"The Well of Holes" is an orchestral piece on the season 6 soundtrack. It features the theme for the Heart of the Island, which plays only during the finale and is the final theme of the series to be introduced.

Main appearance

Jack and the Man in Black bring Desmond toward the Heart of the Island. They then lower him down, and the Man likens the scene to entering the Hatch. Jack reminds him that he isn't Locke and the two debate how right Locke was about the Island.

Full list of appearances

The theme plays during the following scenes:


The first movement begins with Claire's theme and then moves into the home theme. The second movement begins with the piece's new theme before moving into a percussive variation of the Light theme and finally ending on the new motif.


The theme appears in "Blood From a Locke", "The Hole Shabang", "Down The Hobbit Hole", "If A Tree Falls", "The Long Kiss Goodbye" and "Pulling Out All The Stops".

Title significance

The title likely references the Well of Souls. Jews believe Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac at this site, and Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad ascended from it. Desmond, who earlier referenced Abraham and Isaac, enters the Heart in this scene. Widmore called Desmond's actions a sacrifice. Later, Jack miraculously ascends from the Heart back to the surface.