Kelvin Joe Inman

Portrayed by Clancy Brown

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Kelvin Joe Inman
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Before his arrival to the island

  • Worked with Kate's stepfather in the Gulf War
  • Manipulated Sayid into torturing fellow soldiers under the pretense that they required an Arabic speaking person to translate. Later on in One of Them it is found out that Inman speaks Arabic himself
  • Gave Sayid money so he could leave Iraq for good
  • Claimed to be a spy for ten years when talking to Desmond. Most likely worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), as the tape shown to Sayid says "property of the DIA".
    • Said he left because " followed my orders."
    • Claimed that after leaving the service, he joined the Dharma Initiative, saying bitterly "Namaste, Thank You, and Good Luck"

On the Island

Clancy 2

As Joe Inman in Iraq and Kelvin in the hatch.

  • Operator of the Swan research station with his partner Radzinsky and, later, Desmond.
  • Rescued Desmond from his shipwrecked Elizabeth.
  • Enlisted Desmond as his partner to push the button in the Swan.
  • Continued working on the Blast Door Map after Radzinsky committed suicide in the Swan.
  • Planned to escape the Island by secretly repairing Elizabeth under the guise of investigating the Island.
  • Accidentally killed, or at least knocked out and severely wounded, by Desmond.
  • Wore a biohazard suit when he left the hatch to explore the island in an effort to convince Desmond it was dangerous to leave the hatch. The suit, however, was obviously a ploy, as the suit was compromised and he took it off as soon as he got out of the hatch.

Cultural references

  • Kelvin is also the name of the main character in Stanisław Lem's book "Solaris". In this book, astronauts are sent to a planet that makes elements from their memories materialise. E.g. Kelvin's dead wife comes and visit him in the space station. This bears some similarities with the appearances of Jack's dead father in season 1, Kate's black horse, and Hurley's imaginary friend Dave in season 2. Just like planet Solaris, the island might make elements from the survivors' unconscious come (physically) true.
  • Kelvin is the SI's (International System of Units) unit of temperature
    • One of the scientific mysteries of superconductors is that they do not have sharply defined Critical Temperatures. Typically, the transition from normal to superconducting state takes place over a range of about 5 degrees Kelvin. One critical temperature that falls in this range with a reading of about 94 Kelvin for YBa2Cu3O7, and about 108 Kelvin for Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10.
  • The SI unit derives from work of the Irish-Scottish scientist [Lord Kelvin], aka William Thompson (1824-1907), who created one of the first temperature scales, and did critical research on subjects like electromagnetism, thermodynamics, cross-continent communication, etc.
  • In James P. Blaylock's novel "Lord Kelvin's Machine", Lord Kelvin invented an electromagnetic device which would negate the earth's magnetic field for a brief time in order to avoid a collision with an iron-bearing comet. The hero spends the first part of the novel trying to prevent the machine from being turned on, as the result would be cataclysmic. Also of note, the book, which takes place in an alternate Victorian era, makes use of Maxwell's Equations, a series of equations that describe gravity and magnetism. In the real world, Maxwell only came up with 4 equations. To account for all the impossible science that exists in the alternate world, Blaylock had his Maxwell come up with an additional 12 laws, bringing the total to a Swan friendly 16.


  • Kelvin wanted Flight 815 to crash, and drew Desmond out of the Hatch so that system failure would occur, pulling the plane down.
    • What/Where is the evidence for this? How could Kelvin had known about a plane that was going to be off course?
  • Kelvin is not dead.
    • He has to be dead. His neck broke (there was snapping sound effect when he was thrown to the ground), and his head was bloody.
  • Kelvin killed Radzinsky
  • There was a theory that Joe Inman from One of Them and Kelvin Inman from Live Together, Die Alone are separate characters (twins or clones), but Carlton Cuse, the writer of both episodes, said in a podcast that it's one character and his name is Kelvin Joe Inman. His name was given as Joe so as not to reveal too early that he is Kelvin.
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