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Through the Looking Glass, Part I

Act One

(Jack is on an airplane)
This is a flash forward
it takes place sometime after
the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Something is really troubling Jack
he has never been much of a drinker.
He was also seen with a cocktail
on Oceanic Flight 815
but at that time, his father just died.

Looks like a bumpy ride
but Jack doesn't seem to mind.

(Jack looks at a newspaper clipping)
It's unclear what the article says
but a popular theory
is that it's about a man from New York
who was found dead in Los Angeles.

(Jack driving)
This episode is entitled
"Through the Looking Glass"
A reference to the book by Lewis Carroll
his sequel to
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
and a story that explores
the theme of mirror opposites.
Clearly, Jack is in great despair
a mirror opposite
of Jack, the leader on the island
we've come to know and love.

(Jack dials a cellphone)
It's a mystery as to whom Jack is calling
but the voicemail would indicate
he's calling someone in LA's 310 area code.

(Jack hears the car crash on the 6th Street Bridge)
We've seen Jack rescue people
from a crash once before
that was on the island
speaking of which
here we are.
The Oceanic survivors
are leaving their beach camp
because they know the Others are coming
to kidnap their pregnant women.
The Others are a community
comprised of people
who have lived on the island for some time.
They can't reproduce
women on the island die during pregnancy.
Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are staying behind
to ambush the Others.

(Sayid: "They're both excellent shots...and highly motivated.")
That's right, all three are highly motivated
and well qualified
Sayid was in the Iraqi republican guard
Jin was a strong-arm enforcer (Still photo of Jin pops out of the caption)
for his father-in-law
and Bernard is an avid pheasant hunter. (Still photo of Bernard pops out of the caption)

Jack is leading everyone to a radio tower
to disable Danielle Rousseau's distress signal. (Still photo of Danielle pops out of the caption)
Danielle is the crazy French woman
who has been living on the island for 16 years.
Once they disable the signal
they'll try to call for help with a satellite phone.
But before they can make the call
Charlie must complete a dangerous mission. (Still photo of Charlie pops out of the caption)
Out of love for Claire and his friends (Still photo of Claire pops out of the caption and joins Charlie's)
Charlie has risked his life to save them
by diving down to the ocean floor (Claire's photo disappears; Charlie's remains)
to the underwater Looking Glass station
to disable the Others' radio jamming device.

Sun is pregnant — and a target for the Others.
But she has an even greater concern
if she stays on the island
she will likely die during pregnancy.

This is Naomi (Still photo of Naomi pops out of the caption)
she is new to the island.
We don't know much about her.
She claims to be on a rescue mission
to find Desmond. (Still photo of Desmond pops out of the caption and joins Naomi's)
Her helicopter crashed
and she parachuted to safety.
She said she launched from a freighter (Desmond's photo disappears; Naomi's remains)
80 nautical miles away
and if they can contact the freighter
with her fancy phone
they have a chance of being rescued.
But first things first… Jack Shephard
must lead his flock out of camp.
There's a lot happening on the island
and we'll get to it all
after the title flies through.

Act Two

While there's a break in the credits
here's a bit more info on Naomi.
She claims to have been hired
by Desmond's long-lost (Still photo of Desmond pops out of the caption)
and very well-to-do girlfriend
Penny Widmore.
Penny wants to find Desmond – desperately.

(Jack: "Hopefully")
Hopefully, yes
but Charlie is havin' a bad day
in the Looking Glass station.

Juliet is the woman Naomi doesn't trust. (Still photo of Juliet pops out of the caption)
She's a fertility specialist
who worked for the Others
but now she's with our gang.

This scary dude is Ben Linus
the leader of the Others.
He's about to get some news he won't like.

(Mikhail: "You told us The Looking Glass was inoperable.")
Juliet has deceived Ben. (Still photo of Juliet pops out of the caption)
She was to be working for him undercover
but that's not the case.

Well… Juliet also told the survivors
that the Others were coming
to kidnap pregnant women
for their own research
so Ben and his gang are about to get duped.

Three tents are marked
leading the others to believe
that pregnant women are inside them
But the only thing those tents contain
is loads of dynamite from the Black Rock.
The Black Rock is a 19th century slave ship
that is mysteriously land-locked in the jungle.
But that is a back-story for another time.
life at the beach is about to get interesting.

(The Losties blow up two of the three marked tents)
An "A" for effort guys, but not good enough
the survivors are getting restless.
But don't panic just yet
Jack vowed he'd lead his people to safety
and that's what he intends to do.

Act Three

(Jack: right)
Jack is being treated for injuries
at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles
the same hospital where he practices medicine.
St. Sebastian is a protector from the plague.
This is Sarah. She and Jack
have a complicated history.

Coincidentally, Jack met Sarah
when she was in a car accident
and was brought to this ER.
She was paralyzed with no hope for recovery.
Jack promised Sarah he'd fix her
and he did.
But Jack became obsessed with his work
and fixing all of his patients
which left little time for Sarah
so their marriage crumbled.

(On the island, the Losties see only two explosions in the distance)
Jack has a situation on his hands
but he's sticking to his plan.
He's taking his people to the radio tower
where they hope to call Naomi's freighter
and get rescued.

(Rose: "If you say live together die alone to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face.")
"Live Together, Die Alone" is the mantra
which Jack impressed upon everyone
back in Season One.
In that moment
Jack stepped into his role as their leader
and calmed their fears.

Welcome back to the Looking Glass station
at the bottom of the ocean.
This is one of several science stations
built by the DHARMA Initiative
a group of scientists who, years ago
studied the island's unique properties.

Charlie was once a bass player
in a one-hit wonder band.
But he's not exactly getting
the rock star treatment
from these undersea sisters.
As a musician
Charlie knows a thing or two about jammin'
appropriate that he finds himself
in this situation.
Charlie is very sure of himself
and his ability to complete the mission.
That's because
(Charlie: "I die")
he's already accepted his inevitable death
as foretold by Desmond. (Still photo Desmond pops out of the caption)

Tom is also known as "Mr. Friendly" (Still photo of Tom pops out of the caption)
and while at this particular time
he may not be living up to his nickname
he is known for his congenial disposition.
Mr. Friendly was very polite
when he asked Michael
to hand over his son Walt (Still photo of Walt pops out of the caption)
he gave Kate a dress to wear in captivity
and he tossed the football around with Jack.
However… he has been at the center
of just about every conflict
between our gang and the Others.
So make no mistake
he is not REALLY all that friendly.

Karl is the boyfriend (Still photo of Karl pops out of the caption)
of Ben's "adopted" daughter Alex. (Still photo of Alex pops out of the caption)
And while Alex is unaware of it
she is in fact the biological daughter
of the crazy French woman, Danielle. (Still photo of Danielle pops out of the caption and joins Alex's)
More on the two of them later ‘cuz right now
Papa is very angry.

Act Four

It's not easy being the leader of the Others.
Many people among his group
including this man
his long-term advisor Richard Alpert
are beginning to question his priorities
and challenge his decisions.
Pregnant women among his people are dying
and his plan to take the pregnant women
among the survivors has failed
and ended in bloodshed.
His rebellious daughter and her boyfriend
have betrayed him
Juliet – a woman he trusted
has double-crossed him
and now the island
faces a threat from outsiders.
Not a good day for Ben.
Alas, he must take action.

Ben draws a mean triangulated map
and speaking of triangles
there's a considerable love triangle
that has been geometrically surrounding
Jack, Kate, and Sawyer
for quite some time.

(Kate: "Something's wrong.")
Sawyer is a bit surly today
that's because he killed a man the day before
and is keeping it to himself.

(Kate: "Since when do you call me 'Kate'?")
Sawyer usually calls Kate "Freckles."
Oh, and by the way
Kate and Sawyer have been hooking up
since they were held captive by the Others.

No, Desmond is not grabbing a siesta.
Charlie belted him with a boat oar
when Desmond offered to take his place
and swim down to the Looking Glass.
Charlie was determined
to fulfill Desmond's vision
and save his friends.
Now would be a good time to take that dive
and escape the sharp-shooting Mikhail (Still photo of Mikhail pops out of the caption)
affectionately known as "Patchy."

As Desmond swims to the Looking Glass
let's clue you in
on how this guy can see the future.
Desmond spent 3 years on the island
in an underground DHARMA station
until it was destroyed by a big explosion
leaving Desmond with the uncanny ability
to see flashes of the future.
Of course, Desmond's most significant vision
is the heroic death of our friend Charlie.

To cover for Desmond
Charlie is playing a cover of his own
the Top-40 hit
"You All Everybody"
as once performed by his band, Drive Shaft.
But the reviews at this station
are not positive.

Act Five

We're back at St. Sebastian
and Jack, despite his grizzly appearance,
seems eager to get back to work.

Jack's father was once Chief of Surgery
at this very hospital
until Jack ratted him out
for performing surgery while intoxicated.
His father then disappeared to Australia
and drank himself to death.
Now it's Jack
who appears to be in an altered state.

(Dr. Hamill: "Gary Nadler is doing the surgery at six AM.")
Ah, a little LOST Easter egg here
Dr. Gary Nadler shares a last name
with our pheasant-hunting commando (Still photo of Bernard pops out of the caption)
Bernard Nadler.
We should also point out
the patient Jack wants so desperately to fix
has a similar spinal cord injury
to the one that afflicted
Jack's ex-wife, Sarah.

(Sawyer: "I ain't askin permission.")
Jack and Sawyer have always been rivals.
But right now, Jack is feeling uneasy
about leaving his friends at the beach
and he doesn't want to lose anyone else.
Sawyer, on the other hand, wants to go
and he has some demons to purge.
Now throw Kate into the mix
and the love triangle is in full play.

And there's a new kid on the block

(Jack kisses Juliet)
Hang on everybody
our triangle
has just become
a quadrangle.

Charlie is on the verge of another hit
in more ways than one.
Actually, those lyrics came from a poem
penned by Dominic Monaghan
shown here portraying our much-loved hero
Charlie Pace.

Hey – look who just popped in
It's Mikhail… a.k.a. "Patchy"
regrettably sans patch.

Patchy has a bone to pick with Ben
and Ben knows that he is SERIOUS
so watch for Ben to use his ace in the hole
Jacob, that is.

We've heard hints about Jacob in the past
but it wasn't until recently
when Ben brought Locke (Still photo of Locke pops out of the caption)
to Jacob's creepy cabin
that we got a taste of what Jacob is all about
Ben takes his orders from Jacob
and Ben claims he's the only one
who can actually communicate with Jacob
but that night in the cabin
Locke heard Jacob say
"Help me."
At that moment Ben knew
in no uncertain terms
that Locke was special
and a threat to his primacy
so Ben shot Locke
and left him for dead.

Act Six

(Sawyer and Juliet are walking back to the beach)
We're not sure
where Juliet's loyalty lies
but we do know what is motivating her.
She was recruited by the Others
to come to the island
to find out why pregnant women were dying.
But she was unsuccessful
and now she wants to go home
to her family, whom she misses deeply.
Ben, however, has made every effort
to keep her and everyone else
from leaving this place.

Hurley, on the other hand
Just wants to fit in … and help.
He's overcome much self-doubt
in his time on the island
and he has great determination.
He once found an old DHARMA van
was able to get it started
and took a joyride in the jungle.
And who knows
maybe Hurley could change their luck.

You may have noticed on Ben's map
there is a place called "Pascal Flats."
This could be an homage
to the 17th century scientist Blaise Pascal
who in 1654, was profoundly affected
by a mystical experience
and abandoned science for theology.
Much of the struggle
between Jack and Locke (Still photos of Jack and Locke pop out of the caption)
has centered around science vs. faith.

As we mentioned earlier
Ben shot John Locke
and here's where it happened
in this open grave
filled with the remains
of the victims of the Purge
which was a mass extermination
of the members of the DHARMA Initiative.
It was orchestrated by Ben himself
many years ago.

Before Locke crashed on the island
he was paralyzed from the waist down
but after the crash
he could suddenly walk
and his faith was restored.
But now he seems to be losing his faith.

Both Locke and Jack
have considered suicide in this story
mirror images of one another
like the mirror images of the Looking Glass.
But Locke is a man of incredible conviction
he just needs a little reminder
of how special this island is
and who better to remind him
than his old friend

Through the Looking Glass, Part II

Act One

Jack and Kate
Are about to share a big moment
and what is important to remember here
is that Jack knows
that Kate and Sawyer
have been sleeping together.
And while that may be breaking his heart
he really cares for Kate
and wants her to be happy.

(Jack: "I love you.")
Wow! So there you have it
Jack and Kate fans (a.k.a. "Jaters")
are no doubt gleeful
Kate and Sawyer fans (a.k.a. "Skaters")
may have reason for concern.

Jack is driving somewhere in Los Angeles
He is listening to
Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice."

Another Easter egg alert
check out the name of this funeral parlor
Hoffs/Drawlar is an anagram
for "flash forward."

(Jack almost gets hit by a car while crossing the street)
Careful, Jack!

There have been some pretty big mysteries
surrounding our survivors
but one of the most puzzling questions
hanging out there right now
is who the heck is in that coffin?
why does Jack seem
so profoundly affected
by the death of someone
who is neither friend nor family?

And one of the first mysteries
our survivors encountered
was the haunting voice
of this woman, Danielle Rousseau.
She recorded a distress signal
that's been playing on a loop
for over 16 years.
Our gang finally caught up with Danielle
after Sayid got snagged in one of her traps.
Her infant daughter, Alex
was just a few days old
when the Others came and took her.
Danielle never saw her again
until now.

Act Two

Despite being bound and beaten
Charlie is determined to fulfill his destiny
and turn off the radio jamming device.
By the way, Charlie's mission
is an homage to Return of the Jedi
as many writers and producers on LOST
are big fans of the Star Wars saga.
Now there seems to be some dissension
in the ranks of the Others.

This is not the first encounter
between Jack and Ben
Jack was first acquainted with Ben
when Ben was captured by the Survivors
Ben claimed his name was Henry Gale
and that he crashed on the island
in a hot air balloon
both are references to The Wizard of Oz.
another tale about a journey
to a strange and far away place.

(Man: "Hey, I know you. You're the hero.")
It would seem this man
has recognized Jack
for his heroics on the bridge.
But in fact
Jack has become a celebrity
in the aftermath
of the crash of Oceanic 815.

(Ben: "Not so long ago, Jack, I made a decision that took the lives of over forty people in a single day.")
Ben is always one step ahead
of everyone else
and he's about to give Jack a history lesson.
The "decision" he's talking about
is the Purge
in which Ben led a massacre that killed
40 members of the DHARMA Initiative.
He then became the leader of the Others.
Ben has proven to be a master manipulator
he "convinced" Jack to perform surgery
to remove a tumor from his spine
and now he's about to play
some major mind games
to get what he needs.
Ben may have a point
we don't know a lot about Naomi. (Still photo of Naomi pops out of the caption)
nor do we know anything about the people
on her nearby freighter.
We do know that Naomi
shared some startling news.
that the wreckage of Oceanic 815
was found at the bottom of the ocean
and there were NO survivors.

Act Three

Charlie is one step closer
to fulfilling his destiny.
But he needs the code
to shut off the radio jammer.

Fate or coincidence
it's a central theme on LOST.
So is it fate or coincidence
that a musician is here now
to decipher a code
that's set to the tune
of a Beach Boys song?

Not a flattering moment for Ben
but even when he's beaten to a pulp
he is gracious enough
to make the appropriate introductions.

Reunited at last
and on this island
there's no better way
for mother and daughter to bond
than to tie up the adoptive father.

Jack really did a number on Ben
but the two have more in common
than you might think.
They're both leaders
and they make the tough decisions
that affect the lives of many people.
Jack is learning that the hard way.

Ben's strategy on manipulation
he finds out
what people are emotionally invested in
and he exploits it.

(Hurley drives the DHARMA van through the beach camp)
Sweet ride, Hurley!
And another tip of the hat to Star Wars
inspired by Han Solo saving the day
with the Millennium Falcon.

Sayid's Republican Guard training
has come in handy
but there is one Other left.

Unfortunately for Mr. Friendly
Sawyer holds a grudge
and it's payback time
for abducting Walt.

Act Four

Jack is continuing his downward spiral
with a pill raid at St. Sebastian.
Oxycodone is an extremely powerful
and addictive painkiller
and it appears Jack is feeling no pain
at least not physically.

There's a party at the beach
And Hurley brought the beer.
Sawyer is sipping
some very old DHARMA brew
that was left in the van years ago.

A happy moment
but on this crazy island
things are not always as they seem.

Back beneath the sea
Desmond and Charlie are wondering
if Desmond's vision
might be a false alarm
and perhaps
Charlie has cheated death.
But his mission is not yet complete.

This is Desmond's girlfriend
Penny Widmore.
She's been searching for Desmond
for the last three years
since he disappeared during a sailing race
and his boat shipwrecked on the island.

(Penny: "Who's Naomi?")
Bad news
Naomi is not who she claims to be
and even worse
it is Patchy
who appears to have cheated death.

As the water rushes in
Charlie knows he's met his fate.
He's sacrificed himself
to save his friends
and the woman he loves.

And before he's gone
he will help his friends once more
with an important warning.

Act Five

We're back for the final act
of "Through the Looking Glass, Part 2."
Our gang is approaching the radio tower
and in keeping with our theme
this moment mirrors a similar scene.
in the pilot episode,
when they first heard the distress signal.

This is the first time
our gang has been to the tower.
The tower was built
by the DHARMA Initiative.
Before Danielle
began transmitting her S.O.S.
the tower broadcast the now infamous digits
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
And based on the iteration count in the tower
the survivors have been on the island
for 91 days.
But enough number crunching
our gang wants to get off this island.

Look who's back
it's John Locke
and he ain't lettin' anyone leave.
This is not the first time
that Locke has sabotaged
hope for rescue.
He blew up the Flame communication station
as well as a submarine
that was to take Jack off the island.
Locke has a special connection to the island
and he doesn't want anyone
or anything to jeopardize it.
It's the Man of Science
versus the Man of Faith.

From the island
to the other side of the Looking Glass
and Jack's LA apartment
where our hero and leader
is most certainly
a changed man.