"Time and Time Again"
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©2009 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Time and Time Again" is a orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack. The alternately noble and ominous five-note theme serves as the main theme of the freighter people, particularly Frank, as well as the theme of the freighter in general.

Main appearance

In the helicopter, Sayid restrains Desmond who is struggling to escape. Frank pilots the helicopter toward the freighter, while Desmond looks down at his photo. The helicopter lands, and Frank and Sayid talk to Keamy and Omar.

Full list of appearances

"Time and Time Again" and its variations appear in the following scenes:


The piece begins with the psychic motif, moving into a mix of Desmond's theme and the ascending melody from the contact motif. It then moves into its own theme, which strongly shares elements with Sun and Jin's. It then plays the freighter motif and ends on the mystery theme.


"Bobbing for Freighters", "C4-titude", and "Locke-about" use the theme from "Time and Time Again".

Title significance

Prior to the scene in which the piece plays, Desmond's mind jumps between two different time periods.