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Mobisode 1 - "The Watch"

Writer - Carlton Cuse

Director - Jack Bender

[Jack is throwing rocks into the ocean. Wearing shades, his hair is longer than normal.]

CHRISTIAN: Whatcha doin' there, kiddo?

[Camera turns to show Christian walking towards Jack on a beach. They are in front of the hotel where Jack will get married.]

JACK: Just throwing rocks.

CHRISTIAN: Good! Good, you get all that rock throwing out before you get married.

JACK: Well, it was either this or being inside with Sarah and the wedding planner figuring out where all the flowers go.

CHRISTIAN: Wise choice! Listen, before tonight; before... before things get crazy, I wanted to give you something. This was my dad's, and I just – I thought it would only be fitting.

[Christian pulls a watch out of a white handkerchief.]

JACK: I've never seen you wear it before.

CHRISTIAN: Well that's because I never did. [Jack and Christian chuckle] Your grandfather... didn't really like ... your mother. You know, he thought marrying her was a mistake. He told me—to my face—that, the day that I got married. And then he gave me this watch. So I never wore it.

JACK: Dad, are you trying to tell me something?

CHRISTIAN: Unlike me, you have made the absolute right choice.

JACK [chuckling]: Thank you.

CHRISTIAN: So here, it's yours.

[Jack puts the watch on.]

JACK: I guess this is really happenin', huh?

CHRISTIAN: Ooh... as soon as they arrange those flowers and you run out of rocks...

JACK [chuckling]: Well there's a lot of rocks out here.

CHRISTIAN: Would you do me a favor? If you and Sarah ever have a kid, try to treat him a little better than I treated you.

JACK: No pressure, right?

CHRISTIAN: I'll see you inside, kiddo.

JACK: Yeah.


JACK: Yeah.