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Alternatively, perhaps [[the Numbers]] are the first six numbers infinitely long sequence. One such sequence is defined by
Alternatively, perhaps [[the Numbers]] are the first six numbers infinitely long sequence. One such sequence is defined by
S(n)=(1/40)(2400 - 4896n + 3670n^2 - 1175n^3 + 170n^4 - 9n^5) (derived using the Lagrange Polynomial). According to this formula, then next equation in the sequence is 46.
S(n)=(1/40)(2400 - 4896n + 3670n^2 - 1175n^3 + 170n^4 - 9n^5) (derived using the Lagrange Polynomial). According to this formula, then next equation in the sequence is 46.
Maybe the Numbers are a mixture of several sequences, for example:
2 '''4''' '''8''' '''16''' 32 64...
where next number is previous multiplied by 2, and
2 '''8''' '''15''' '''23''' '''42''' 52 63...
where you have to add 6, 7, 8, 9... accordingly to the previous number.
=== [[Valenzetti Equation]] ===
=== [[Valenzetti Equation]] ===

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(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

Below are a list of theories about the origin and meaning of the Numbers.


Equations for the Numbers

There are exactly six solutions to the following equation:

x^6 - 108x^5 + 4405x^4 - 87270x^3 + 881464x^2 - 4239552x + 7418880 = 0 {1}

The six solutions (roots) are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

The {1} equation can also be rewritten as:

(x - 4) * (x - 8) * (x - 15) * (x - 16) * (x - 23) * (x - 42) = 0 {2}

The 108 and 7418880 numbers in the expanded form {1} are a direct result of simply expanding the {2}. In any equation in the form {2}, the coefficient of x^5 is always the addition of all the solutions (roots) and the loose term (with no x^n) in {1} is always the multiplication of the solutions (roots). For example:

{1}: x^6 - 30x^5 + 354x^4 - 2080x^3 + 6309x^2 - 9090x + 4536 = 0

{2}:(x - 1) * (x - 3) * (x - 4) * (x - 6) * (x - 7) * (x - 9) = 0

The solutions to the above equations are 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9. 30 is 1+3+4+6+7+9 and 4536 is 1*3*4*6*7*9.

Alternatively, perhaps the Numbers are the first six numbers infinitely long sequence. One such sequence is defined by S(n)=(1/40)(2400 - 4896n + 3670n^2 - 1175n^3 + 170n^4 - 9n^5) (derived using the Lagrange Polynomial). According to this formula, then next equation in the sequence is 46.

Maybe the Numbers are a mixture of several sequences, for example:

2 4 8 16 32 64...

where next number is previous multiplied by 2, and

2 8 15 23 42 52 63...

where you have to add 6, 7, 8, 9... accordingly to the previous number.

Valenzetti Equation

See also:Valenzetti Island (theory)

  • The Numbers could be the solution to the Valenzetti Equation, specifying either the remaining time left before the extinction of the human race or the date/time of humanity's demise. ie: 42 years, 8 months, 23 days, 4 hours, 16 minutes, 15 seconds, or 23 years, 42 days, 8 months, 4 days, 15 hours, and 16 minutes, or many other permutations of the Numbers. This is unlikely, however, for the following reason:
  • The DHARMA Initiative is experimenting with the equation to see if they can use it to change the future and/or extend human life.
    • This is strongly suggested by the Sri Lanka video, in which a man claiming to be Alvar Hanso states "That is the work to which you have committed yourselves. Change the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, and you will change the course of destiny."
    • The blast door map makes a reference to "Valenzetti-related research activity".
    • This could explain a lot of phenomenon on the Island: the polar bears, who ordinarily would perish in such an environment; accelerated healing; the button's ability to prevent electromagnetic build-up seemingly by doing nothing more than entering the Numbers; the Others (assuming they are connected with the DHARMA Initiative) regarding themselves as "good" people; and so on.
    • The Others may have successfully changed one of the core values by kidnapping Walt.
      • Ben (aka Henry Gale) says to Michael in the final episode of the second season "we got more than we bargained for when Walt joined us."
    • What would happen when the Numbers change, presuming the Swan station had a real effect on the study instead of or in addition to being a psychological experiment?
      • Will the Numbers the button-pusher enters change (ie, space-time continuum is preserved and so the "new reality" is the changed set of numbers)? Will the recipient computer somehow sense this? Does, then, the recipient device exist "outside" the space/time continuum?
      • Will the reaction to the Numbers change? IE, will the same numbers no longer reset the countdown, requiring use of the Failsafe?
      • However the Numbers change, will the researchers be able to determine if it is for the better or for the worse?
  • In the Sri Lanka Video, Alvar Hanso made it clear that the Valenzetti Equation was developed in 1962. Obviously any prediction would have to be after this date.
  • The Numbers represent a value in the Valenzetti Equation corresponding to different ways of human distinction as mentioned in the Sri Lanka video.

e.g. 4 nuclear fire
8 chemical
15 biological warfare
16 conventional warfare
23 pandemic
42 over-population

The goal to reach a mortality of 30% in a village also mentioned in the Sri Lanka video is an effort to change the value 23 to 30 for pandemic.

  • If the Valenzetti Equation was developed around 1962 (following the Cuban Missile Crisis), wich was before Dharma came to the Island, the core values MUST have been changed by the Incident. If th equation really predicts "Dooms Day", a button pushing protocol to save the world every 108 minutes would have to change it. The Numbers may also have changed after the Fail Safe.


This whole equation story is a bit weak. Please have in mind that the Sri Lanka video may be fake or explaining some cover up. If the Numbers are some factors in an equation they should be an ordered set, in other words each number should correspond to a particular value in the equation. Now what we see is that the Numbers are in sorted order - it is extremely unlikely that an equation of such great complexity to have factor ordering matching the sorted sequence. The second thing is that the Numbers are small integers, which is nearly impossible for a real-world (physical) equation.

There has to be some logical explanation why the Numbers bring bad luck, and why exactly Hurley crashed on the Island. The only possible reason could be that the Numbers trigger some "mental skills" in the people who use them. Once you use the Numbers a certain organization can track you and organize your transportation to the Island. In case the Others are in possession of mind-control technologies there are many possible scenarios how they could organize this. They might even be able to make Desmond follow Kelvin outside the Hatch and cause the system failure to bring the plane down or make the pilot to fly the plane to the Island.

Now thinking about why the Numbers could be in sorted order - may be they show the magnetic peaks of the geological magnet in the Swan. The last number is 42, the number of years between start of the experiment and the crash. There is no next number because the magnet has been destroyed. Possibly this magnet protected the world from something and now it's gone. Walt warned Locke not to open the Hatch, which suggests that something bad will happen if Locke open that hatch (no more magnet).

Numerology / Pseudo-Numerology


Numerology is often criticized because it is possible to make any number out of any other number if you're determined enough. Adding digits, etc and looking for patterns where none exist could be an exercise in futility.

4+8=12 "L" is the 12th number of the alphabet 4+15=19 15 is in the sequence and "O" is the 15th number 4+16=20 "T" is the 20th number in the alphabet 42-23=19 "S" is the 19th letter


L(12) + O(15) + S(19) + T(20) = 66

In traditional Chaldean numerology "LOST" translates to the number 17 which reduces (1+7) to the number 8. In Chaldean numerology 8 is the number of Saturn, and its meaning vibrates to concept of Karma, Kismet, fate, or destiny.

In addition, each of the Numbers has its own secret meaning.

  • 4 - represents Uranus, the father of Saturn. He disrupts and changes the status quo. He breaks down old belief systems and establishes new ones.
  • 15 - represents the Magician. It symbolizes the power to rule, but more importantly, when appearing with the number 4 or 8, is symbolizes dark magic. In that case it represents the misuse of power through black magic, hypnosis, and mental suggestion to victimize others.
  • 16 - represents the Shattered Citadel or Falling Tower. The story represented by the number is that of a prince who goes to the top of the tower under false pretenses. There he is struck by lightning and falls to his death.
  • 23 - represents Synchronicity. With 23 there are no coincidences. It is an extremely fortunate number in most cases because it represents how the universe uses interconnection to fulfill its purposes.
  • 42 - represents Love, Money, and Creativity. It is another fortunate number that promises prosperous gains in all three areas.

A numerologist would read the Numbers as they appear and treat each occurrence as a new reading. For example Oceanic Airlines Flight 815:

  • 8+15 = 23 which represents Synchronicity
  • 8 and 15 = the use of Black Magic(15) to force Karma(8) on another
  • Oceanic = 7, Airlines = 3, Flight = 6 (use a Numerology Calculator available online)
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight = 16 or the Shattered Citadel
  • Oceanic Flight = 7+6 = 13 or Regeneration and Change
  • Oceanic Flight 815 = 7+6+8+1+5 = 26 which is a very difficult Karmic number that indicates loneliness, isolation, and suffering
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 = 7+3+6+8+1+5 = 29 which is another very heavy number ironically called Grace Under Pressure

The reading would then suggest:

a flight with heavy Karmic overtones that would be potentially life changing.

Unfortunately, however, the passengers of such a flight would have very little control over their own destinies.

Alphanumerical Speculation

Consider a simple number-to-letter relationship (second line is used to avoid computing modulos):

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z
01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26
27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47  48  49  50  51  52

Consider the Numbers written side by side, with no space, considered as digits : 4 8 1 5 1 6 2 3 4 2

Replace the first three digits with their respective letters, it is D for 4, H for 8, A for 1, so "DHA". But that's all, but there is a way to finish the word, but it's not that simple :

Then next digits are 5 1, take it as a 51, then subtract the left and right digits to this 51 : 51 - 1 - 6 = 44, 44 modulo 26 is 18, sor R.

Use the same pattern with the next two unused digits, so 2 3, previous is 6, next is 4, so 23 - 6 - 4 = 13, so M

Next digit is 4, previous to 4 is 3 and 4 - 3 is 1, so A.

Using this technique, you can build DHARMA from the Numbers, but one of the biggest weakness of this stuff is that the last digit is never used...

Phone Theory

If you type the numbers into predictive text on a Sony Ericsson, you get 'It'l.mafia'. The mafia originated in Italy. Is it a sign?

Non decimal Numbers

See also:Binary Code (theory).

  • Keep in mind the DHARMA symbols are similar to Bagua. Well they are easily broken back down to binary numbers, technically octal since there are 8 bagua symbols (the yin/yang lines around the outside).
    • Decimal: 4 8 15 16 23 42 = 108
    • Octal: 04, 10, 17, 20, 27, 52 = 154
    • Hex: 4, 8, F, 10, 17, 2A = 6C
    • Binary, 100, 1000, 1111, 10000, 10111, 101010 = 1101100
  • Also, the above number systems are not showing us the conversions of 4 8 15 16 23 42 to another system, they are merely converting the decimal value of the Numbers to other bases. However, we know that the Numbers cannot be octal because there is no 8 in base8 number system (just like there is no number past 9 in base10). Therefore, the Numbers have to be written in either decimal or hex, in which case, the Numbers in hex would be translated as follows:
    • Numbers in decimal (if originally in hex): 4, 8, 21, 22, 35, 66 = 156
    • If they are in hex, this could be a program for the computer. The best I can disassemble it to is the following, in Z80 assembly (the Z80 may be a little new for DHARMA's terminals, which are probably linked to an DEC VAX or IBM mainframe), which doesn't seem to do much:
      • INC B
      • EX AF,AF'
      • LD HL,$16
      • DEC HL
      • LD H,HL
  • The octal theory is reinforced by the four-toed statue. A race with 8 toes (assuming 8 fingers as well) would most likely have an octal numbering system.

Periodic Table

Following the discovery that Hg (Henry Gale) is Mercury, is there a chance that our numbers relate to elements from the periodic table:

  • 4 - Beryllium - Be
  • 8 - Oxygen - O
  • 15 - Phosphorous - P
  • 16 - Sulfur - S
  • 23 - Vanadium - V
  • 42 - Molybdenum - Mo This spells Beopsvmo = nothing relevant at all but lets make something up.

This doesn't appear to present anything useful, but if we take the corresponding letters an employ the good old anagram game we get - Bop moves. BOP either stands for Bayesian Oscillation Pattern, Base of Preference, Bit Orientated Protocol, Basic Object Persistence or Bureau of Prisons. Does any of that mean anything to anyone? It seems likely to me that its the Bayesian.... one, as this refers to British mathematician and minister Thomas Bayes whose work centered around probability, while oscillation patterns concern forecasting and in some cases climate.

Connect Four

A depiction of the Big Dipper Theory

If you number the spaces in a Connect Four board, it creates an image of the Big Dipper. The Big Dipper could be seen in the episode "The Long Con" when Sayid and Hurley are using the radio to pick up a WXO radio station. - Are we assuming the plane went down in the Southern Hemisphere? Then would the Big Dipper be visible at that latitude?

Leonard was playing connect four while chanting the numbers


It may be possible that the addition of the Numbers to total 108, may have a connection to the mysterious "sickness". For example, Henry Gale explains he has been there four months and that his wife died three weeks ago. If we say 4 months equates to 124 days and we take away 21, we get 103, give or take a few days here and there, 108 days may be the gestation period for the sickness to fatally strike. However, given "Gale" has been proven a fake, the wife might not exist at all.

  • Also, Rousseau told Sayid that the sickness came two months after she arrived on the Island, suggesting a gestation period of around 60 days.


The Bible

The Numbers could refer to Psalms from the King James Bible.

  • Psalm 4: An Evening Prayer of Trust in God
  • Psalm 8: God's Glory & Man's Honor
  • Psalm 15: Inhabitants of God's Holy Hill
  • Psalm 16: A Goodly Heritage
  • Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd
  • Psalm 42: Thirsting for God
  • Psalm 108: A Prayer for Help Against the Foe

This notion is also supported by what Eko said to Locke when giving him the Bible he'd found, "I believe what's inside there will be of great value to you". Although he was referring to the tape inside, it could also have been a nod from the show's writers, although using the Bible in the above way could be considered to be a form of numerology by Christians.

Although it has been debunked, the Purgatory by Dante indicates that each of the groups of repentants (all on different tiers, repenting each of the 7 Deadly Sins) sing/chant a different Psalm or story of the Bible. Each Psalm/story corresponds to the sin they are repenting, as in the Prideful chant Blessed are the poor in spirit, the Envious chant the story of Vinum Non Habent, where Mary is concerned with the poor not having wine, the Wrathful sing Agnus Dei (Lamb of God), which concerns mercy, etc.

See also:The Bible

Mathematical Series & The Bible

Didn't know where else to add this but I still think this is somehow part of a mathematical series as the relation the Numbers seem to have to one another is less than random.

We all know this:

  • 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

but there is also 66 books in the bible...

  • 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 = 66
  • 108 - 42 = 66

Don't know what this means but I saw one similar formula as follows

  • 6^2 + 6^2 + 6^2 = 108

And 666 is the number of the beast in the Bible which is significant during the apocalypse hence why the Numbers are related to the end of humanity. A Bible was found in Arrow station. Perhaps these number reference pertinent scripture. As well, the number of God is apparently 777 and the number of Jesus is 888. Perhaps the goal is to shift the Numbers so that somehow there is an equation to 777 or 888, signifying salvation. Of possible note, Oceanic Flight 815 was a Boeing 777. I will add more when I have had time to do some scripture look-ups to see if anything matches. I saw someone else post something about it but is a pretty loose match.

Also, the corresponding alphabetical letters in the word LOST, L=12, O=15, S=19 and T=20 add up to 66. 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108. 108 - 42 = 66. Interesting...

Coordinates System

8:15 as Lat/Long

8 and 15 appears as the second and third numbers from the Numbers and in Oceanic Flight 815. If you input 8:15 for both Latitude and Longitude degrees (8 deg, 15 min, 00 sec) you wind up in the middle of Nigeria. Check it out here Interesting, as Mr. Eko is from Nigeria. Also from Lostpedia: "The coordinates 9.338 7.731 are located in central Nigeria, 93387731 = 9FFTR731 (on a phone keypad) (DI 9FFTR731 - the code on the Food packaging)"

The Island contains at least two things that might have come from Nigeria: the drug smugglers' plane filled with heroine, and the slaves in the Black Rock.

Alternative Coordinates

  • Is it possible that the Numbers are indeed coordinates, but not to a location on a map, more to a particular dimension in time and space?, as suggested in Walt's comic, Green Lantern and Flash Faster Friends. To talk about 6 dimensions we need to look at the Many Worlds Interpretation on Wikipedia, which states "This six-dimensional object can also be regarded as a quantum superposition of two "alternative histories" of the original system S, one in which "up" was observed and the other in which "down" was observed.", this would also seem to tie in with the ideas of portals and dimensions that are featured in Faster Friends 2.
  • It could also be the coordinates of a linear trajectory encoded by two points in three-dimensional space: e.g. (4,8,15), (16,23,42).


See also: Constellations and the Numbers.

The Numbers as a Date

  • The exact moment is April 8th, 2015 16:23:42 (4/8/15 16h 23' 42")
  • Considering that the purpose of Valenzetti Equation was to predict the end of the world, the results of that equation, The Numbers, refers to an exactly moment in time, the moment when the world ends.
  • Actually, The objective of the DHARMA Initiative described in Sri Lanka Video was to do as much as possible to change this values, what means, to change the date of the end of the world.
  • The Flashes into the Future that appears in the last chapter of Season 3 "Through The Looking Glass" and continious in Season 4, would make possible to travel until 2015, or even watch this fatal last moment through Desmond mind.

The "Design"

  • What if the most unlikely and minute circumstances in your lifetime revolved around some reoccurring force? Is it possible that these 6 seemingly random numbers can connect other random individuals? Is this how the survivors connect to one another? With some exploration, the "Design" theory is based on the very notion that connections, whether brief or extensive, have in some way passed through the Numbers. Although, it would be easy to believe that they are bad, there are some ways in which they could also be good. There is no doubt that certain individuals created different interpretations of these Numbers, some believed that is was mathematical (thus, the Valenzetti Equation) and others thought they were irrelevant. There was a familiar phrase from Emily Locke when she tells John that he "was part of a design" and that their meeting was a "sign of great things to come." We have seen how the Numbers were a brief part of his life, but we also have discovered the consequences of that meeting.
  • The real question is where does this "Design" begin?
    • DHARMA = 6 stations = "core numerical values" & "manipulating the environment" = 6 members of the design (Locke...)

Perception of the Numbers

It's possible that if the Island can control people's dreams (ie. Locke's plane dream and Charlie's dreams in "Fire + Water" then could it not be controlling the flashbacks also? ie. adding the Numbers into what they remember, and what we see on the screen? They may still have turned up, but not as often as we have seen, so Hurley still used them to win the lottery and heard them originally from Leonard.

It's also possible that the Hanso Foundation or the DHARMA Initiative is controlling the dreams and flashbacks, and used Hurley to try and stop the Hatch from being opened (although they failed), possibly even inventing Leonard. If this is true, then Hurley may have not used the Numbers and may have not even won the lottery. This does not explain why he went to Australia, but again that may just be an implanted memory.

All in Leonard's mind as numbers mnemonic

Due to the all-but impossibly unlikely appearance of the Numbers repeatedly in all of the lostaways' lives, one theory has the entire Lost universe taking place inside Leonard's mind. Leonard, who used the Numbers to win one contest after hearing them, grew insane and repeats the Numbers over and over. Thus the entire Lost world is in Leonard's head, with Hurley being the only real character -- in effect the very scenario pondered in the episode "Dave"." Pushing the button is a mnemonic way Leonard has created to remember the Numbers; one of Leonard's creations/schizophrenic personalities is assigned the job of entering the Numbers every 108 minutes, and if the Numbers are not entered, Leonard's creation is disrupted, and either a catastrophe or the end of the entire island arises, as the world ceases to exist in Leonard's head. Originally posited by user "otherdruid" in the Lost-TV forums.

The Shadow-a-Swan Project

The Shadow-a-Swan Project is a project involving the use of satellites to track the migratory patterns of the Trumpet Swan. Interestingly this project is "leasing" the use of N.O.A.A satellites that orbit the earth 14 times a day, every 108 minutes.

  • 14 orbits a day would make the orbital period of under 103 minutes not 108. In fact the NOAA POES (on which ARGOs is situated) orbit 14.1 times a day with an orbital period of just over 102 minutes.
  • The Satellite system used is called Argos (Yet another reference to mythology) and it is used for tracking Meteorological and Oceanographic events as well.

Leading Danielle's team

  • The Numbers could have been from the Hatch, whatever is typed into the computer, is from transmitted.

Fixing Humanity

  • The Others have recently displayed an ability to cure cancer, and the island has from the start been shown to have certain healing or regenerative abilities. The recent revelation that no women on the island can bring a child to term explains to an extent their deep interest in medical experimentation, however, it would appear that many of the Others (Ethan, Goodwin, Richard) come from medical backgrounds. As evidenced with Juliet and Jack, they are willing to go to great lengths to recruit doctors and surgeons. With these behaviours in mind, it is not impossible that the numbers have a medical explanation. A cure for cancer is obviously beneficial to humanity, and developing a method for those unable to have children to regain the ability is also a step towards improving Human physiology. The numbers may correspond to chromosomes which are being experimented on. Each chromosome has diseases related to the genes within it. The fourth, for instance, is associated with Parkinson’s, and bladder cancer among others. The 15th has connections to breast cancer. 23 is the number of chromosomes each person receives from each parent, and will assist in determining sex. Perhaps the original intention was to alter these chromosomes to create a medically superior Human, a possible explanation for the Island’s natives like Ben, who appear to be disease free. His own cancer, and the pregnancy problems could be side effects previously unknown. Despite Desmond's belief that the Vaccine does nothing, it's long term effects are yet to be seen. Also, the Sickness may be an adverse reaction to something involving the Other's continued medical experiments. Additionally, if a desire of the DHARMA Initiative was to alter part of the Valenzetti Equation, creating a Human immune to disease might go some way towards avoiding the extintion of mankind.

Numbers as Days

  • The Season Finale of season 3, was on the 93 day December 23rd on the Island. My Theory is that the Losties will leave the Island in 15 days, on day # 108 Which will be January 7th 2005. each one of the numbers, represent a group of days, and we are down to the last 15 days, 4+8+16+23+42 = 93 93+15 = 108. The next 3 seasons will contain 5 days each, each of those day will have 3 shows. each number represent and number of days on the Island. 42 days of searching, 4 days of death, etc. this i just a theory my idle mind came up with ~blkpoetx

The number 22

  • A lot of things this season is pointing on the number 22. There were 22 episodes/parts this season, and not to mention Catch-22.

The Number 40

The number 40 appears in Lost as the number of days Eko refrains from speaking. The number 40 also appears in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religions.

  • After Noah built the ark, it rained for 40 days and nights.
  • The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years.
  • "Forty days and forty nights" was the period Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness, after which he was tempted by Satan.

Numbers as phone number

The numbers could possibly be a contact phone number (481) 516-2342 which belongs to the Dharma Initiative or another secret organization yet to appear on the show. The phone number is currently not in use. The area code 481 is listed as a Geographic Relief Code in the US.

It could be a phone number in Poland: +48-1516-2342.

Numbers in mythology

I'm not always on Lostpedia, plus I am a french speaking - sorry if I make mistakes - but it seems no one wrote about a theory connecting numbers and mythology. Since it is mentionned by the Ausiello Report on July 21st 2007 that Cuse said : Penny is an important character to the overarching mythology of the show, I looked on Wikipedia to see the details about Penelope, wife of Odysseus/Ulysses. Besides being faithfull to her husband and waited for him, what stroke me is that she had 108 (which seems to be the addition of all the numbers) suitors. Well, I don't know exactly what this means, as I love lost but I am half way fanatic, but this would be kind of extraordinary if this was a coincidence, as Cuse and Lindelof and the team seem to be very attentive to little detail...


Is it possible that the numbers has something to do with ages of death of people on the island?


Two rabbits shown in lost have had numbers printed on them. The first was the number 8, and the second in an orientation film was 15. However another number 15 appeared and disrupted the film. There could be rabbits for each number with possible clones.

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