A young Kate Austen and her childhood friend Tommy Brennan made a time capsule from a New Kids on the Block-themed lunchbox.

Around 1987, young Kate and Tommy tried to shoplift a New Kids on the Block lunchbox from a general store. When the shop owner caught them, he told them he was going to call Kate's mother and the police. Suddenly, Jacob appeared and told Mr. Springer he would pay for the lunchbox and made Kate promise she would never steal again. ("The Incident, Part 1")

On August 15, 1989, Kate and Tommy used the lunchbox to make a time capsule and buried it under a tree in the middle of a cow pasture. Years later, around 2002, they retrieved it again for old times sake. ("Born to Run")


The New Kids on the Block lunch box held the following contents:


  • "Time Capsule" is the official episode name for "Born to Run", was broadcast in Japan. Elsewhere, this episode is more commonly known by the U.S. title "Born to Run".