"There's No Place Like Home" is an orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack. It originally characterized the Oceanic 6's return to civilization. It later played during further returns, including the Six's return to the island, on-island reunions and awakenings and reunions after death.

Main appearance

The Oceanic Six's plane lands at a Hawaii military base. The Six disembark the plane and meet their waiting families. Hurley hugs his mother and father and introduces them to Sayid. Jack kisses his mother. Sun's mother and father are there, but she only embraces her mother.

Kate stands alone.

Full list of appearances

"There's No Place Like Home" and its variations play during the following scenes:

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The piece develops the theme from "Life and Death".


"Can't Keep Locke Down", "Can't Kill Keamy", "Closure", "Jumping Jack's Flash", "Karma Has No Price", "Landing Party", "The Last Recruit", "The Long Kiss Goodbye", "Moving On", "Of Mice and Ben", "Our Lady of Perpetual Labor", "SS Lost-tanic", "Together or Not Together" and "Ultrasonic Flash" reuse the theme from "There's No Place Like Home". The LAX theme also develops the theme.