The Others have a number of watercraft at their disposal. As well as a submarine, they have been seen with a trawler-like vehicle and a small fishing boat.

Fishing boat

The fishing boat first appeared in "Exodus, Part 2", during Walt's kidnapping from the raft. Later, Michael asks the Others for the boat in "Three Minutes", and is given it, along with Walt, at the end of "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2" in exchange for bringing Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to them. He is told to follow a compass bearing of 325 to find rescue. When Michael and Walt came to land, they sold the boat in exchange for money in order to return to New York. Location at the time of Season Six: unknown, probably somewhere in the world far away from the Island.


Trawler seen in the distance while Ben is being lifted onto the rowboat

The trawler-like boat was shown in "Stranger in a Strange Land", used to transport the Others, along with Jack, back to the main Island from the smaller Hydra Island. This ship was anchored off-shore and reached by a small rowboat from the beach on Hydra Island. Its exact location afterwards is not known.

The Elizabeth

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Originally belonging to Desmond, the Others captured the boat soon after the plane crashed on the Island. ("The Glass Ballerina") During The War, it was retrieved by Sawyer in order to transport himself and his friends to Hydra Island. ("The Last Recruit")

The Galaga

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The Others' submarine seen in "The Man from Tallahassee" and "One of Us". It originally belonged to the DHARMA Initiative. Location at the time of season six: previously destroyed by John Locke.


  • Sawyer told Michael it didn't look like the fishing boat had a range of more than 100 miles while both were on the destroyed raft.
  • The trawler ship closely resembles a type of research vessel built around 1965 (see an image of a similar ship here).