him."
  • Locke and Sawyer's journey takes them to a cliffside cave, where the names of Sawyer and Locke, as well as many others, have been written on the walls by Jacob, ostensibly because they are candidates to replace him as protector of the island. Locke offers for Sawyer to join him in a mission to leave the island, and Sawyer accepts.


  • Jack informs Sayid that Dogen tried to poison him. Meanwhile, Hurley goes inside the Temple where he is met by a vision of Jacob, who tells him that someone is coming to the island, and that he needs him to help them get there.
  • By passing on a message from Jacob, Hurley convinces Jack to accompany on a mission to an unspecified location. On the way they encounter Kate, who tells them she is going to try to find Claire. On their way they pass by the caves, where they find Adam and Eve as well as the empty coffin of Christian Shephard.
  • They eventually reach a Lighthouse on the shore of the island. Upon entering it and ascending to the top, they discover a system of light reflecting mirrors. Jack sees his name written down next to the number 23, and rotates the mirrors to 23 degrees, where he sees his childhood home in the reflection of the mirrors. Angry, Jack destroys all the mirrors and exits. Jacob once again approaches Hurley, and tells him he and Jack needed to leave the Temple because someone bad is going there.
  • Claire frees Jin from the bear trap and carries him to her tent.
  • Jin wakes up in a tent. Claire stitches the wound Jin received from the trap. She finds Justin, who is merely wounded in the arm, and ties him up. She begins asking him where her son is, and when he truthfully tells her that the Others do not have her son, which Jin enforces, saying Kate took Aaron. She kills Justin with an ax.
  • Jin tells Claire that he was lying about Kate taking Aaron, which she says is good, because otherwise she would kill Kate. They are then interrupted by the Man in Black entering the tent, who Claire introduces as her "friend."

Day 7[]


  • Sayid barges into Dogen's chamber, demanding answers. Dogen tells him that he believes him to be evil, and the discussion escalates into a fight, after which Dogen tells Sayid to leave the Temple and never come back.
  • As Sayid is preparing to leave, Claire enters the Temple at the behest of the Man in Black, and tells Dogen to come out and speak with him. Dogen refuses, and sends Sayid instead, giving him and dagger and telling him to kill the Man in Black.
  • Sayid leaves the Temple to meet the Man in Black, and on his way encounters Kate, who intending to return to the Temple and proceeds to do so. Upon encountering the Man in Black, Sayid stabs him with the knife given to him by Dogen to no effect. After this the two talk, and the Man in Black tells him that he can resurrect Nadia, and to return to the Temple and tell everyone inside that if they do not leave by sundown, they will be killed.
  • Upon returning to the Temple, Kate learns from Miles that Claire is there, and finds her, having been captured by the Others, in a hole inside the Temple. She tells him about Aaron and the fact that she raised him, and says she is here to save her. Claire responds that she is "not the one who needs saving."
  • Sayid returns to the Temple and delivers this message, resulting in many Others leaving the Temple, including Cindy, Zach, and Emma. He then goes to the spring inside the Temple, where he meets Dogen. Dogen reveals to him that in his past life off the island, he was driving drunk with his son in the car and crashed. While he was in the hospital, Jacob came to him and said he would save his son's life if he came to the island. After he tells Sayid this, Sayid throws him into the spring and holds him under, drowning him. Lennon then walks in and is killed by Sayid with the knife given to him by Dogen.
  • Immediately after Dogen's death, the Monster enters the Temple and begins killing everyone in sight. Just as he arrives, Ilana, Ben, Sun and Frank arrive at the Temple as well. The group sans Ben, who has went to find Sayid, meets up with Miles and escapes the Temple through a hidden passageway.
  • Ben finds Sayid sitting over the bodies of Dogen and Lennon, and Sayid refuses to come with him. Meanwhile, Kate finds Claire, and together the two of them, along with Sayid, exit the temple to meet the Man in Black, along with the Others who left the Temple before Sundown. Then, led by the Main in Black, the group leaves the Temple.

"Dr. Linus"

  • Escaping the Temple, Ben encounters Ilana, Frank, Sun and Miles some distance outside. Miles communicates with Jacob's spirit via his ashes, which Ilana took from the statue, and learns that Ben killed Jacob. After this they leave, heading for the beach camp.

Day 8[]

"Dr. Linus"

  • After arriving at the beach camp, Ilana holds Ben and gunpoint and orders him to dig his own grave.
  • Waking up in the morning, Jack and Hurley set out for the Temple, but are met by Richard, who leads them to the Black Rock. Inside Richard takes a stick of dynamite, and telling him he wants to die, asks Jack to light it for him. Jack obliges, but instead of leaving, sits with him and tells him they both have destinies to fulfill, having realized this by going to the Lighthouse, and as a result they will not die. Indeed, the stick's fuse burns out moments before it would have exploded. Jack then recommends they go to the beach camp.
  • While digging his grave, Ben is suddenly approached by the Man in Black, who tells him to come with him to the Hydra Island, and that there is a rifle 200 yards inland with which he should kill Ilana. After the Man in Black leaves, Ben rushes inland and is chased by Ilana, however, he reaches the gun left for him and holds her at gunpoint. He explains why he killed Jacob, and says he has to go with the Man in Black because no one else will take him. Ilana, finally understanding him, then says she will take him, and they return to the beach, where the others have begun to make camp, and Miles has unearthed the diamonds that were buried with Nikki and Paulo.
  • Jack, Hurley, and Richard reach the beach camp, where they reunite with the others, Sun especially is happy to see Jack and Hurley. Meanwhile, just off shore, a submarine surfaces its periscope, and the man controlling it tells his superior that there are people on the beach. His superior, revealed to be Charles Widmore, tells him to proceed as planned.


  • The group led by the Main in Black arrives at Claire's campsite, where Sawyer is looking after the still injured Jin. Together, they set out and make a camp close to a part of the beach adjacent to Hydra Island
  • The Man in Black sends Sawyer to Hydra Island, showing him an outrigger and telling him to find out as much as he can about the survivors there from Ajira Flight 316.
  • Meanwhile, back at camp, Claire attacks Kate holding her at knife point, while Sayid looks on passively. The Man in Black angrily pulls Claire off Kate and hits her. Kate asks where Sawyer went, and the Man in Black takes her to the beach from which the Hydra Island can be prominently seen, where they talk about Claire, as well as the Man in Black's own mother. Upon their return, Claire apologizes to Kate and hugs her.
  • Sawyer arrives at Hydra Island, and finds the still intact plane, but then stumbles upon a pile of bodies which appears to consist of all crash survivors who remained on the island. He then meets a woman named Zoe who claims to be a remaining survivor from 316. Together they make their way back to Sawyer's outrigger, and Sawyer suspecting she is lying, holds her at gunpoint only for several armed men associated with Zoe to come out of the jungle.
  • Sawyer is escorted to a dock where Charles Widmore's submarine has docked. He enters the submarine and meets Widmore, telling him that he will go to the main island and bring the Man in Black back with him so Widmore can kill him.
  • Sawyer returns to the main island, where he is met by the Man in Black, and tells him everything that happened. That night he returns to camp and meets Kate, telling her that while Widmore and the Man in Black are fighting, he intends to seize the submarine, that will take them off the island.

"Ab Aeterno"

  • Meanwhile, the group lead by Ilana congregate around a fire and discuss what to do next. Richard, once more believing the island to be hell, leaves into the jungle at his wits end. Ilana wishes to pursue, but is stopped by Jack. Hurley, after talking with someone's spirit, decides to pursue. Jack asks who Richard means to talk to. Sun explains that he means Locke.
  • Jack goes up to Hurley who is a few feet away speaking in Spanish to someone. Jack guesses that he is speaking to Jacob and asks what is Jacob saying. Hurley says that it is not Jacob and that it has nothing to do with Jack. Hurley heads towards the Jungle.

"The Package"

  • Someone in Widmore's team, likely Seamus, monitors Locke's group using night-vision goggles.
  • Locke attempts to reassure Jin that he will reunite him with Sun and that he will get them all off of the Island.
  • Widmore's team attacks Locke's camp and captures Jin.

Day 9[]

"Ab Aeterno"

  • The next day, Richard has reached his destination where he buried Isabella's crucifix at the base of a stone seat. He digs it up.
  • Hurley walks out of the jungle and asks Richard what offer he is speaking of.Hurley asks him to calm down and as Richard starts to yell Hurley blurts out that it is Richard's wife, Isabella who has sent him. Isabella says to Hurley that Richard doesn't believe him and Hurley explains that it sometimes takes a while. Although Richard can't see Isabella he now addresses her. He tells her he misses her and would do anything to be with her again. Isabella says that they are already together. She kisses him and then is gone.
  • Hurley reveals that she also said there is something else that Richard must do. He tells him that he has to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island because if he doesn't "We all go to hell." Some distance away, the Man in Black watches.

"The Package"

  • In the morning Ilana's group at the beach camp discusses their options. In her frustration over their stalling, Sun storms off to her old vegetable garden where she is approached by Jack and they have a conversation about Jacob's Lighthouse.
  • After Jack leaves, Sun is startled by Locke who promises to take her to Jin. Sun flees and with Locke in pursuit she knocks herself out on a tree branch.
  • Shortly afterwords, Ben finds Sun unconscious and brings her back to the camp where Jack examines her and deduces that she could be possibly be suffering from a concussion and aphasia.
  • Jin awakens in Room 23 at the Hydra station where he meets Zoe and they discuss his past with the DHARMA Initiative.
  • Locke returns to his camp to find them all unconscious following the attack by Widmore's men. He awakens Sayid and discovers Jin has been taken. Despite Sawyer's pleas to the contrary, Locke takes Sayid with him on an outrigger to Hydra Island.
  • On the beach at Hydra Island, Locke confronts Charles Widmore and announces war has come to the Island
  • During Sun's examination, Richard Alpert and Hurley return from the jungle. Richard devises a plan to destroy the Ajira airplane to prevent Locke from leaving the Island. Growing more frustrated with her present situation Sun berates Richard in Korean and leaves the group.
  • In the Hydra station, Jin meets Widmore and receives Sun's digital camera which contains photographs of his daughter, Ji Yeon. Widmore promises to reunite Jin with Sun and get him off the island.
  • In the evening on the beach, Jack approaches Sun and asks her to trust that he has the best intentions for her and to reconsider Richard's plan.
  • Sayid approaches Widmore's submarine from the water and witnesses Zoe and Seamus dragging a disoriented Desmond along the dock.

"Happily Ever After"

  • Desmond is awoken in the Hydra station infirmary by Zoe. Charles Widmore enters and apologies to a still dazed Desmond that he has brought him back to the Island. Enraged, Desmond attacks him.
  • Despite Zoe's objections and Jin's queries, Widmore insists that they begin with the testing. Seamus powers on a Generator outside but it short circuits. He sends a technician named Simmons to check on it. In the meantime, another technician finds the fault and turns on the Generator with Simmons still inside. The following flux kills Simmons within a matter of seconds.
  • Widmore hastily demands that Desmond be brought into the Generator. As Desmond is placed inside the Generator bound and against his will, Widmore informs him that in the near future he will ask Desmond to make a sacrifice just like he has had to.
  • Back in the control room, final preparations are made to start the Generator. Jin demands to know what is going on and Widmore tells him that Desmond is the only person he knows to survive a catastrophic electromagnetic event and that he needs to know if he can do so again and has the equipment turned on. In the Generator a frightened Desmond witnesses the solenoids begin to activate as he tries to escape. He is soon engulfed in the flux and falls backwards.
  • Immediately afterwords, Widmore and his team turn off the equipment and enter the Generator. Desmond appears in good health and is quite calm. As Widmore tries to begin to explain what he has done and what has happened, Desmond cuts him off to ask him when they can begin with whatever Widmore has brought him back to the Island to do.
  • On the walk back to the Hydra station, Zoe asks Desmond why he is being so cooperative now when only 20 minutes earlier he was hostile. As Desmond explains, Sayid ambushes the party and kills one of the escorts. Pointing his gun at Zoe, he suggests she run which she does. Sayid then turns to Desmond and tells him that Widmore's party is dangerous and that he should follow him. Desmond nonchalantly complies.

Day 10[]

"Everybody Loves Hugo"

  • Hurley visits Libby's grave and laments that while he continues to see dead people, Libby has not been one. Ilana approaches and tells Hurley they will leave for Hydra Island as soon as she returns from the Black Rock to retrieve dynamite to use to destroy the Ajira airplane.
  • Hurley is then approached by the ghost of Michael Dawson who warns him that if they follow through with Richard's plan to destroy the Ajira airplane, people will die and the blame will be on Hurley.
  • Once Ilana returns with the dynamite she urges everyone to prepare to leave immediately. Hurley proclaims that if they go ahead and destroy the Ajira airplane they themselves will be stuck on the Island with the Monster. Ilana rebuffs and declares that she is just doing her best to protect the Candidates, but while she is explaining herself she accidentally detonates the unstable dynamite, killing herself.
  • At Locke's camp, Sawyer and Kate express frustration over the lack of action Locke has taken since Jin has been captured by Charles Widmore. Locke states that they can only leave once Jack, Sun, and Hurley join them and until them they must wait. Sayid returns from Hydra Island and shows Locke the contents of Widmore's package, Desmond.
  • Back at the beach camp, the group debates what they should do in light of Ilana's death. Richard suggests they continue to carry out the plan and journey to the Black Rock to find more dynamite. Jack is skeptic but agrees to go when Hurley suggests that it is the right course of action.
  • At the Black Rock, Richard realizes Hurley has gone missing. Just then Hurley runs out from the Black Rock which suddenly blows up. Richard angrily demands to know why Hurley destroyed the ship to which he replies he is protecting them all. Richard suggests the group go to the DHARMA Barracks where there might be some more explosives. Hurley states that Jacob has told them they should in fact go speak with Locke. Unbelieving, Richard emphasizes the importance of stopping Locke and asks who will join him to go to the Barracks to which Ben and Miles agree.
  • Upon freeing Desmond and sending Sayid back to camp, Locke takes Desmond on a walk to show him something. Along the way they see a brown-haired boy dressed in similar fashion to the boy Locke saw with Sawyer on their journey to the cave. Locke tells Desmond to just ignore him.
  • In the jungle at night, Jack tells Hurley about how he is gripping with his choice to stop trying to fix everything and not always having to be a leader and that he knew Hurley hadn't seen Jacob back at the Black Rock. Uncomfortably, Hurley suggests that they all do need Jack's leadership and that he doesn't know where he is going. Just then, they hear Whispers and Hurley goes off alone in their direction. Hurley is once again greeted by Michael, who explains to Hurley that the whispers are the voices of people who have died but who can't move on. Michael points Hurley in the direction of Locke's camp and tells him finally that if he ever talks to Libby to apologize on his behalf.
  • Locke and Desmond arrive at a well on the beach. Locks explains that a long time ago, people on the Island were intrigued by its magnetic properties which caused their compasses to malfunction. He continues that in their search for answers they dug wells by hand and that Widmore may be using Desmond to ascertain the same answers. In disbelief that Desmond is not afraid of him, Locke surprises Desmond and throws him down the well.
  • Arriving back at his camp, Locke informs Sayid that Desmond is no longer a worry. Sawyer approaches, but just then Hurley emerges from the jungle and steps towards Locke. Hurley requests that they talk and asks for assurances from Locke that he or anyone in his camp will not harm the people he has come with. Locke hands over his knife and so Hurley calls out signaling Jack, Frank, and Sun to emerge from the jungle. Locke greets Jack who looks over at him incredulously.

"The Last Recruit"

  • Jack meets alone with Locke where he confirms for Jack that he in fact the manifestation of Christian Shephard Jack had seen when he first arrived on the Island. Locke attempts to convince Jack that they all need to leave the Island together.
  • Claire appears to Jack and Locke and Locke leaves them to catch up. They acknowledge their sibling relationship and Claire goes on to mention that Jack, despite what he thinks, is now a follower of Locke.

Day 11[]

"The Last Recruit"

  • In the morning at Locke's camp Sawyer tells Hurley about the deal he made with Charles Widmore and about the submarine. Shortly after Locke and Jack return to camp, Zoe enters the camp and demands that Locke return what he stole (Desmond) from Widmore, to which Locke denies. Zoe radios in a drone missile that explodes just behind Locke's camp following that if the package is not returned by nightfall another missile will be called that will destroy Locke and his camp.
  • Locke announces to the group that they are headed over to Hydra Island to assault Widmore's team. He gives Sawyer the task to retrieve a boat a few hours away up the coast and bring it to a rendezvous; Sawyer elects to take Kate with him. After Locke leaves the camp with Sayid, Sawyer informs Jack of his plan to commandeer Widmore's sub and to bring only Sun, Frank, and Hurley to an abandoned dock as soon as he can sneak away from Locke.
  • In the jungle, Locke asks Sayid to go to the well where he left Desmond and kill him. Sayid finds Desmond and Desmond asks what Locke offered Sayid in exchange for his murder. Sayid explains that Locke promised him a reunion with Nadia, despite the fact that she is dead.
  • Emerging from the jungle onto the beach, Kate and Sawyer find Desmond's old sailboat, the Elizabeth. Sawyer explains to Kate that they will not be meeting up with Locke and that Claire will not be joining them because she is dangerous and a threat to Aaron Littleton.
  • Journeying through the jungle, Jack leads Sun, Frank, and Hurley away from Locke's group but are unknowingly being followed by Claire. Locke finds Sayid in the jungle where under Locke's suspicious questioning, affirms that he killed Desmond.
  • Jack's group meets up Sawyer and Kate but as they board Claire emerges and pulls her rifle out on them. Kate explains to Claire that reuniting her with Aaron was her sole reason in returning to the Island. Agreeing, Kate disarms Claire and, but Claire warns that Locke will not be pleased.
  • Out on the water, Jack tells Sawyer that perhaps it was not the best idea to leave the main Island and join with Widmore citing the Island is not done with them yet. Angered, Sawyer demands that Jack get off the boat. Jack apologizes for getting Juliet killed and jumps into the ocean.
  • On the shore at Hydra Island, Widmore's men lead by Zoe hold up the group from the Elizabeth. Jin appears and is finally reunited with Sun. Just then, Zoe concludes a walkie conversation with Widmore and once again holds the group at gunpoint. Much to Sawyer's dismay, Zoe declares that the deal he had with Widmore is off.
  • Jack washes ashore and is immediately greeted by Locke and some of the Temple Others. Shortly thereafter, a barrage of drone missiles fired by Widmore explode around them. Locke carries a slightly wounded and dazed Jack into the jungle stating that all will be alright now that he is with him.

"The Candidate"

  • Jack awakens in a canoe on the shore of Hydra Island at night. Sayid explains that they were attacked by Widmore and that all of the Others have been killed or fled. Locke appears and tells Jack that they need to rescue his friends from Widmore and leave the Island using the Ajira plane. Jack agrees, but states that he is not going to leave the Island.
  • The group from the Elizabeth are taken to the polar bear cages by Seamus and members of Widmore's team. Sawyer steals Seamus' rifle, but Charles Widmore appears and holds Kate hostage saying he can kill her because she is not on a list of names that he possesses. Sawyer surrenders and the entire group is locked into the cage.
  • In the cage, Sawyer explains to Kate that he saw her name crossed out in the Cliffside cave while Jin tells Sun that Widmore showed him pictures of Ji Yeon. Suddenly, the power cuts and the Monster attacks Widmore's team throwing Seamus violently into the cage bars and killing him in the process. As Kate reaches for Seamus' keys, Jack shows up and frees them.

Day 12[]

"The Candidate"

  • Locke arrives at the Ajira plane and quickly kills Widmore's two guards. He enters the plane and traces some electrical wiring to an overheard storage compartment bin. He removes what he finds inside and places it in his backpack.
  • The Survivors journey behind Lapidus towards the Ajira plane where they are joined by Sayid and Jack affirms for everyone that he does not intend to leave the Island. Arriving at the Ajira plane, Locke emerges from the cabin and shows the the C4 he found that he guesses Widmore placed in order to explode should the plane be started. Deeming the plane to be an unsafe means to leave the Island, Locke suggests commandeering Widmore's submarine instead. The group agrees, but as they head out Sawyer discretely tells Jack that he does not intend to have Locke join them.
  • Arriving at the submarine, Lapidus and Sawyer hold the captain hostage and order him to start the submarine. As the rest of the group begins to follow, Locke switches backpacks with Jack without his knowledge. As the two approach the submarine, Jack explains to Locke that it was John Locke who told him to stay on the Island and follows that with shoving him into water. Just then Widmore's team ambushes the group and shoots Kate just below the shoulder. Jack fires his rifle and then carries her aboard the submarine.
  • During the gunfight, Locke pulls himself from the water onto the dock and kills Widmore's men. Inside the submarine, Jack asks Hurley to locate a first aid kit so that he can treat Kate's gunshot wound. Sawyer has Lapidus instruct the captain to have the Submarine dive, leaving Claire and Locke on the dock. Failing to find a first-aid kit, Jack retrieves his bag to discover that Locke switched his own bag with his and the C4.
  • Sayid explains that it is possible to disarm the bomb when it is ascertained that they will not have enough time to surface the submarine and toss the bomb overboard. Jack explains to Sawyer and the group that a failed attempt to disarm the bomb would only do exactly what Locke wants since he believes that he is not allowed to kill the Candidates directly. Unable to trust Jack, Sawyer quickly removes the wires from the timer to the C4 which stops the countdown. Momentarily relived, the countdown resumes however counting down much more quickly. Sayid explains to Jack that Desmond is trapped in a well south of Locke's camp and that he is important to Locke. Sayid then grabs the C4 and runs down the hallway where he dies in the explosion.
  • As water begins to fill inside the submarine, Frank climbs down a ladder where a bulkhead suddenly gives way knocking him unconscious. Jack tasks a frightful Hurley to carry Kate outside the submarine. Jack, Sawyer, and Jin try to free a trapped Sun. Sawyer is then knocked out by a falling pipe as Jack tries to hold him above water. Jin pleads with Jack to take Sawyer to safety while he continues to try and free Sun. Realizing the situation to be hopeless, Sun pleads with Jin to follow Jack out, but he declares his love for her and recites his promise to never leave her. As the submarine sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the two perish.
  • Washing ashore after nightfall Jack, Kate, and Hurley grieve over the loss of their friends while Sawyer remains unconscious yet breathing. Back at the Hydra Island dock, Locke announces to Claire that the submarine has sunk. Claire is in disbelief as Locke walks off the dock stating it's time to finish what he started.

Day 13[]

"What They Died For"

  • On the beach, Jack attends to Kate's gunshot wound as Kate continues to grieve over the loss of their friends. Kate informs Jack that Jin and Sun had a daughter whom Jin had never met and that they must kill Locke for what he has done. Jack agrees.
  • As the group journeys through the jungle on their search for Desmond, Sawyer laments that he is responsible for the deaths on the submarine. Further back, Hurley is confronted by the teenage version of Jacob, who takes the ashes Hurley obtained from Ilana and runs off further into the jungle. In pursuit, Hurley comes to a clearing where he finds the adult Jacob.
  • At the Barracks, Ben, Richard, and Miles, retrieve C4 from a safe in Ben's hidden closet. A noise is heard from the kitchen and Zoe is reveled soon followed by Charles Widmore. As Widmore sends Zoe back to the outrigger to retrieve some equipment, Widmore explains that he was visited by Jacob who reveled the location of the Island to him and gave him the task to return Desmond Hume to the Island.
  • Zoe radios to Widmore that Locke is approaching and heads back to the Barracks. Miles decides to run while Richard agrees to try to handle things with Locke peacefully. Richard cautiously walks outside Ben's house where he is soon rushed by the Monster and thrown skyward. Ben is approached by the Monster back in the form of Locke who tells him there are people he wants Ben to kill. Ben tells Locke that Widmore is hiding inside his house. Inside, Locke kills Zoe by slashing her throat and then intimidates Widmore to tell him that he brought Desmond back because of his special resistance to electromagnetism. When pressed for more information, Widmore begins to whisper it to Locke only to be shot dead by Ben.
  • At night, Hurley brings the group to where he found Jacob. Jacob informs them that they are the remaining Candidates to replace him as the protector of the Island. Jacob says there is a light at the center of the Island that needs protection from the Monster and that the best way to do that is to kill him. Jacob asks for a volunteer to accept the role and Jack accepts. Jacob takes Jack to a creek where Jacob explains to him where he can find The Source. Jacob performs a ritual and asks Jack to drink from a cup which Jack does.
  • Locke leads Ben to the well he previously threw Desmond into. Noticing that Desmond is no longer there, he deduces that Sayid in fact helped him escape rather than kill him as he asked. Locke reveals to Ben that Widmore was told by Jacob that Desmond is a failsafe should he succeed in killing the candidates and that in fact this is not a problem as he will use Desmond to do the one thing he couldn't do alone: destroy the Island.

Day 14[]

"The End"

  • Back at the campfire, Jack explains to Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer that he is the new protector of the Island and that's job is to protect the light at The Source from Locke who intends to put it out. Sawyer offers to continue the search for Desmond alone while the rest of them continue to travel to the Source.
  • At the well, Ben captures a spying Sawyer and brings him to Locke. Sawyer infers that Jack has become the new Island protector and Locke reveals his intention to sink the Island. Once Sawyer leaves, Locke notices that there are dog tracks and suspects this has something to do with Desmond's escape.
  • Desmond awakens at the camp of Rose and Bernard. Bernard returns from gathering food followed by Locke and Ben. Locke threatens Rose and Bernard if Desmond doesn't come with him. In the jungle, Desmond correctly guesses that Locke will use him to destroy the Island.
  • At the Barracks, Miles locates a wounded Richard. They decide to continue their mission to destroy the Ajira airplane. On the outrigger on the way to Hydra Island, they rescue Frank Lapidus who has survived the submarine explosion. As an alternative to destroying the plane, Frank explains that he can repair it and fly the survivors off the Island.
  • Locke's group meets with Jack's group. Kate attempts to shoot Locke but to no avail. Jack tells Locke he would like to venture to the Source together and Locke agrees despite pointing out to Jack that he has different intentions over what to do once they arrive. Jack responds by promising to kill Locke.
  • At the Source, Desmond explains to Jack that none of this matters since he experienced the flash-sideways life where they are all happy as a result of Widmore's experiment. Jack affirms the importance of what they are doing as they prepare to lower him into the Source. Inside the Source cave, Desmond enters a brightly lit pool and after experiencing a jolt of electromagnetism removes the cork. As the pool drains and the light dies out, short but powerful earthquakes erupt leading Locke to believe he has succeeded. Upon exiting the caves, Jack attacks Locke and is able to wound him. Shocked at this turn of events, Locks knocks Jack out with a rock and flees to the Elizabeth.
  • Miles, Richard, and Frank reach Hydra Island where they are greeted by Claire who believes they are under Locke's orders to kill her. Richard tries to convince her to come with them off the Island but she declines. At the Ajira plane Richard and Frank work on repairs while Miles radios to Ben to plead with them to hurry over to Hydra Island as the storms and earthquakes intensify.
  • At the Cliffside cave, Jack catches up to Locke. During the ensuing fight, Locke stabs Jack in his abdomen and is about to be killed when Kate arrives and shoots Locke in the back. Jack stands up and kicks Locke off the cliff killing him as he crashes against the rocks. The rain subsides as Jack announces to Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Ben that he must return to the Source and put the light back on. Believing it to be a suicide mission, Kate begs Jack not to go as Jack implores them to take the boat to Hyrda Island and join Lapidus on the Ajira plane. Heartbroken, Kate kisses Jack and the pair say "I love you" to each other. Hurley and Ben decide to stay with Jack while Sawyer and Kate take the Elizabeth over to Hydra Island.
  • At the Ajira plane, Frank tasks Miles with repairing the front wheel hydraulics. Kate and Sawyer arrive and Kate convinces Claire who is sitting on the beach to join them. As Frank is beginning to prepare the plane for take off, Sawyer, Kate, and Claire appear on the runway where they all board together. Frank then accelerates the plane for take off, just clearing the trees at the end of the runway.
  • Back at the Source, Jack anoints Hurley as the new protector of the Island. Ben and Hurley then lower Jack into the Source where he finds a semi-unconscious Desmond. Jack telling Desmond to go home and be with his wife and son, sends him back up on the rope. In much pain, Jack returns the cork into its place and the light returns to the pool. At the top of the waterfall, Hurley and Ben lift Desmond to safety. Hurley, afraid he will never see Jack again, is fearful over his job as the new protector of the Island and asks Ben if he would help him. Much to Ben's honor, he agrees.
  • Jack awakes beside a creek outside the Source. He slowly finds his way back to the bamboo grove he awoke in after the crash of Oceanic 815. Succumbing from his stab wound, he lays down and turns his head to see Vincent come to his side. As he sees the Ajira plane fly overhead, he smiles and passes away.


The New Man in Charge