"Through the Locke'ing Glass" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. Its theme characterizes several of John Locke's mysterious island experiences.

Main appearance

Locke, still in the mass grave, wakes up after being shot by Ben nearly a day earlier. Grabbing a pistol from a dead body, he checks that it is loaded before holding it to his head. Before he can pull the trigger, though, a voice from above stops him: Walt.

Walt forcefully tells him to get up, dismissing Locke's claims that he could not. He informs Locke of the work he has yet to do, to which Locke smiles eagerly.

Full list of appearances

The piece's theme plays during the following scenes:


The piece begins with Locke's first theme before moving into its own theme, and the two themes share elements.


"The Final Countdown", "Naomi Phone Home" and "Oceanic 815" use the theme.

Title significance

The title inserts Locke's name into the name of the episode.

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