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Enhanced version of Season 5, Episode 5: This Place Is Death-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This is Sun, an Oceanic 6 survivor
who is plotting to kill Benjamin Linus
to seek vengeance for her husband's death.

This is Sun's daughter, Ji Yeon
with Sun's mother in Seoul, Korea.

This takes place three years after
the Oceanic 6 left the island.

Kate has just discovered that Ben
is the person trying to gain custody of Aaron.

Kate left Aaron in Sun's care
while Kate tracked down the person
trying to take Aaron away from her.
We now know that person is Ben.

The Oceanic 6 saw Jin on the freighter
seconds before it was about to explode
and presume he died in the explosion.

This is Sun's husband Jin
who was found stranded at sea
by Danielle Rousseau's research team
in the previous episode, "The Little Prince."

The numbers heard on the transmitter
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, are being broadcast
from a radio tower on the island
built by the DHARMA Initiative.
They are the same numbers
Hurley used to win the lottery
before crashing on the island.

Jin met Danielle Rousseau on the island
after Oceanic flight 815 crashed in 2004.
Jin is confused because he is unaware
that he is flashing through time.
He is experiencing the same flashes
as the other Oceanic survivors left behind.

As seen in the Season 1 finale, "Exodus"
Rousseau told the Oceanic survivors
her team found the tower near the Black Rock.
Rousseau will eventually use the tower
to broadcast her own distress call.
The Oceanic survivors heard Rousseau's call
in the first episode of the series.

Jin believes Sun may be at the camp.
The last time Jin saw Sun
she was pregnant and on the helicopter
which left him behind on the freighter
just as the freighter was about to explode.
Jin does not know the island has "moved"
making it impossible for the helicopter
to have returned to the island.
Jin is unaware that Sun has given birth
to their baby girl, Ji Yeon.

Rousseau will live alone on the island
for the next 16 years.
At this time in 1988
she is pregnant with her baby girl, Alex.

Jin knows that sound
is coming from the smoke monster.
Jin and the rest of the Oceanic survivors
heard the noise their first night on the island.

Act 2

The smoke monster allows some to live
while killing others.
We have seen the smoke monster
kill several people on the island.
Its first victim was the Oceanic 815 pilot
in the first episode of the series.
It also killed Mr. Eko
and attacked some of Widmore's mercenaries
from the freighter.

In the Season 1 finale, "Exodus"
Locke was dragged through the jungle
in similar fashion by the smoke monster
but escaped without harm.
Montand is being dragged below the Temple.
Ben referred to the Temple
as the last safe place on the island
in the Season 4 episode, "Meet Kevin Johnson."

In the Season 1 episode, "Exodus"
Rousseau told the Oceanic survivors
Montand lost him arm in the Dark Territory.

The hum and bright light indicate
Jin is about to go through a time flash.
Rousseau does not experience the flash
and will not travel through time.
This is the first time that Jin
has experienced a flash while conscious.
This is because Jin was unconscious
and floating in the water
after the freighter exploded.

This is Rousseau's music box
a gift from her love, Robert.
The music box was broken for years
until Sayid fixed it for her
in the Season 1 episode, "Solitary."

As Rousseau told Sayid in "Solitary"
she believed her people were "carriers" of a sickness
and she had not choice but to kill them.

Jin has just flashed through time once again.

Sawyer and Jin have not seen each other
since the Oceanic survivors split camps
in the Season 4 premiere
"The Beginning of the End."

Act 3

Jin learned that Charlotte is fluent in Korean
as revealed in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

Richard Alpert told Locke
to save those left behind on the island
he must convince all of the Oceanic 6
to return to the island.

This is the first time Sun has confronted Ben
since they have been off the island.

Ben killed one of Widmore's mercenaries
who was wearing a heart rate monitor
linked by transmitter
to the C-4 explosives on the freighter.
The man's death caused the C-4 to detonate.

Ben is speaking of Eloise Hawking
who told Ben he has only 70 hours
to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island.

Kate was upset with Jack when he told her
the Oceanic 6 must go back to the island
as seen in the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

Sayid worked for Ben as an assassin
but he no longer trusts Ben.
And because Jack has aligned with Ben
Sayid no longer trusts Jack either.

Ben left the island from the Orchid
when he turned an ancient wheel
and was transported to the Tunisian desert
ten months in the future.

Charlotte is suffering severe side effects
from the time flashes or temporal shifts.
She shows signs of temporal displacement
a condition caused by time travel
when one's mind cannot distinguish
between past, present and future.

The time flashes
are now coming more frequently
and with greater intensity.

Nose bleeds are an indication
that the time flashes are now taking a toll
on the other survivors as well.

Act 4

When the chopper landed on the freighter
Kate told Sun that she would find Jin
and bring him to the chopper.
But Jack insisted
that Kate return to the chopper
and Jin was left behind
just as the freighter exploded.

Ben's claims he kept everyone safe
by using Sayid
to kill Charles Widmore's associates
who were following the Oceanic 6.

[Sic somewhere in the above, as it isn't a complete sentence. Accurate as transcribed.]

Charlotte is now showing symptoms
similar to those of George Minkowski
an officer onboard the freighter
who died from temporal displacement.

Faraday declared his love for Charlotte
in this season's episode, "Jughead."

Geronimo Jackson is a 1970s rock band.
Charlie and Hurley listened to their only album
in the DHARMA Swan station
in the Season 2 episode, "The Hunting Party."

The Orchid station
was built by the DHARMA Initiative
to conduct experiments in time travel.
It is located deep below the ground
and disguised at ground level
by a greenhouse, to hide its true purpose.
The Orchid was built at this location
to take advantage
of the unique electromagnetic properties
on this part of the island.

The survivors are now in a time period
before the DHARMA Initiative built the Orchid.

In the Season 4 finale
"There's No Place Like Home"
Charlotte declined the offer for rescue
and chose to stay on the island.
At that time, Charlotte told Faraday
she was looking for the place she was born.

During an archaeological dig in Tunisia
Charlotte found the remains of a polar bear
with a DHARMA logo attached to its collar.
The discover appeared
to hold great significance for Charlotte
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"Confirmed Dead."

Act 5

Jin promised Sun
he would get Sun and their unborn baby
off the island, in the Season 4 episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

The light radiating from below
is coming from the ancient chamber
that houses the wheel
which Ben turned to "move" the island.

They have now flashed to an earlier time
before the well was dug
so they have no access to Locke
in the ancient chamber below.

In this season's premiere, "Because You Left"
Faraday spoke to Desmond
during a previous flash to a time period
when Desmond lived in the Swan station.

Act 6

This is Christian Shephard, Jack's father
who died in Sydney, Australia.
Jack also saw Christian on the island
in the Season 1 episode, "White Rabbit."
Locke went to the cabin to find Jacob
the mysterious ruler of the Others
in the Season 4 episode, "Cabin Fever."
Instead, Locke found Christian in the cabin.
Christian told Locke he was not Jacob
but he could speak on Jacob's behalf.
Locke wasn't told how to "move" the island.
Ben interpreted the order to mean
that Jacob wanted Ben to "move" the island
and suffer the consequences.

Ben met Eloise Hawking
at the church in Los Angeles
in this season's episode, "The Lie."

Locke will be found dead in an LA apartment
as revealed in last season's finale
"There's No Place Like Home."
Locke's death was listed as suicide.

This is the same wheel
that Ben turned to "move" the island
in last season's finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

This is the same wedding ring
that Jin gave to Locke on the island.
The inscription reads
"We Will Never Be Apart."

In this season's episode, "Jughead"
Desmond demanded that Charles Widmore
give him the whereabouts of Faraday's mother.
Widmore gave Desmond this LA address.

This is Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking.
Desmond met Eloise long ago.
She is the woman who refused to sell him
an engagement ring for Penny
in the Season 3 episode
"Flashes Before Your Eyes."

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