"Theme in Black"
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

The "Theme in Black" plays in many scenes featuring the Man in Black, in Locke's form, during the final season. The eight note motif is derived with melody and harmony originated from the Sarasangi scale of South Indian Classical Music. The melody notes are Eb F F Gb F A A Bb with harmony of triads consisting of Eb Gb Bb resolving to D F A in two different chord inversions.

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The "Theme in Black" plays during the following scenes:


The theme shares elements with Locke's fourth theme, which in turn builds off his second theme.


"SS Lost-tanic", "Locke v. Jack", Catch a Falling Star", "Jacob's Ladders", "The Rockets' Red Glare", "The Substitute", "Richard the Floored" and "Smokey And The Bandits" use the "Theme in Black". The piece and Locke's flash sideways theme are variations of each other.