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Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 13: There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Part 2, Act 1

Aaron is Claire's son, now 3 years old.
Claire did not make it off the Island
so Kate is raising Aaron as her own son.
It is part of the ficticious story of the Oceanic 6
that Kate actually gave birth to Aaron.
In a flash-forward in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"
Jack learned that he is Aaron's uncle.
Claire and Jack share the same father
Christian Shephard
who died in Sydney, Australia.

Jack and Sawyer are on their way
to the DHARMA Orchid station.

This is the first time Hurley has seen Jack
since Hurley chose to side with Locke
and go to the Others' barracks
in this season's episode "The Beginning of the End."

The Orchid station is hidden under this greenhouse.

Locke came to the Orchid with Ben
under Jacob's orders, to move the Island
so the mercenaries, sent by Charles Widmore
do not kill everyone on the Island.

These C4 explosives were rigged by Martin Keamy.
Keamy is the leader of Widmore's mercenary team
which has made its way back to the island.
Keamy has a remote transmitter
connected to a heartbeat monitor on the Island.
If anything happens to him on the island
the C4 explosives will detonate.

Part 2, Act 2

This is the first time
Jack and Locke have seen each other
since the two camps split
in this season's episode
"The Beginning of the End.

Jack and Locke disagreed about the motives
of the people from the freighter.
Jack believed they came to rescue the survivors
while Locke believed they came to kill them.

Ben gave himself up to Martin Keamy
and his mercenary team from the freighter
in order to distract them
and allow Locke to enter the Orchid station.

Keamy killed Ben's adoptive daughter, Alex
in this season's "The Shape of Things to Come"

This is Frank Lapidus, the chopper pilot.
He was forced by Keamy at gunpoint
to fly the mercentary team back to the island
in this season's episode "Cabin Fever."

Kate and Sayid were captured
by Richard Alpert and the Others
in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

Ben sent the others to the Temple
to protect them from Keamy's team
But he recently made contact with the Others
to set up a secondary plan.

When whispers are heard in the jungle
it is usually a sign that the Others are close.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley
were attacked with electric darts
and taken prisoner by the Others
in the season 2 finale, "Live Together, Die Alone."

Sayid learned his combat skills
as an officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard.

This is Richard Alpert
the second-in-command of the Others.
In the Season 3 episode
"The Man Behind the Curtain"
Alpert met Ben on the island
when Ben was 10 years old.
Alpert look the same at that time.
He does not seem to age.

Part 2, Act 3

This is a flash forward
at the Santa Rose Mental Institute
where Hurley is a patient.
He was also a patient here
before the crash of Oceanic 815.

The woman is Michael's mother
and Walt's grandmother
whom we saw in this season's
"Meet Kevin Johnson."
Currently, she is also Walt's guardian.
Walt began living with his grandmother
because he wanted nothing to do with Michael
after Michael told him he killed two survivors
to get Walt back from the Others.

This takes place
approximately three years after
Ben and the Others
allowed Walt and Michael to leave the island.

Jeremy Bentham is the man in the obituary
whose death greatly upset Jack.

As we saw in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"
the Oceanic 6 told the world
that only they survived the crash.

The crackers Hurley is eating are 15 years old.
There was also a mirror in the box
which Ben used to communicate the with Others

Claire disappeared into the jungle
with Christian Shephard, her dead father.

There were no bullets in the gun
that Jack pointed at Locke.
Jack was angry with Locke for killing Naomi.
Naomi was part of the freighter team
that Jack believed came to rescue them.

Locke has strong faith in the island and believes
the survivors crashed on the island for a reason.
Jack is a man of science and believes
the crash was all a coincidence.

Jack will come to agree with Locke
and lie to the world about the crash
as revealed in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1."

Some island miracles include
Locke regaining the ability to walk
Rose's cancer vanishing
and Sun and Jin conceiving a child.

Ben told Locke that the anthuriums
were next to the secret panel
which unlocks the Orchid station.

Part 2, Act 4

Sun, Jin and Aaron
were part of the first group
taken to the freighter
from the island in the Zodiac raft.
Michael was the first survivor
in whom Sun confided her secrets
in the Season 1 episode
"House of the Rising Sun."
Michael was the first among the survivors
to learn that Sun spoke English.
Sun led everyone, including Jin, to believe
that she only spoke Korean.

Michael spied for Ben on the freighter
to help save his fellow survivors.
Michael sabotaged the boat's engine
to prevent the boat from reaching the island.
When the mercenary team left the freighter
Michael repaired the engine
as seen in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

This is Daniel Faraday
a physicist from the freighter's science team
who has been taking the survivors
to the freighter aboard the Zodiac raft.
He wants to get everyone off the island
because he knows
that Ben is using the Orchid station
to try to move the island.

Miles Straume is another member
of the freighter's science team.
He claims he can communicate with the dead.

Charlotte Lewis in an anthropologist
from the freighter's science team.
She once found the remains
of a DHARMA polar bear
in the desert in Tunisia.

The Orchid station
was built by the DHARMA Inititive
a group of scientists who, in the 1970s
came to the island to conduct research.
The DHARMA Inititive
told some of its members
that the Orchid was a botantical research unit.
But that was a cover for its true purpose.

The "magic box" is a metaphor
Ben used to explain to Locke
some of mystical powers of the island
in Season 3's "The Man from Tallahassee."

This man has also called himself
Dr. Marvin Candle and Dr. Mark Wickmund
in DHARMA orientation films at other stations.
His films were seen the Season 2 episodes
"Orientation" and "?"
and in the Season 3 episodes
"Enter 77" and "The Man Behind the Curtain."

There are also unexplained time anomalies
when traveling to and from the island
if one does not follow the correct bearing.

Part 2, Act 5

Kate and Sawyer
were together recently
at the Others' barracks.
But they had a fight and Kate left the barracks
to join Jack at the beach.
Jack and Kate will be together
once they get off the island
as revealed in this season's episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

Lapidus was a pilot for Oceanic Airlines
and was scheduled to fly flight 815
on the day of the crash, but at the last minute
he was replaced by someone else.

The body was that of the ship's doctor
whom Keamy killed on the freighter.

This is the first time
Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley
have been off the island
since the crash of Oceanic 815.
Sayid was previously onboard the freighter
before coming back to the island
on the Zodiac raft in the previous episode
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1."

Martin Keamy was hired by Charles Widmore
with orders to capture Ben
and kill everyone on the island.

Keamy held Ben's daughter daughter, Alex hostage
and demanded Ben surrender himself.
When Ben refused, Keamy shot and killed Alex.

Part 2, Act 6

Charlotte landed on the island
in this season's episode
"Confirmed Dead."
She appeared visibly happy
to have found the island.

Juliet was recruited to the island by Ben.
She joined the Oceanic survivors
because she wants to get off the island
and back to her family.

This is the second group of people
Faraday has taken off the island in the raft.

Lapidus cannot see the freighter
because it has moved since he last left it.
It was approximately 92 miles from the island
now it is approximately 5 miles off the shore.

Hurley was institutionalized before the 815 crash
to receive treatment for the guilt he felt
over a deadly patio deck collapse
he believed was caused by his weight.

In this season's episode
"Something Nice Back Home"
we saw Kate do "something" for Sawyer
after the Oceanic 6 returned to civilization.

Part 3, Act 1

This is a flash forward
outside the mental instiute
where Hurley was committed
after the Oceanic 6 were rescued.

Sayid has become an assassin
working for Ben, as revealed
in this season's episode "The Economist"
Ben provides Sayid with a list of people
working for Charles Widmore.
Sayid tracks them down and kills them.
Hurley was also committed at this insitute
prior to the crash of Oceanic 815.
He returned after the Oceanic 6 were rescued
because he began having visions of Charlie.
Charlie drowned trying to secure rescue
for his fellow survivors
in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

Sayid is referring to someone
named Jeremy Bentham
the man whose death greatly upset Jack
and whose funeral Kate did not want to attend.

When Hurley spoke with Charlie
in this season's premiere episode
"The Beginning of the End,"
Charlie told Hurley, "They need you, Hugo."
Hurley told Jack, "It wants us to come back"
when Jack visited Hurley at the institute
in this season's premiere episode.

Mr. Eko was a survivor from the 815 tail section
who later died on the island.

Jack and Sawyer have been rivals
for Kate's affection
since the survivors crashed on the island.

Ben did find Widmore first
and vowed revenge on him and his people
as seen in a flash forward in this season's
"The Shape of Things to Come."

This is Christian Shephard
Jack and Claire's dead father.

Part 3, Act 2

In this season's episode "Ji Yeon"
Sun visited Jin's grave in Seoul, Korea
to show him their newborn baby girl
and tell him she missed him.
Jin's gravestone indicated he died on 9.22.04
the day of the Oceanic 815 crash.

This flash forward takes place in London.
Sun is one of the Oceanic 6.

The man on the left is Charles Widmore
head of Widmore Industries.
He sent the freighter team to the island
to capture Ben and kill everyone on the island.

Sun used her Oceanic settlement money
to purchase half of her father's company
Paik Industries.

Mr. Paik has had business associations
with Widmore Industries
and the Hanso Foundation
which funded the DHARMA Initiative.

Sun told her father
that she held him and one other person
responsible for Jin's death.

Ben is placing metal objects in the chamber
to blow a hole in the wall and gain access
to something on the other side of the wall.

Juliet was on the beach
when the C4 detonated on the freighter
so she witnessed the explosion.

Saywer jumped out of the helicopter
before it reached the freighter.
He has no idea if Kate was on the ship
at the time of the explosion.

Part 3, Act 3

We saw Ben wearing this parka
when he woke up in the Tunisian desert
in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."
The name on the parka is "Halliwax."
Dr. Edgar Halliwax
was the scientist in the video
that Locke watched earlier.

In the Season 3 episode "The Brig"
Richard Alpert told Locke that the Others
were looking for someone to remind them
they're on the island for important reasons.

Ben is no longer the leader of the Others.
The island has now seemingly chosen Locke
to be the new leader of the Others.

The rip on Ben's parka and cut on his arm
are identical to those Ben had
in the Tunisian desert in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Ben does not want to leave the island.
But Ben knows
that Jacob wanted him to turn the wheel
so that he would have to leave.

There was a similar bright light
and strange humming sound on the island
in the Season 2 episode
"Live Together, Die Alone."
It occurred when Desmond
turned the fail safe key
in the Swan DHARMA station
to avoid an electromagnetic catastrophe.

The smaller island is the location
of the DHARMA Hydra station.
It was where Jack, Kate and Sawyer
were held prisoner by Ben and the Others.

Part 3, Act 4

We saw Jack resuscitate Rose
immediately after the Oceanic 815 crash
in the pilot episode.
We also saw Jack revive Charlie
after Charlie was hung by the Others
in the Season 1 episode
"All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues."

This is a flash forward at Kate's house in LA
where she is raising Aaron as her son.

The voice on the phone is inaudible.
But if played in reverse, the voice is saying
"The island needs you
you have to go back before it's too late."

This is Claire, Aaron's real mother.
She was last seen by Locke on the island
in Jacob's cabin with Christian Shephard.

In the Season 1 episode "Raised By Another"
Claire saw a psychic who told her
that danger surrounded her baby
and it was critical that only she raise Aaron.

A salvage ship found the wreckage
of what was claimed to be Oceanic 815
at the bottom of the Sunda Trench
in the Indian Ocean.
It was filled with 324 bodies assumed to be
all of the passengers and crew.
However, it was not the real wreckage
and was planted there on purpose.
Ben claimed that Charles Widmore planted it
and Widmore claimed that Ben did it.

The language heard from the boat is Portuguese.
Some translations include
"Here! Look over here!" and
"There's a raft full of people!"

The man on the deck is Henrik
one of the men in the tracking station
seen in the Season 2 finale
"Live Together, Die Alone."

This is Penny Widmore
the daughter of Charles Widmore
and the love of Desmond's life.
Penny has been searching for Desmond
for over three years, since he was lost at sea
and his boat crashed on the island.

Desmond briefly spoke to Penny
from a phone on the freighter
in this season's episode "The Constant."
Penny promised she would find Des at all costs.

Part 3, Act 5

Membata is the name of the island
where the Oceanic 6
claimed they lived after the crash.
It was one part of their story
a fictious account of events
as revealed in
"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

They claimed they lived on Membata
a small uninhabited island
until day 103, when a typhoon
blew a fishing boat with a raft ashore.
They said they used the raft to row to Sumba
where they were discovered on day 108.

Jack is referring to Charles Widmore
and his people.

Desmond uttered those same words to Jack
after the 2 met in an empty stadium in LA
in the Season 2 premiere
"Man of Science, Man of Faith."

The Oceanic 6 have arrived
on the Island of Sumba.
This is the same moment
that was depicted in a photograph
and displayed at their press conference
in Part 1 of this season's finale.

This is a flash forward.
Jack is listening to Gouge Away by the Pixies.

Hoffs/Drawler is the same funeral parlor
that Jack visited in last season's finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

"Hoffs/Drawler" is an anagram
for "flash forward."

The coffin contains the body of Jeremy Bentham
When Jack came here for the viewing
Jack told the funeral director
that he was neither friend nor family.
The funeral director told Jack
that no one else came to the viewing.

Jeremy Bentham was also the name
of an 18th century English philosopher
and social reformer.

Ben is not one of the Oceanic 6.
After Ben turned the wheel and moved the island
he appeared in the Tunisian desert
as revealed in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Ben's appearance in the desert
was 11 months after he turned the wheel.

In last season's finale, Jack told Kate
he used passes provided by Oceanic Airlines
to fly to South Pacific destinations every weekend.

Jack said he prays for the plane to crash
so that he might find his way back to the island.

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