"The Substitute"
6x04-The Subs Comp
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Substitute" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays at the end of the episode of the same name.

Main appearance

In a flash sideways, Dr. Linus introduces himself to Locke.

On the Island, the Man in Black shows Sawyer the names in the cave and explains that Jacob approached the survivors, including Sawyer, and recruited them as potential substitutes. He gives James three choices - do nothing and risk death, protect the island from nothing, or leave. James chooses to leave.

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The piece begins with the deja vu motif. It later includes the cue that becomes Sayid's flash sideways theme. The piece's own theme is a variation of FLocke's theme.

Title significance

The piece takes its name from the episode in which in appears in.

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