Thekla Reuten is a Dutch actress who played the role of Elsa in "The Economist". She has appeared in numerous Dutch films and television shows, along with some work in America, including the television series Sleeper Cell.

  • She starred in the Oscar-nominated movie Twin Sisters (2003)
  • She played Anna Teshemka in Highlander: The Source (2007)
  • Along with Reuten, two other Lost actors also appeared in Sleeper Cell: Sonya Walger (Penelope Widmore) and Marc Casabani (Tariq).
  • She played Marie in In Bruges (2008). Another Lost actor, Zeljko Ivanek (Edmund Burke), also appears in the film.
  • She had a role in the pilot of Day One, a cancelled NBC Universal 13-episode sci-fi television series about apartment residents that survive an world-wide cataclysm. Jesse Alexander was executive producer/writer.[1]

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