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Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This flash forward begins
in the cockpit
of a U.S. Coast Guard
C-130 cargo plane.

This is Karen Decker
a representative of Oceanic Airlines.

These are the six survivors
of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
The group includes Jack, Kate, Hurley
Sayid, Aaron and Sun.
They are the only Oceanic 815 survivors
known to the outside world.

As has been revealed
in numerous episodes this season
the Oceanic 6
will become worldwide celebrities.

Jack will come to tell Kate
"I am sick of lying"
as revealed in last season's finale
"Through the Looking Glass."

This episode is entitled
"There's No Place Like Home"
an homage to The Wizard of Oz.
The Wizard of Oz is another story
about returning home
from a strange and faraway place.

This is the first time the Oceanic 6
have seen their families since the crash
which occurred over three months ago.

This is Hurley's mother and father
Carmen and David.

These are Sun's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paik.
Mr. Paik is a wealthy businessman
who did not approve of Sun's marriage to Jin.

This is Jack's mother, Margo.
Jack's father, Christian
died in Sydney, Australia.

The whereabouts of Sayid's family
are unknown.

In the previous episode, "Cabin Fever"
a helicopter flew over the beach
and dropped a satellite phone
with its GPS function activated.
The satellite phones are programmed
to only call each other.
The phones cannot dial an outside line.

Faraday has lied to Jack in the past.
Most recently, Faraday lied about the content
of a Morse code message
sent from the freighter in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

One of the voices on the phone
belongs to Martin Keamy
the leader of the mercenary team.

The Orchid is a DHARMA science station.
It was built over 20 years ago
by the DHARMA Initiative, a group of scientists
who came to the island to conduct research.

Juliet performed an appendectomy on Jack
just 2 days ago
as we saw in this season's episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

Faraday and Charlotte
are part of the science team from the freighter
sent by Charles Widmore.

The Orchid logo was also on the parka
that Ben was wearing when he awoke
in the Sahara Desert in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Act 2

Sawyer and Miles are coming from the barracks
to join Jack's group at the beach.
Locke, Ben and Hurley have gone to the Orchid.

Claire was last seen with Jack's father
the late Christian Shephard.
Locke saw Claire and Christian in Jacob's cabin
in the previous episode, "Cabin Fever."

"New Otherton" is Sawyer's nickname
for the barracks.

Sayid and Desmond flew to the freighter
on the chopper, piloted by Lapidus
to help secure rescue for the survivors
in this season's episode, "The Economist."

As revealed in this season's "Eggtown"
Kate will become Aaron's mother off the island.

This is the official Oceanic 6 story.
It is all a lie, though only the Oceanic 6 know it.
This is the same story Jack referred to earlier
and the story the Oceanic 6 agreed to tell.

Jack testified at Kate's trial
providing this same fictitious account
in this season's episode, "Eggtown."

Boone died from a fall, while investigating
a wrecked Beechcraft plane on the island.
Libby was shot and killed by Michael
in the Season 2 episode, "Three Minutes."
Charlie drowned trying to help secure rescue
in the underwater Looking Glass station
in last season's "Through the Looking Glass."

Before the crash
Hurley won millions in the lottery.
He believes his winning numbers
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, are cursed.

In this season's episode, "Ji Yeon"
Sun and Hurley visited Jin's grave in Seoul.
Jin's gravestone indicated that he died
on September 22, 2004, the day of the crash.

Kate actually helped Claire give birth
to Aaron on the island
in the Season 1 episode, "Do No Harm."
Aaron is actually over eight weeks old.
Kate's answer is part of the Oceanic 6 story.
Kate ran away after killing her father
and fled to Australia to avoid arrest.

This is Nadia, the love of Sayid's live.
Sayid and Nadia were childhood sweethearts.
But while serving in the Iraqi Republican Guard
Sayid was ordered to torture Nadia
who was being held as a political prisoner.
Sayid could not bring himself to do it
and risked his life to help her escape.
He searched for Nadia for 7 years
right up until the crash of Oceanic 815.

Sayid is on his way to the island
in a Zodiac raft from the freighter.

Act 3

In the previous episode, "Cabin Fever"
Locke received instructions
from Jacob
to move the island.
By so doing, Locke hopes to save the island
from attack by the mercenary team.

Ben told his people to go to the Temple
in the Season 3 finale
"Through the Looking Glass."
They have not been seen since.
Ben told Alex that the Temple
is the last safe place on the island.

Pregnant women die on the island.
Juliet wants Sun to get off first to save her.

Jin promised Sun he'd get her off the island
in this season's, "Something Nice Back Home."

This is a flash forward.
Sun is off the island and six months pregnant
living in her hometown of Seoul, South Korea.

Act 4

This is a flash forward
at Hurley's house in Los Angeles.
Hurley is driving an old car
because he is convinced
his lottery money brings bad luck.

Mr. Tron and Lady Tron
are the Vietnamese cooks
Hurley's mom hired
after Hurley won the lottery.

On the island
whispers are a signal
that danger is very close.

Hurley's cursed lottery numbers
are scattered throughout the party.
There are 4 fake palm trees
8 helium "Happy Birthday" balloons
15 presents, 16 party hats
and 23 and 42 on two different kids' jerseys.

Hurley's dad abandoned the family
when Hurley was only ten.
He returned after Hurley won the lottery.
Hurley and his dad were restoring this car
when Hurley was a young boy.
When his dad left, Hurley kept the car
in hopes his dad would return and finish it
as revealed in the Season 3 episode
"Tricia Tanaka is Dead."

Hurley's lottery numbers were also engraved
on the side of the Swan DHARMA station.
They were also the numbers required
to be entered into the Swan computer
every 108 minutes
to allegedly save the world from annihilation.

In his orienation video for the Orchid station
Dr. Edgar Halliwax explained that the Orchid
was a botanical research unit.

Act 5

In the previous episode, "Cabin Fever"
Desmond chose to stay
on the freighter
when Sayid returned to the island.
Desmond told Sayid
he will never go back to the island
especially not when Penny is looking for him.
Penny is the love of Desmond's life
and the daughter of Charles Widmore.
Desmond briefly spoke with Penny
via the freighter's communications room
in this season's episode, "The Constant."

That is the voice of Michael, a crash survivor.
Sun and Jin had no idea
that Michael was on the boat.
They have not seen him since he left the island
after betraying his fellow survivors.

To travel to and from the island
Faraday's calculations require following
a bearing of 305 or side effects will occur.

A fathometer is used
to determine the depth of the ocean.

This is Frank Lapidus, the chopper pilot
and a former pilot of Oceanic Airlines.
Lapidus was forced at gunpoint
to fly the mercenary team back to the island
in the previous episode, "Cabin Fever."

Sawyer refers to everyone by a nickname.
He calls Jack "Doc," Kate "Freckles"
and Hurley by many different nicknames
most recently, "Chicken Little."

This is Christian Shephard, Jack's father.
He died in Sydney, Australia before the crash
but was seen with Claire on the island
in the previous episode, "Cabin Fever."
Jack was bringing Christian's body back to LA
when Oceanic 815 crashed.

In the Season 3 episode, "Par Avion"
Carole and Claire were in a car crash
that put Carole into a coma.
Claired learned at that time
that Christian Shephard was her father.

Carole has no idea that the baby
is actually Claire's son
and her own grandson.

Act 6

Michael's story was told
in this season's episode
"Meet Kevin Johnson."
In the Season 2 episode
"Three Minutes"
Michael killed two Oceanic survivors.
He did so in order to free Ben
who was held prisoner by the survivors.
He was then able to get his son, Walt
back from the Others.

These are C4 explosives.
In the previous episode, "Cabin Fever"
we saw Keamy and the mercenary team
wiring a detonator for the explosives.

Kate learned to track from her stepfather
a sergeant major in the army
whom we saw in the Season 2 episode
"What Kate Did."

This is Richard Alpert, one of the Others
who has lived on the island for many years.
In the previous episode, "Cabin Fever"
we saw Alpert in a flashback from the 1950s.
He looked the same and seemingly does not age.

Keamy, the leader of the mercenary team
used Ben's adoptive daughter, Alex
as a hostage in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."
When Ben didn't cooperate with Keamy
Keamy shot and killed Alex.

This is Martin Keamy
the leader of the mercenary team.
He was hired by Charles Widmore
to capture Ben and kill everyone on the island.

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