"The Stick With Me Speech"
6x17-The Stick With Me Speech
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"The Stick With Me Speech" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays during the series finale.

Scene description

A Hummer arrives at the Flightline Motel. Hurley offers Sayid a tranquilizer gun, but Sayid doesn't remember their last trip here and doesn't understand. Hurley gives him the option to leave, but Sayid declines.

Hurley knocks on a room door and Charlie answers it, drunk and angry. Hurley attempts to convince him to play the evening's concert, but Charlie refuses. So instead shoots Charlie with a tranquilizer dart and drags him to the car by force. When Sayid asks Hurley who the person is, Hurley casually explains, "That was Charlie."

On the Island, Jack tells Kate that he became protector because he ruined everything else in his life. She tries to convince him otherwise, but Hurley cuts their conversation short.


The piece begins with Hurley's flash sideways theme. Desmond's flash sideways theme plays after a bit. Hurley's third theme starts a second movement, which ends with his first theme. The third movement is a variation on the second traveling theme.

Title significance

In a flash sideways, Hurley tells Charlie "if you stick with me, you'll be happy you did". On the island, Kate suggests Jack renounce his quest, perhaps in favor of a life with her, a trope common to the hero's journey, according to a Season 6 DVD extra.