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Episode 16 - "The Whole Truth"

Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim

Directed by: Karen Gaviola

Act 1

[Flashback - We see Sun looking in a mirror.]

JIN: 자기야, 뭐 해? 안 자? [Subtitle: Are you coming to bed?]

SUN: 곧 가요. [Subtitle: I'll be right there.]

[Sun enters the bedroom wearing a nightie.]

JIN: 와, 근사한데. [Subtitle: You look great.]

SUN: 왜 그래... [Subtitle: Oh, come on.]

JIN: 돌아 봐 봐. [Subtitle: Turn around.]

SUN: 자기야... [Subtitle: Honey...]

JIN: 한 번만. 부탁합니다, 돌아봐 주세요. [Subtitle: Come on, please.]

[Sun does a little spin for him, and goes to the bed where they kiss.]

JIN: 체온은 쟀지? [Subtitle: Did you take your temperature?]

SUN: 분위기 다 망치네. [Subtitle: Isn't that romantic.]

JIN: 미안해. 난 그저... 지난 1년 동안 노력해도 아무 소식이 없어서... 우리 병원에 가자. [Subtitle: I'm sorry. It's just -- we've been trying for a year. I think we should see a doctor.]

SUN: 병원? [Subtitle: A doctor?]

JIN: 불임 전문의한테. [Subtitle: A fertility doctor.]

SUN: 애랑 놀아줄 시간도 없으면서 애 욕심은... [Subtitle: Why do you care so much about a baby you wouldn't even see?]

JIN: 내 핑계 대지 마. 다 일 때문에... [Subtitle: Don't blame my work, Sun. I work so we can...]

SUN: 일 때문에? 피 묻힌 손으로 집에 들어오는 것은 일이 아니에요! [Subtitle: Work? When a man comes home with blood on his hands that isn't "work."]

JIN: 당신은 내 손에 왜 피가 묻었다고 생각해? 어? 피를 묻히게 한 사람은 당신 아버지야! 다 아버님이 시킨거야! [Subtitle: And why do you think I come home with blood on my hands? I have blood on my hands because of your father. Because of what he makes me do!]

[Sun starts to cry, and Jin gets out of bed and goes to the window.]

JIN: 다른 뜻은 없었어... 정말 미안해. 우리한테 애가 생기면, 아버님도 생각이 바뀌실 걸? 손주가 생기면 혹시 알아? 좀 더 안전한 일자리를 주실지... 아이가 생기면 모든게 변할 거야. 아이만 생기면 다... 좋아질거야. [Subtitle: I didn't mean to -- I'm really sorry. Maybe if we had a baby your father might change his mind. Maybe if we gave him a grandchild he might give me a safer job. A baby will change everything. A baby will make it better.]

[On-Island - We see Sun working in her garden. She's afraid when she hears rustling in the bushes, but it's only Jin.]

SUN: 여보! 깜짝이야. [Subtitle: Jin, you scared me.]

JIN: 얼마나 찾았는데! 여기서 뭐 하고 있는거야! [Subtitle: Do you know how long I've been looking for you? What are you doing out here?]

SUN: 뭐 하기는? 밭에서 일하고 있잖아요. [Subtitle: What do you mean? I'm working in my garden.]

JIN: 어서 돌아가자! [Subtitle: Come with me, we're going back.]

SUN: 뭐? 싫어! [Subtitle: What? No.]

JIN: 당장 가자니까! 또 납치당하고 싶어? [Subtitle: Let's go, now.]

[Jin grabs her arm and pulls her up to make her come with him. She jerks away.]

SUN: 뭐라구요? [Subtitle: What?!]

JIN: 바로 여기서 놈들한테 당했잖아! 우리 얘기한거 다 잊어먹었어? 가자 어서! [Subtitle: The Others attacked you here. We talked about this! Let's go. Now.]

[Jin grabs and pulls her again. She breaks away.]

SUN: 이런 식으로 날 보호할 필요는 없어요! 그냥 내 밭에서 일하게 내버려 둬. [Subtitle: I don't need you to protect me. I'm just working in my garden.]

JIN: 뭐? 내 밭? [Subtitle: What? "My garden?"]

[Jin rips up a bunch of plants from the garden.]

SUN: 뭐 하는 거야! [Subtitle: Stop. Stop! Please stop!]

JIN: 이제 여기 올 필요 없지? 이제 갈까? [Subtitle: Now you have no reason to be out here. Shall we go back now?]

[Sun walks off ahead of him.]

Act 2

[We see Ana running hard on the beach. She runs toward some shelters and we see Locke sitting under a tree eating a banana.]

LOCKE: You were running like the devil's chasing you.

ANA: Maybe he is.

LOCKE: Good for you, keeping in shape.

ANA: What do you want, Locke?

LOCKE: What do I want?

ANA: I've been here over a week -- you've never said 2 words to me. And now you're sitting outside my tent?

LOCKE: We've got a man locked up down in the Hatch. There's a possibility he's one of them -- the Others.

ANA: Who's we?

LOCKE: Me and Jack. He's keeping watch right now.

ANA: How long's he been down there?

LOCKE: 3 days. I'd like you to talk with him. You have experience with the Others. You were a cop. Seems to me you're the most qualified to figure out if this man's telling the truth.

ANA: Does Jack know you're coming to me with this?

LOCKE: We've got a serious problem, Ana Lucia -- all of us. I'm taking the necessary steps to solve it. I don't need Jack's permission to talk with you because right now there's a man sitting in a room in my hatch and I want him out.

[We see Sun walking at the beach. She stops in pain near a tree. We can hear Rose and Bernard faintly.]

ROSE: I don't have to give you anything. It's the thought that counts. You just didn't think.

BERNARD: I think all the time. You know, maybe you should think about giving me a little bit of a break here.

ROSE: Oh, just hush, Bernard. Just hush.

[They see Sun in pain and go to her.]

ROSE: Honey? Are you alright?

SUN: I'm -- I think I'm just a little lightheaded.

BERNARD: You look as pale as a sheet.

ROSE: Well, give her some water.

BERNARD: Yes, ma'am.

ROSE: Don't pay him any mind, honey. He's just mad at the world because he forgot my birthday.

BERNARD: I didn't forget. I don't even know what day of the week it is, Rose.

ROSE: It's Saturday, Bernard. [to Sun] Honey, can you walk?

SUN: Really, I'm alright.

BERNARD: Maybe we should go get Jin?

SUN: No -- I think I was just out in the sun too long.

ROSE: Well, you spent a lot of time around the baby maybe you caught something. At least talk to Jack.

SUN: Really, I'm okay. Thank you -- both of you.

[Flashback - We see Sun enter a hotel room and put the do not disturb sign on the door. Jae is there.]

JAE: 교통이 많이 막히진 않았죠? [Subtitle: Was there traffic?]

SUN: [Taking off her coat] 맨날 똑같죠, 뭐. [Subtitle: Just the usual.]

JAE: 진수 씨가 여기 오는거 아시죠? [Subtitle: Does he know you're here?]

SUN: 아니오. [Subtitle: No.]

JAE: 난 얘기할 줄 알았는데... [Subtitle: I thought you were going to tell him.]

SUN: 그럴 수가 없었어요. [Subtitle: I couldn't.]

[She drops her coat and they share a look as they both bend down to pick it up.]

SUN: 많이 바쁘실 텐데, 이렇게 시간 내주셔서 고마워요. [Subtitle: I'm glad you were able to get away today.]

JAE: 호텔 매니저나 회장님 외아들만이 할 수 있잖아요... 근무 시간이 자유로운 편인거. 방도 이 정도면 괜찮은 것 같은데요. 마실 것 좀 드릴까요? [Subtitle: Just one of the perks of being the general manager and the hotel owner's only son -- flexible hours. The room's not too shabby, either. Can I get you a drink?]

SUN: 그냥 아이스티 주세요. [Subtitle: Just some iced-tea, please.]

JAE: In English.

SUN: [with difficulty] I would like iced-tea, please.

JAE: Very good.

SUN: Thank you.

JAE: 괜찮아요? [Subtitle: Are you alright?]

SUN: 네. [Subtitle: I'm fine.]

JAE: 무슨 고민 있으세요? [Subtitle: Do you want to talk about it?]

SUN: 아니에요... [Subtitle: Not really.]

JAE: 나중에라도 마음이 바뀌시면... 뭐 그렇다고 제가 충고할 입장도 아니지만... 그래도 선 씨가 영어를 잘 하시면 진수씨가 좋아하실걸요? [Subtitle: Well, if you change your mind -- not that I'm the one to come to for relationship advice -- but I think Jin would be proud that you can speak English.]

SUN: 어떻게 배웠냐고... 누구한테 배웠냐고 하면 뭐라고 해요? [Subtitle: And what do I tell him when he asks how I learned? Or who I learned from?]

JAE: 우리가 이렇게 만나는 것이 불편하시면 그만 하죠. [Subtitle: If you're uncomfortable with our arrangement, we can stop. ]

SUN: 그러길 원하세요? [Subtitle: Is that what you want? ]

JAE: 아니오. 사실은 저한테도 공부가 많이 돼요. [Subtitle: No. It's good practice for me, too.]

[On-Island - We see Jack get out of the shower in the hatch.]

LOCKE: Morning, Jack.

[We see Locke is shaving.]

JACK: You couldn't wait 'til I was done in here?

LOCKE: The steam opens up my pores. A man's got no shaving cream, he's got to improvise. I also thought this might be a good time to talk about our problem.

JACK: Our problem?

LOCKE: Our Henry problem. We've had him locked up for 3 days now, and I can't help but get the sense that he's just not motivated to cooperate with us.

JACK: And how are we going to motivate him?

LOCKE: I don't think there's anything we can do. I think we need to bring in some new blood.

JACK: Obviously, you have someone in mind.

LOCKE: What do you think about Ana Lucia?

JACK: Why her?

LOCKE: She's the one you went to to start an army to fight these people -- why not her? Unless you're worried about what she'll do to him.

JACK: I'll talk to her.

LOCKE: I already did. In there with him now.

[We see Ana and Gale in the armory.]

GALE: Were you on the plane, too?

ANA: I was in the tail section. We crashed on the other side of the Island.

GALE: You walked across all the way here? That must have been fun.

ANA: It had its moments. So, are you going to tell me your story, Henry?

GALE: Why bother, I've already told it to everyone -- Jack, Locke, the big black guy that cut off his beard in front of me. Oh, yeah, and my buddy, Sayid. You can see how much he liked my story.

ANA: So how about you try me.

GALE: I don't mean to be ungrateful, but why are you going to help me get out of here?

ANA: On the other side of the Island there was this guy with us. I was 100 percent convinced that he wasn't on the plane. So I dug a hole and I threw him in it.

GALE: And what happened?

ANA: I was wrong. And now he's dead. But good news for you Henry -- I don't make the same mistake twice. So how about you tell me your story?

[We see Sawyer reading a book, Sun approaches.]

SUN: Sawyer?

SAWYER: Well, hey there, Sunshine, what can I do for you?

SUN: How's your book?

SAWYER: Predictable -- not nearly enough sex.

SUN: I heard that you have all the medical supplies.

SAWYER: You heard correct.

SUN: May I look through them?

SAWYER: [chuckling] No you may not. But if you'll tell me what you're looking for...

SUN: Forget it.

[Sun starts to leave.]

SAWYER: [going after her] Okay, hold on. Now I'm intrigued. Tell you what, tell me what you're looking for and it's yours, gratis.

SUN: Can't I just look myself?

SAWYER: It's not a drugstore, sweetheart.

SUN: I need a pregnancy test.

Act 3

[We see Locke and Jack in the Hatch. Locke is listening to music while Jack stands at the armory door.]

JACK: Can't hear anything.

LOCKE: She's only been in there about 30 minutes.

JACK: How do you know he hasn't snapped her neck, John?

LOCKE: How do you know she hasn't snapped his?

[In the armory.]

ANA: So let me get this straight -- you and your wife travel around the world and crash here in a smiley-face balloon? Then she dies. You get captured by a French chick who brings you here, and then they lock you up.

GALE: It sounds kind of silly when you say it like that.

ANA: Why don't you have a beard?

GALE: Because I shaved -- because I needed something normal.

ANA: Okay, so why don't you draw me a map to your balloon? We'll go out there, we'll find it, and everybody will believe you.

GALE: That's what they all keep asking me to do -- draw a map. And if I mess up they'll crucify me.

ANA: You flew around the world in a balloon and you don't think you can draw up a good map?

GALE: Air travel -- it's a different animal. It's about wind currents and...

ANA: Do you or do you not know where it is?

GALE: Yeah, I know where it is. I went back there to bury my wife.

ANA: Why'd you do that?

GALE: Because our balloon was the closest thing we had to home. You people have been looking for someone to punish for everything that's happened to you -- someone to blame -- and now you've got him. It doesn't matter what I do, I'm dead already.

ANA: You draw up that map, Henry. I'll find your balloon. But if you don't, things are going to play out just like you said.

[We see Sun walking stealthily through the jungle. She stops and pulls out the pregnancy test. Suddenly Hurley appears holding a partially eaten Apollo bar. Sun quickly hides the test behind her back.]

HURLEY: Hey, Sun. Look what I found in the middle of the jungle. It's not even melted or nothing. Crazy, huh? You want to split it?

SUN: No. No, thank you. I was just heading to the beach.

HURLEY: Okay, well, later, dude.

[Flashback - Jin and Sun are in a doctor's office. The doctor enters.]

DR. KIM: 안녕하세요, 미스터 권. 아, 선화 씨. 죄송합니다, 오래 기다리게 해서. 아버님은 건강하시죠? [Subtitle: Hello, Mr. Kwon. Hello, Mrs. Kwon. I apologize for the wait. How is your father?]

SUN: 네, 덕분에요. [Subtitle: Well, thank you.]

DR. KIM: 아버님께 안부 좀 전해주시죠. [Subtitle: Please give him my regards.]

SUN: 그럼요. 다른 환자분들도 많으실 텐데 이렇게 시간 내 주셔서 감사합니다. [Subtitle: Of course. And thank you for seeing us so fast.]

JIN: [interrupting] 선생님, 결과는요? [Subtitle: Doctor, do you have the results?]

DR. KIM: 말씀드리기가... 별로 좋지 않습니다. 초음파 검사 결과, 부인의 나팔관은 조직 상처로 인해 다 막혀있습니다. 그래서... 수술을 하더라도... 임신 가능성은... 불가능합니다[Subtitle: I'm afraid the news is not good. The ultrasound showed advanced endometriosis - scar tissue - blocking the fallopian tubes. I'm afraid that... even with surgery... the chances of conceiving are... impossible.]

JIN: 고칠 수 없을까요? 어떻게 해서라도... [Subtitle: Can't you fix this? There must be something you can do.]

DR. KIM: 글쎄, 저는... 죄송합니다. [Subtitle: I'm afraid not, sir. I'm sorry.]

JIN: 결혼하기 전부터 알고 있었어? [Subtitle: Did you know about this before we got married?]

SUN: 뭐요? [Subtitle: What?]

JIN: 전혀 몰랐단 말야? [Subtitle: You must have had some idea.]

SUN: 이런 사실을 내가 왜 숨기겠어요? 아, 그렇지. 내가 어떻게 당신같은 잘난 남자를 꼬셨겠어요? [Subtitle: Why would I keep something like this from you? Oh, yes. I was trying to trap the son of a fisherman.]

[Jin looses his temper and pushes some papers off the doctor's desk and storms out.]

[On-Island - We see Jack and Locke in the Hatch. We hear Ana bang on the armory door.]

ANA: Coming out.

[Jack opens the door for her.]

ANA: He told me the same story he told you.

LOCKE: You believe him?

ANA: I don't know yet. I need more time with him.

LOCKE: He's all yours.

ANA: Tomorrow. I want to give him some time to think. [to Jack] If that's okay with you.

JACK: I didn't tell anyone, Ana.

ANA: No worries, man.

[We see Sayid and Charlie building something out of bamboo at the beach.]

CHARLIE: A bit large for a dining room table, isn't it?

SAYID: If we cut them in two, it will suit the purpose.

ANA: [entering] Sayid, can I talk to you?

SAYID: Of course.

ANA: Alone?

SAYID: Whatever you need to say you can say it here.

ANA: It's about the Hatch.

CHARLIE: You mean the guy locked in the closet there? What about him?

[Ana pulls a map out of her pocket and hands it to Sayid.]

ANA: It's to his balloon.

SAYID: How did you get him to do this?

ANA: I asked nicely.

SAYID: Do Jack and Locke know about this?

ANA: Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack. All I want to know is if this guy's telling the truth.

SAYID: Why come to me?

ANA: Judging from what you did to his face that's what you want, too.

SAYID: This is at least a day's walk.

ANA: Then we should get going.

Act 4

[We see Ana, Sayid and Charlie walking across a stream. Charlie stumbles and Ana reaches to help.]

ANA: You okay?

CHARLIE: I'm alright. Thanks.

[They continue walking and see a cliff in the distance.]

SAYID: [pointing] That cliff there appears to be this [showing the spot on the map].

ANA: Score one for Henry.

SAYID: Pointing out a geographical touchstone does not mean he's leading us to a balloon.

ANA: Maybe not, but at least we're on the right island.

[Sayid walks off.]

CHARLIE: Humor's not his strong suit. [Ana doesn't respond] And I'm saying this to you.

[They continue walking. Charlie looks around and sees Ana staring at him.]

CHARLIE: You looking at my bum?

ANA: No, I'm looking at your gun.

CHARLIE: My what?

ANA: Maybe you should give the gun to somebody who knows how to use it.

CHARLIE: Maybe I will. As I recall, the last time you had a gun you murdered someone.

SAYID: That's enough.

[Charlie takes the gun out and acts like he's going to give it to Ana but gives it to Sayid.]

SAYID: We'll go as far as the base of the cliff and we'll camp there.

[We see Sun and Kate sitting on the beach. Kate has the instructions to the pregnancy test.]

SUN: How long is it supposed to take?

KATE: Uh, up to two minutes.

SUN: I'm sorry -- I'm just...

KATE: I know. Where did Sawyer find one of these anyway? I mean, who flies with a pregnancy test, right?

SUN: Have you ever taken one?

KATE: Yeah.

SUN: Thank you for waiting with me and not asking why you're here and not Jin.

KATE: You're welcome. It's time.

[Sun looks and sees two pink lines.]

KATE: You're pregnant.

SUN: Is it 100 percent sure?

KATE: There's only one way to find out.

[We see Jack with the pregnancy test.]

JACK: These tests are pretty accurate. You know, a false negative in the first week maybe, but positive is a positive.

SUN: But it's impossible.

JACK: Oh, it's possible. You feeling queasy, lightheaded?

SUN: Please, Jack. This is private, nobody can know.

KATE: You're not going to tell Jin?

SUN: In time I will, it's just -- it's complicated.

JACK: As complicated as Jin being the last one on the Island to find out you spoke English? Sun, my advice -- and it's just that because I'm the last person to ask about this, but -- you should tell him. And when you do, you should tell him everything -- the whole truth. I'm going to get back to the Hatch. Congratulations, Sun.

KATE: You've been down there a lot, Jack. Is everything okay?

JACK: Sure, yeah, everything's fine. [he exits]

KATE: Are you okay? Sun?

[Flashback - Sun is looking out of a window.]

JAE: Sun? Sun. Sun are you alright?

SUN: Yes, I'm fine.

JAE: You were distracted for our entire lesson. You're not fine.

SUN: We -- Jin and I went to see a doctor. He said I cannot have children.

JAE: I'm very sorry, Sun.

SUN: I was glad.

JAE: 우리가 여기서 뭐하는 거죠? [Subtitle: Why are we here?]

SUN: 저한테 영어를 가르쳐 주시고 있잖아요. [Subtitle: Because you're teaching me English.]

JAE: 선 씨는 이미 한달 전부터 영어를 유창하게 하는데요, 왜 영어를 배우려는 거죠? [Subtitle: You've been practically fluent for a month now. Why are you learning English?]

SUN: 저... 미국에 가려고요. [Subtitle: Because I'm moving to America.]

JAE: 진수 씨하고... 헤어질 생각이세요? 난 한 여자 때문에 미국으로 도망갔었어요. 그것이 사랑인줄 알고... 하지만 자기 인생에서 도망갈 순 없죠. [Subtitle: Jin. You're going to leave him. I ran away to America for a woman because I thought I was in love. But you can't run away from your life.]

SUN: 그럼... 그 사람이 제 인생의 전부인가요? 저는요? [Subtitle: And Jin? Is he my life? I should stay because-]

JAE: I'm not saying you should stay for Jin.

[They stare at each other silently.]

[On-Island - We see Sayid sitting at a campfire. Charlie is sleeping. Ana enters.]

ANA: Do you mind?

SAYID: You should sleep while you can.

ANA: Yeah, I can't sleep. People don't like me. I tried to get them to most of my life. I guess I just gave up a while back. I mean, I am what I am. But you -- you've got a good reason to hate me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did.

SAYID: You were trying to protect your people. It wasn't you that killed Shannon; it was them. And once we find out he is one of them then something will have to be done.

Act 5

[We see Sayid watching Ana sleep.]

ANA: [waking] What?

SAYID: Nothing.

ANA: It's going to rain.

SAYID: We should get moving.

CHARLIE: [entering] Morning! Who wants breakfast? I have papayas and papayas.

SAYID: Let's go.

CHARLIE: Right, why eat?

[We see them walking in the rain when they come to a large clearing.]

SAYID: [looking at the map] This is it.

CHARLIE: This balloon would be rather large, right?

SAYID: Why am I not surprised?

ANA: We need to look some more.

SAYID: This is where he said it would be.

ANA: If I'm going to back your play on this, Sayid, we need to be sure.

SAYID: I'll divide the area into 3 grids, so search as thoroughly as you please.

[We see Jin with his fishing net at the shore. He sees Bernard struggling with a net of his own.]

BERNARD: Oh, for the love of god.

JIN: 펼쳐 놔야지. 한데 모아놓지 말고, 펼쳐 놔야 돼.

BERNARD: Oh, no, no, no, it's not for fish.

JIN: 아니, 아뇨...

BERNARD: No, no, no, oysters. [he makes a gesture to indicate a shell opening and picking something out] Pearl, for Rose.

JIN: Ahhh.


JIN: [shaking his head] 시간 낭비하지 마세요. No oyster. No oyster here.

BERNARD: Ah, of course not. Why would there be?

SAWYER: [entering] Yo, Daddy-o.

JIN: Sawyer.

SAWYER: Way to go, Papa-san. You didn't waste much time. I'd give you a cigar, Bernie, but I'm fresh out.

BERNARD: Sun's pregnant?

SAWYER: Keep it down there, Suzie; I don't think Jin Sr. here knows yet.

[Jin hears them speaking backwards.]

[Scene switches to Jin replanting Sun's garden. Sun enters.]

SUN: 여기서 뭐하는 거에요? [Subtitle: What are you doing?]

JIN: 내가 잘못했으니까 바로 해 놔야지. [Subtitle: I'm fixing a mistake.]

SUN: 그럴 필요는 없는데... [Subtitle: You didn't have to.]

JIN: 아니, 내가 그렇게 했잖아. 자기야... 난 니가 필요해. [Subtitle: Yes, I did. I need you.]

SUN: 네? [Subtitle: What?]

JIN: 난 이런건 너무 싫어. 자꾸 싸우는 거. 근데 내가 어떻게 해야... 다른 사람들하고 얘기도 할 수 없어. 의사소통이 전혀 안 돼. 난 당신이 필요해. [Subtitle: I hate being this way. Fighting. And I can't -- I can't talk to anyone. I can't understand them. I need you, Sun. ]

SUN: 진수 씨, 난... [Subtitle: Jin, I...]

JIN: 아냐, 괜찮아... 미안하다. 다 내가 못나서... [Subtitle: It's okay -- I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to...]

SUN: 나 임신했어요. [Subtitle: I'm pregnant.]

JIN: 뭐? 임신? [Subtitle: What? You're...]

SUN: 임신이요, 여보. [Subtitle: I'm pregnant, Jin.]

[Jin is joyful and hugs Sun, lifting her off the ground.]

SUN: 진수 씨, 내 말 좀 들어. [Subtitle: Jin, listen to me.]

JIN: 왜? [Subtitle: What is it? ]

SUN: 당신한테... 당신한테 할 얘기가 있어요. [Subtitle: There's something -- there's something I need to tell you.]

[Flashback - We see Sun walking her dog. A car pulls up beside her.]

DR. KIM: 백선화 씨! 선 씨! [Subtitle: Sun! Sun!]

SUN: 김 선생님? [Subtitle: Dr. Kim?]

DR. KIM: 잠깐 차에 타시죠. [Subtitle: Will you get in the car?]

SUN: 왜요? 무슨 일이시죠? [Subtitle: What? Why?]

DR. KIM: 잠시 드릴 말씀이 있습니다. [Subtitle: Please, I need to speak with you.]

[Sun seems a bit apprehensive out and starts walking away. Dr. Kim gets out of his car.]

DR. KIM: 잠시만요! 잠깐이면 돼요. 선 씨, 지난번엔 제가 큰 잘못을 했습니다. 사실은요, 선 씨에게 문제가 있는게 아니고요... [Subtitle: Wait! Please! I've done something terrible. It's not you that can't have children.]

SUN: 네? [Subtitle: What?]

DR. KIM: 부군에게 문제가 있습니다. [Subtitle: It's him. It's your husband.]

SUN: 아니, 뭐 때문에 그런... [Subtitle: But why would you...?]

DR. KIM: 그땐 제가 어떻게 할 수가 없었어요. 죄송합니다, 정말 죄송합니다. 부군께서 아버님 밑에서 일하지 않습니까. 그런 사람에게 제가 사실대로 마냥 다 얘기했다면 그 분은 제 병원을 불살라 버렸을 겁니다! [Subtitle: I couldn't. I'm so sorry. Your husband, he works for your father. If I told a man like him he couldn't -- he would burn my practice to the ground!]

SUN: 왜 이 얘기를 이제 하시는 거죠? [Subtitle: Why are you telling me this now?]

DR. KIM: 선 씨가 이 사실을 다 아셔야 하니까요. [Subtitle: Because you deserve to know the truth.]

[On-Island - We see Jin and Sun, still in the garden. Jin looks stunned and sits down.]

JIN: 왜 나한테 얘기 안 했어? [Subtitle: Why didn't you tell me?]

SUN: 어떻게 얘기를 해요... [Subtitle: How could I?]

JIN: 아니 만약 내가... 나한테 문제가 있다면... 어떻게 아이가 생길 수 있지? [Subtitle: If I can't -- how can there be a baby?]

SUN: 당신한테 맹세하는데... 나한테는 당신 뿐이야. 그게 사실이고. [Subtitle: I swear to you, Jin, I have never been with another man. That is the truth.]

JIN: [Taking a long pause] 그랬다면... 이건 기적이야. [Subtitle: Then it's a miracle.]

[They hug.]

Act 6

[We see Sun and Jin working in the garden together.]

JIN: 만약 아들이면, 우리 아버지 이름에서 한 자를 따면 어떨까? [Subtitle: If it's a boy I'd like to use a character from my father's name.]

SUN: 하나는 우리 엄마 이름으로 해요. [Subtitle: And perhaps one from my mother's.]

JIN: 사람들에게 알려도 돼? [Subtitle: Can we tell people?]

SUN: 잭하고 케이트는 벌써 알고 있고... 아마 소이어도 알고 있을 거에요. [Subtitle: Well, Jack and Kate already know. And Sawyer probably knows.]

JIN: [Nodding] Daddy-o. 그럼 버나드도 알고 있겠네? [Subtitle: And Bernard knows, too.]

SUN: 섬에서 아마 모르는 사람 없을걸요? [Subtitle: We'll be lucky if there's anyone left to tell.]

JIN: 배 안 고파? 우리 점심 먹으러 가자. [Subtitle: Are you ready for lunch? Shall we go back?]

SUN: 나, 한 20분만이라도 혼자 있고 싶은데... 그냥 혼자서... 당신이 괜찮다면. [Subtitle: I'd like to stay for another 20 minutes or so -- by myself. If that's alright with you.]

JIN: [Disappointed] 그럼 그렇게 해. 바닷가에서 보자. [Subtitle: Of course. That's fine. I'll see you back at the beach.]

SUN: 사랑해. [Subtitle: I love you.]

[Jin stops in his tracks and kisses her.]

JIN: [in English] I love you. [he exits]

[Sun puts her hands on her belly and smiles.]

[We see Gale reading in the armory. Jack enters.]

JACK: How is it?

GALE: [reading from the book] Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honor those whom they have slain. [to Jack] So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?

JACK: Either way, it sounds like you end up dead.

GALE: That's the spirit.

JACK: In the mood for some breakfast?

[We see Locke getting bowls and cereal. Jack leads Gale out of the armory. Locke looks surprised. Gale sees the computer room.]

GALE: What's the computer for?

JACK: Nothing.

GALE: Cereal? Wow, where'd you guys get cereal?

LOCKE: It was down here all along. The pantry's full of food.

GALE: How old is it? [Jack and Locke don't respond] You guys don't know much, huh? I mean, I'd be asking all kinds of questions about all this stuff down here. You guys don't even seem that curious.

JACK: Do you want the cereal or don't you?

GALE: This must be my reward for good behavior, huh? I guess I earned myself some good will for finally drawing that map for Ana.

LOCKE: What map?

GALE: To my balloon.

JACK: [to Locke] Did you...


GALE: Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you? Guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them -- these people that you seem to think are your enemies -- what would I do? Well, there'd be no balloon, so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush -- good place for a trap -- an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they'd use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?